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Re: Resection
Feb 16, 2005
Crystal, because I had suffered diarrhea for years because of chronic diverticulitis and perforations, I didn't know what to expect after surgery. Watery was the norm for me. After surgery I had mixed results--watery one day, firm the next, loose and frequent the day after that, etc.--for about a month. I was afraid I would still have the same problems (being unable to eat right before going to theater, for example, because of the diarrhea), or that they might even now be worse. I worried about that. But I had some days with firm stools which made think that maybe it would get better. And it did. Diet was a big factor as I re-introduced foods I had not eaten for months and became a high fiber gal where I was admittedly a junk food eater before getting sick. The first couple of weeks home from the hospital, when I was taking pain-killers, I had bouts of constipation.

Oh, and the bloating! I had a puffy tummy for a couple of months. Gas pain ruled. I was so sure I was turning into my ancient grandmother, whose gas problems were legendary and of whom I was mortified as a child. But that settled down, too, after a few months, becoming a mere rumble and an occasional bunny, and now I have no more problems than I did before.

All of what the Supreme Colon says factors into what you're experiencing. Antibiotics wiped out your gut's normal bacteria... pain-killers change the motility of the intestines, causing constipation ... your diet has been undergoing all kinds of changes to which your bowel has yet to adjust... your exercise has been curtailed and possibly your sleep and/or other lifestyle habits. So much is going on and for your body this requires a period of adjustment.

Relax and just let your body lead the way for a while, if you can. Worry itself can trigger either constipation or the runs, so your best plan of action really is to just let go and see what happens. Of course, if you notice anything serious, like fever or severe pain or lots of blood, then call your doctor. But for the most part, there will be days when you have loose stools, or gas, or pain or any number of symptoms that just plain are a part of healing.

Some people have r****, smooth recoveries; others hit a few bumps and potholes along the way. Colon resection is a major surgery in every sense of the word major, so you are going through stuff most people will never have to deal with. Just hang in there, kid! There are better days ahead.

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