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... plus bowel spasms meds and nothing helped. On Dec 29, i went to the ER and was admitted with severe pain and dehydration. ... (16 replies)
... Well, I went to the gynecologist like my MD suggested, just to make sure it was not "female" related. He said it all Looks good. I am scheduled for a abdominal ultrasound and the GYN doc said possibly i Might want to consider a laperoscopy (sp?). Same pain, doesn't move, doesn't alter, isn't worse, isn't better. comes when I move, when I sit, when I eat.. intermitend,... (16 replies)
... I had something kinda like that. I'd get a really sharp pain that hurt like hell. If the Dr. said something about the bowel maybe it is turning into IBS. I've been diagnosed with it for 1 year now. ... (16 replies)

... months. It doesn't get any better or worse around my period or anything like that. It is like a sharp hot poker pain for a split second and then gone. It happens when I move quickly. Or when I am sitting still. When i take a drink or for no good reason at all. ... (16 replies)
... I never have any pain during the daytime. The most i've had at night in bed is 2 in one night. They last about 3 seconds. I've extremely weak stomach muscles. ... (16 replies)
... The lower left abdomen is a common area for pain to hit when one has diverticulosis/diverticulitis. BMs can (but not necessarily are) perfectly normal even if the condition is present. The best way to diagnose it, I believe, is a colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy. (16 replies)
... Could be an ulcer also, I have that KIND of pain but also bad bad burping, ulcers run in my family, do they run in yours? ... (16 replies)
... fire I don't know if i have posted here before or not, but about something that is bothering me greatly. I have had a pain about 3 inches out and 3 inches down from my belly button to the left. I have had a pelvic ultra sound and found nothing. The pain isn't constant. ... (16 replies)
... I have had pain episodes starting in my upper right abdomen off and on for about 2 years now. The doctors seem to be running in circles. ... (11 replies)
... To start im a 23year old male. Well for about the past 3 months i have been having abdomenal pain in my lower right side and also hip pain. I say pain but its maybe more like a discomfert, but i have it almost everyday. So i went to my doctor when it started it was more of a groin pain. ... (2 replies)
Scared please help
Feb 16, 2005
... Ok im 23 year old male who in the past few weeks have developed pain in my groin which now is in my lower right abdomen. I went to the doctor he tested my urine and found a small amount of blood when he tested it. ... (2 replies)
... sore muscles.. toenail infection..reddened eyes, headaches, abdomenal discomfort, abdomenal pain in different areas, stools are mushy and seems like a lot more than normal when I go.. ... (4 replies)
... SusanGene, What did your spasm feel like? Hot? Pokey feeling? Like a jab? Were they constant or sporadic? Just trying to see if yours are like mine.. Thanks (16 replies)
... my abdominal spasms stopped soon as I received my acidophilus capsules. I only have to take one a day. SG (16 replies)
... No problem! I agree, unless you are using expletives, which I have never seen you do. A person should be allowed to say what you want. Who's to say that something that is edited might could be the something that a person is looking for? Hmmm (16 replies)
... Sorry akahoneypotqt, It was nothing to do with you. When I re-wrote the message, it over-wrote a notice saying one of the moderators had edited it. It always drives me a little nuts when they do that because I would like to know what the objection is so I don't do it again. Usually I just let it go (e-mails haven't been productive). But I was in a particularly bad mood... (16 replies)
... What are you talking about? Who said anything was wrong with your post? Not me...... (16 replies)
... Hi there -- A lot goes on in the mid to lower left quadrant -- bowel "problems" or perceived problems are extremely common. And there doesn't have to be anything really "wrong" either. Gas builds up, etc., and though I have had this myself on more than a few occasions, I had a totally "clear" colonoscopy (just because I'm over 50) that showed absolutely no signs of any... (16 replies)
... Mine is in the same place as yours and happens when I TURN OVER SUDDENLY in bed. Maybe we're the same. But......I'm a :bouncing: (16 replies)
... If something is wrong with my post, and nobody wants to tell me so I don't waste my time doing it again, just delete the whole *@#*# thing. (16 replies)

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