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After three weeks of on and off constipation and shoving lots of fiber down my throat (veggies, fruit wheat bread, cereals with lots of fiber, etc) along with some benefiber and a few days of miralax, I've been having a strange new problem. For the past few days I've had at least one normal bowel movement, sometimes two, in one day. However, I am feeling a constant urge to have a bowel movement - I always feel like I have to go, but I know I don't have to!

I am currently menstruating (my period should be ending today or Thursday), and have sometimes experienced an increase/decrease in bowel movements during my period in the past. I can't recall ever having this particular problem, though.

About a week back I visited my doctor, and she did a quick rectal exam. She didn't find anything abnormal. There was no blood in my stool (though I had a small amount of bleeding and pain sometimes, probably due to straining) and the blood and urine tests all came up negative.

I also have a general feeling of just...bleck. On and off nausea, feeling cold one minute and hot the next, and tired.

Does anyone know what this could be? :confused:

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