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Hi, I've frequented here a few times while I've had this condition, but because it's a bit more obscure there are oft similar posts but not exactly the same as my situation. So I figured I would sign up and make my own post and see what kind of response I could get.

Basically, what I'm experiencing, and have been for about 5-6 months now, is a kind of constant nausea. Similar to the feeling you have if you have food poisoning or diarrhea, but it doesn't escalate to that, it's just always there. But it is definitely worse after I have a bowel movement - which are usually fine, no diarrhea or constipation. I sometimes feel nauseous before/when i need to go to the bathroom, but not always.

The nausea usually eventually fades after I go to the bathroom, but very slowly over the next few hours, so there are times when i don't really feel nauseous, but its not long after that that i then have to go the bathroom again anyway.

I'll go over some symptoms and treatments I've had since this begun:
- This all really began after I was out one night and I had a severe bought of "food poisoning" (I put that in quotation marks because I'm not certain it was food that was the cause). I wasn't throwing up but had diarrhea and was going very frequently for a few hours.
- The same day I had actually had diarrhea - just a once off that i didn't think much of - and even took an Imodium before going out that night. I had also had diarrhea maybe once a week for a few weeks before (again I didn't think much of it at the time, but in hindsight now seems quite relevant)
- After the nausea stuck around I saw my GP who prescribed some antibiotics, but they had no effect. I also gave a stool and blood sample and nothing came up. I was then referred to a Gastroenterologist/Endoscopist, he initially put me on some higher grade antibiotics, which didn't work either. After that he put me on Colese (Mebeverine Hydrochloride 135 Tablets) and a fiber supplement, as he thought my bowels (or something down there) were spasming after i went to the bathroom, but they didn't seem to have any impact - and since the fiber was making me go to the bathroom more often and I wasn't noticing any impact i stopped taking them after about 3-4 weeks.
- The next stage was a colonoscopy/gastroscopy to see if there was any inflammation or anything internally. He didn't find anything, although he did find some internal hemorrhoids and has taken some tissue samples to get tested.
- I will see him in a couple of weeks to get results/discuss everything further.
- Some other symptoms I didn't mention:
- Blood found in stool (on about 2-3 occasions), but I think that is explained by the internal hemorrhoids.
- Have woken up a couple of times feeling very dizzy (this seems unrelated but has never happened to me before this)
- Doesn't seem to be worse in any certain situations or affected at all by my diet - I have tried eliminating milk/dairy, although thats about all the diet tampering I have done. but doesn't ever seem to be worse/better after certain meals.
- I have oft contemplated the mental implications, as it I seem to notice it more when I am out of the house. But once I actually began monitoring that I noticed I would feel just as sick at home, but I could distract myself easier and I think I notice it less as I'm in a comfort zone. where as when I'm out I'm always monitoring where the nearest bathroom would be, just as a natural reaction to having this feeling in my stomach. but it's definitely still present when I'm at home/doesn't matter where I am.

Sorry for such a long post, I just figured I should try to include as much detail as possible.

I've been very bummed out that they didn't find anything in the colonoscopy/gastroscopy and it's extremely frustrating having something affect you this much and not be able to put a label on it.

Amazing what you can take for granted (just feeling normal) before it is taken away from you. Although I know there are obviously people in far far worse situations than I am in!

Thanks in advance for any help/guidance/support/etc.

Thanks guys for the quick responses/help/concern. I'll try to answer your questions and give some more insight.

@quincy, to answer some of your questions:
- I had a blood test before I saw the gastro, when my GP thought it was something possibly viral. She said there was nothing showing in the blood tests.
- I had my blood pressure checked before I had the colonoscopy/gastroscopy, and that seemed fine.
- My diet is generally quite good. I'm not nearly overweight, I'm 23, about 6' and weigh about 165 lbs. I usually have cereal for breakfast, and other meals will vary but I try to eat healthy and avoid saturated fats. I've tried to start eating more fruits and vegetables but thats only been recently.
- I probably do eat a bit more artificial sweetener than I should. I assume theres some in the cereal I eat, and I do have a bit of a sweet tooth.
- I haven't had any allergy testing done.
- I gave a stool sample around the same time I gave the blood test. Which again didn't return anything.
- The only over the counter meds I've had have been (if they are 'over the counter') antibiotics - which I have forgotten the name of, sorry - and these antispasmodic (i think) Mebeverine tablets. I also took some fiber supplements for a couple of weeks but have since stopped. Nothing else other than that.
- The dizziness is interesting. I didn't experience it before this, as I mentioned, but it doesn't happen frequently enough to seem related - but what do I know. It has occurred twice I've woken up in the morning because I was feeling very dizzy, like the room was moving, but thats only twice over a number of months. Once I had a feeling like my peripherals were very blurry, this lasted about 20 minutes, and was after I had just played basketball. and maybe a few other times I have felt very slight dizziness that has quickly subsided... I would not say I have a general off-feeling during the day though. it's not as constant/common as that. I haven't yet had a chance to mention this to my Gastro, though, so I'll see what he has to say when I see him next.
- I very rarely have headaches, and I haven't had more since I've been unwell.

The peristalsis seems to fit a lot of the symptoms/feelings, I'd like to look more in to this and maybe discuss it further with my Gastro when I see him next. It's just a bit odd that the antispasmodics wouldn't have any effect though.
Let me know if you need any more information! Thanks again!


Thanks for your insight. The IBS label has been common throughout my own research and mentioned with the gastro, however as I don't have diarrhea or constipation, it's hard for me to settle with that conclusion.
The only testing I have had done has been a stool sample and a blood test closer to when this began, however there was a biopsy taken during my colonoscopy, which I am quite curious to hear the details of. I'll be sure to ask about H.Pylori.
I'm aware of the ironic effects of antibiotics, the only thing is the nausea is and was present before and when I haven't been on any antibiotics, so that doesn't seem to be the cause.

I will look into Domperidone, and will be sure to get as much testing done as I can.


I have not tried either of those but will give them a shot and see if they help.

Thanks again for all your input!!

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