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To All,

I am two days home from the hospital from my Overlapping Sphincteroplasty and Levatoroplasty surgeries. My Dr. wanted me to stay a day or two more to have the first bowel movement but on Monday (the 11th and my daughters 11th Birthday) I begged him to let me go home. He consented. The best decision I ever made. Hospitals are not what they used to be. Really no place to rest and recuperate.

Did basically a colonoscopy prep on Wednesday the 6th and clear liquids all day.

I had surgery on Thursday Feb. 7th, it lasted 2 hours. I did very well and felt quite good in recovery except for feeling remnants of the breathing tube which thankfully was taken out before I woke up. What a yucky taste and feeling in my mouth and throat.

Nothing by mouth that first day, wasn't even supposed to have ice chips but my aids took pity and brought them to me. What angels!

From what I can tell, I have stitches in two places and two wounds left open that were packed for the first 3 days. Gauze pads were placed over the rest of my butt (not packed it) and a large bandage was placed and tapped across my butt. It went from one hip to the other. The tape was a huge problem, I got a rash that itched like crazy after the bandage was removed, you can see where the tape was placed. It is better now but a word to those of you out there facing this or any surgery, bring hydrocortisone cream and use it when the bandages are removed. I have been using it since I got home and the rash and itching is going away. But it was VERY irritating.

Questions to ask and things to be aware of:

Walking being all hooked to the IV and Foley Catheter was a trip. Make sure you ask the Nurse for a clip to wear that you attach the tube to so the tube just doesn’t hang out of you while you walk. I had to ask, don’t know why they just didn’t offer!

After I had the Metamucil (fiber) to start my system up again, I started getting cramping and pain. This was also due to the fact that the anesthesia paralyzes your colon and it was starting back up again. It scared the crap out of me. I felt as if I was having an IBS attack and thought I was going to have a bowel movement. This was on Friday day after surgery. Everything was packed down there so how the heck was I going to poop? I had a panic attack big time which made the cramping and pain worse. Finally the Dr came in (the Dr on staff) and assured me that I could poop if I wanted to as my bowel was not packed just the two wounds. My aid and Nurse took me for a walk and the cramping and pain subsided and I calmed down. Try to walk as soon as you can, you feel so much better.

Regarding the catheter, you WILL get used to the feeling in a few hours.

Was given Toradol (Ibuprophen on Steroids from what I understand) in the IV for a two days and also the PCA Pain meds, it wasn’t morphine but something that started with a D. Can’t remember.

Huge milestone was the removal of the packing stuffed into the two open wounds. One was between my vagina and rectum and the other is on the back side of my rectum. My nurse and I decided she was going to give me my Toradol, then about an hour later, give me two Percocets and then about 45 minutes later do my sitz bath then she would pull them out. I got my Toradol, got my percocets but never got the sitz bath. She got super busy and I never saw her again for the rest of her shift. She left at 3 pm and low and behold a tall, young and attractive male nurse introduced myself and said he would help me with my sitz bath and taking my packing out. I DON”T THINK SO, I thought, but I did have him help me set up the bath then shooed him out, saying I knew what I was doing, which I did as will all who have had babies vaginally.

He only worked till 9 thank goodness and another Nurse that I knew and liked said she would help. But I had already decided I was going to pull the packing out myself. So I did, slowly, bit by bit during the bath. The one in the front was short, only about 12 to 14 inches long, the one at the back had more packing, I pulled out about 2.5 feet (laid on the floor when I stood up) but started feeling sick from the stress and pain so I called the nurse and she pulled out the rest. It was only a few more inches. The pain, was like tiny pin *****s the whole time it was coming put but it was much less pain then if it was pulled out w/o the warm soothing water from the sitz bath. I felt like I gave birth, it was very stressful and emotional.

Eating solid foods after 5 days was actually hard. I felt a tad sick at first but took my time and was able to nibble 4 or 5 bits out of each item. I had boneless chicken breast, rice and green beans. The next meals were better but I still have a tiny appetite. Its all good, I could lose a few pounds.

