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... Your post is almost identicial to mine. I take 3 calcium pills a day and that does not seem to help. I was to a chiro the other day complaining and he said 10 bowel movements a day is not unnatural. What would he think if the situation was his! This morning I went 6 times in 2 hours and was trying to work. ... (4 replies)
... me gittery....right now I'm eating Lomotil and trying to get on with my life but to no avail....but I know that the anxiety of "having to go NOW" only makes the bowel problem worse. Do you find yourself worrying about it? ... (4 replies)
... for dinner a lot and to entertain clients, again I always take my own vehicle so I can stop when I have the urge. When I travel to other states I do not eat the day before so I won't have any issues on the plane. When I arrive at my destination I will not eat at restaurants if I have to take a cab. ... (4 replies)

... bowel movements per day. Today after having 3, the fourth and successive ones almost killed me from the pain. ... (0 replies)
... apples per day between meals and always choose brown bread over white. My dinners usually consist of lots of vegetables also. Not to mention I drink tons of water. ... (0 replies)
... me from surgery at 5pm. Between then and bedtime, I had drank 100oz. This wasn't enough. The next day, I drank a total of 100oz. This too... not enough. The next day also 100oz. Again, not enought. How do I know? ... (0 replies)
... Multiple BMs daily may be caused by trigger foods, Celiac, having the gastro bacteria in your intestines out of balance as well as other causes. If doctors testing cannot determine the problem and it is determined you have a healthy GI tract --- I would seek an Alternative Heath Care Professional. (4 replies)
... Both of your situations sound remarkably similar to mine. Leaving the house for work in the morning is a nightmare as this is the time I almost always have to run to the bathroom 2-4 times. (4 replies)
... i had this problem and recently it has started getting better (from 3-5 per day to 1), i am on a low carb diet, but also have been taking lots of water, so maybe if you change your diet and see what happens? (7 replies)
... BMs per day. ... (5 replies)
... periods of time. Since you have severe constipation you are going to need to retrain your bowels by adding the fiber and probably a stool softener several times per day. Try eating prunes or drinking prune juice several times per day. ... (8 replies)
... For maybe the past six years or longer I've experienced frequent bowel movement in the morning episodes.The stools are quite soft and lack any bulk. ... (1 replies)
... Recently, I gave up dairy, and it was almost an instant change, I began to have bowel movements every single day for about 2 months. Then things began to change again. ... (0 replies)
... About 5 weeks ago, I had a week where I bloated alot in the evening and had alot of excess wind. Then I noticed a difference in my bowel movements, they weren't "normal" per se, but I wasn't experiencing diarrhoea. I know that may not make sense, but I don't know how to phrase it. ... (3 replies)
... you need to move your bowels. You can retrain your bowels to move before bedtime or right after dinner. Make a set time schedule for sitting on the toilet every day to have a bowel movement either 30 minutes after dinner or 30 minutes before going to bed. ... (4 replies)
... Hello, I just barely signed up for this forum. But I shall try to describe my symptoms, which probably extend much further than the Bowel Disorders forum. Any help in pointing me to some diagnosis with these symptoms would be greatly appreciated. ... (4 replies)
I have a fistula
Oct 15, 2009
... My bowel movements are about the same, maybe a little bit bulkier, but not what I would have thought by now. ... (49 replies)
... Bowel movements every two days or so otherwise. Eat plenty of fiber. ... (11 replies)
... diarrheas per day. Even woke up 2 times last night with diarreah and painful cramps that cannot be relieved any other way. In between bowel movements, I feel fine, but there is a sudden urge every few hours. ... (11 replies)
... bowel movements per week. I had rubber band ligation about 8 years ago, but they came back. ... (5 replies)

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