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Katliz, wow that is wild. How does this artificial spincter work? You can turn it off to keep bowel contents in and on when you want to release them? Did they remove any of your rectum? I bet it was very painful. I have had 2 surgeries for anal fissures where they clipped the spincter muscle and it was sooooooo painful. My spincter would spasm for hours and no pain med would help with the pain. I hope and pray you don't have pain like that.

As far as your questions....I have ALWAYS suffered with constipation! No big deal, I just took laxatives and stool can be controlled.

I have 4 kids. My 1st was an extremely traumatic birth because he was 9lbs 2oz. They used a vacuum and forceps to finally force him out of my body after 4 hours of grueling pushing. This caused much tearing..they performed an episotomy to the side and I ripped from vagina to anus. I had stitches and could not sit comfortably for months after. My son was also born blue and had a significant lack of oxygen from this trauma...he is mildly brain damaged.

Ok, 2 years later I gave birth to a 2nd son. He was a whopping 10lbs 13oz. I also had him vaginally believe it or not. He got stuck and they threatened to break his collar bone if I didn't push harder. So, I pushed with all my might and luckily they did not have to break his collar bone. He was born healthy, but my pelvic floor was a mess. I had another episotomy and more stitches. I was also kept in the hospital for a week because I could not pee and had to wear a catheter.

Kid # 3 and 4 weighed 8lbs 12 oz and 9lbs 8 oz.

With my 4th child, I had a rip in the rectum. The doctor stitched me up as best as he could, but the damage was done. I also had hemmroids and an anal fissure that was treated with the 1st doctor clipping the spincter muscle. I still had horrific pain and sought out a colorectal surgeon who went in and scooped out the anal fissure, sewed it up loosely to allow for healthy tissue to heal and removed all hemmroids, internal and external. This, was by far, the most painful surgery I have ever had.

In 2005, all my organs fell. My bladder was literally hanging out of my vagina. I went to the obgyn and he dx me with a significant pelvic prolapse of the bladder, rectum, and uterus. He recommended a hysterectomy with a bladder sling and a pelvic prolapse repair to fix the rectocele and cystocele.

After this surgery, I was unable to bear down to have a bowel movement. No amount of pushing helped. I went back to the obgyn and urologist and neither knew what the problem was. They referred me to a gastro doctor who ran a colonoscopy and ct scan and both read normal. He had no idea why I couldn't push down to have a bm and treated me like I was a hysterical woman.

So, I went to a renowned specialist....he said I STILL had a significant pelvic prolapse of the rectum and vagina and recommended another surgery. So, I went under the knife again to have a sacralcolopopexy which is where he pulled the pelvic floor up and anchored it to my spine. He also performed a rectopopexy which is where he pulled the fallen rectum up. He thought this would correct the bm problems. Well, he was dead wrong. This surgery only intensified my problem with pushing down to have bm's. He also had no idea what the problem was and thought I needed to see a colorectal specialist.

So, this is where my journey has led me. I have seen 3 colorectal surgeons and I have a rectal outlet problem. My rectum must be scarred or either a nerve was clipped.

I have had an anal manometry test, abnormal! Transit marker test, abnormal! Defecogram, abnormal because I couldn't poop out the barium paste even though I pushed and pushed.

I had a botox injection directly into the puborectalis muscle to hopefully paralyze it, but it did nothing. I am now going to start bofeedback even though my doctor doesn't hold out much hope.

I eat normal foods. I can't increase fiber due to the colonic inertia, which is where my colon has a slow transit. I manually remove stool from my rectum since my rectum will not open up to release it. This takes hours and hours and is really no way to live.

How is having the ileostomy? Is it hard to manage? I am looking into the BCIR too which is an internal pouch, but this involves removing the rectum and if I do that, then there is never any going back and that is a hard decision to make. Sorry this so so long, but I really could go on and on. Please let me know how you are doing and I am really interested in how the artificial spincter works. Maybe I could get one of those? Thank you for caring and posting back to me. Lucky

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