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[QUOTE=Pottsbgone11;4877882]So, I'm a teen, & female. if that will help at all.

I've been dealing with constipation for at least 2 years, or a little over a year?
It's all because of my eating habits and some of the medicine i take. (nausea meds,)

Heres the thing: the first time i was diagnosed with bowel impaction, i was at the er with stomach pains, and dizzy. They gave me miralax, and i went on my way. After starting this medicine a week later than they told me, i finally started to clear up in a bout a week or so. even though the medicine made me super sick. (nausea, almost vomiting)

so i have this impaction again, and its horrible. stomach pains, low back pains, chest pains, headaches, nausea, blood sometimes when i wipe because of straining, and barely going at all. ive been a week without anything before.

so i saw the doctor again and got xrays and it was clear that i had it. they told me to take a softner or try an enema or miralax again. so immiediatly i knew what my options were, enema, or suppository because i dont wanna go through miralax again and i have a huge fear of medicine and side effects so im not taking the softner. i did 2 enemas, neither did anything. jus made me have orangeish mucus the rest of the day. and i did like 5 suppositories but they wouldnt stay in even if i layed on the ground for awhile.

so now im stuck because in my mind im out of options. i just want to go to the er and be fixed up right away, since they can do it. no one at my house can motivate me taking the pill so thats crossed off. we cant go to the er because obviousy that would cost a lot of money. im not really willing to do a lot of things so im pretty much screwed.

Try Citrate of Magnesia, only 1 at first. Make sure you follow the directions on the bottle and it should give you an idea how long it should take for it to work. If it doesn't work then call the drug store and ask the pharmicist if it's okay to take another bottle. I have had chronic constipation problems all my life and I am 50 years old. I know the pain from trying to pass large hard dry stools and the straining forcing you have to do so, I can understand and feel for you. Do yourself a big favor now while you're still young and can change this situation around. This is what I have found that has helped me the most in the last 8 months. I went on a bowel retraining program in early march of this year. I kept a food and bowel movement diary for two weeks ( gross,I know!) to see what foods were making my constipation worse and also when and what time a day I tend to have a bowel movement. I had to change my diet considerably by eating a high fiber diet and increasing my water intake to 64 oz. a day. I take Citrucel in the morning after breakfast and then in the evening when I get home from work. I have morning routine every day to sit on the toilet for 30 minutes to have a bowel movement. The first 2-3 days of the program I used 1 glycerin suppository to help soften the stool inside the rectum. I put a glove on the I put vaseline on my finger and put it around the anus to help the stool to come out easier and keep the skin around the anus from getting irritated. I use slow deep breathing exercises to help the aid the stool to come out on it's own without straining and forcing it out. I take 10 slow deep breaths and then on the 11 th breath I hold it for the count of 15 then four slow deep breaths in between the breath you hold for 15 seconds, then go back to the 10 slow deep breaths and keep repeating the cycle for up to 30 minutes until you have had a bowel movement. This takes time,patience,and a daily commitment to keep your bowels moving on a daily basis. I know for myself if I deviate at all from the daily morning time on the toilet to have bowel movement then I can't go the very next day and it's so painful to go ! The diet high in fiber and drinking water helps keep the stool soft so it doesn't hurt to go ! The Citrucel also helps with this and also keep you regular ! I get up about an hour earlier than my roommate so I can my time in the bathroom without feeling rushed. This routine can't be rushed because then you tense the muscles in the anus and rectum and it make it harder and more painful for the stool to pass. The whole idea is to get your mind and body relaxed to make it easier and a whole lot less painful. Having bowel impactions and obstructions,straining to the point you bleed is setting yourself up a life long problems from hemorrhoids,anal fissures,prolapsed bowel, bowel incontinence, and possible colon and rectal cancer later on in your life. You're way too young to have to experience this and it can be prevented by diet and keeping your bowels moving on a daily basis . I hope you will take this advice to heart and change your lifestyle now before it's too late.

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