Dr let me go home as long as I promised to call him if I did not have a bowel movement in two days, I had one the day after I got home. It was soft and easy. Cleaning up is a tad painful but I have been finishing with *****-hazel pads and that has been working great. I leave a few clean ones there if I am super sore. Quite soothing.

I wounds are oozing quite a bit so I wear a very long pad. It also gets tickly and itchy when the ooze comes out so I wipe with tissue too. This was another thing the hospital didn’t tell me about, I had to ask for the mesh pants and pads. What’s up with that?

Being home has been GREAT, but I can tell its going to be quite awhile until I get back to normal speed. I tire very easily and sleep 15-17 or so hours a day. I walk every two hours for about 10 minutes in the house even in the middle of the night if I feel the gas cramps or my back hurts.


[*]Surgery Thursday Feb. 7th
[*]Nothing by mouth after surgery through Friday morning
[*]Walked late Friday morning
[*]Clear liquids Friday through Sunday morning
[*]Dr. started me on Metamucil on Friday morning
[*]Foley Catheter removed late Saturday morning (this was a huge milestone)
[*]PCA pump (Pain Control After Surgery) removed late Saturday morning
[*]Packing removed from open wounds on Saturday evening (this was huge milestone for me)
[*]Started solid foods on Sunday noon.
[*]Begged to come home on Monday morning
[*]Came home at noon on Monday (the best day ever)
[*]First bowel movement on Tuesday morning at home

That’s if for now, if anything else pops up I will let you know as I recover. Please feel free to ask any other questions (for those of you facing this).

My best to all

I just got home from my trip to have an overlapping sphincteroplasty.

I honestly could not wait to get home & post on this site- to hopefully offer some peace of mind to those of you who are anticipating surgery.

This website- the posts re: sphincteroplasty- have been SO incredibly helpful to me. I was SO scared about the surgery.

A quick summary:

I had a 4th degree tear 3 years ago. Since then, pretty gross incontinence issues and a painful fissure. The fissure has gone away, and I went in for a sphincteroplasty on Friday.

Unlike the poor other women who had other "plastys" too, mine was only a sphincteroplasty- repairing the internal & external sphincter muscles.

I expected to be in excruciating pain like I was after the birth of my son when I suffered the tear. I was scared to death of the recovery.

THE SURGERY WAS FINE AND THE PAIN IS BEARABLE!!!!!!! I had surgery 3 days ago, and I am sitting, walking, etc... Yes, it hurts, but NOTHING like the initial injury. The pain meds (Vicodin) actually help. When I had the initial injury, the pain meds didn't even put a dent in the pain.

It was an outpatient procedure. I did a bowel prep the day before (gross!). I went in at 9:30 am, got an IV (and a shot in the abdomen- blood thinner). At 12:30 I was in the OR, at 1:40 I was in the recovery room. I went home at around 8:30 when they got the pain under control.

They gave me a choice of general or spinal anesthesia. I told the anesthesiologist that I preferred the spinal because I didn't want the tube down my throat- but that I was worried about time passing slowly during the surgery if I was aware of what was going on, or for the embarrassment factor. He promised me "happy drugs that would prevent embarrassment and make me sleepy", and he held true to his promise.

I felt great coming out of surgery. WHen the spinal wore off, it really started to hurt. I didn't underplay the level of pain I had- if they asked me on a scale of one to ten and I felt it was around 6, I said 7.... I have a tendency to think I'm being a whimp and not want to complain. Boy, am I glad I was honest! The pain meds HELP!!! I went home feeling comfortable, slept until I needed more meds, and fell back to sleep when they started working again.

Best of all, I have had 2 bowel movements that I COULD CONTROL for the first time in 3 years. I have been taking stool softeners, drinking lots of water, eating healthy/lots of fiber- I started to cry after my first post-op bowel movement, because it was the first time I could control my poop in years! Best of all, I didn't feel like I was ripping apart in the process.

I'm uncomfortable after the sphincteroplasty, but the first 3 days of recovery are a walk in the park compared to the recovery after the original tear.

I hope that those of you awaiting surgery will find some comfort in that.

I'll be checking back- thanks again for being there to talk to me about this!

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