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Anus spasms
Apr 4, 2009
... what causes anus spasms (1 replies)
... on my anus and see him again in 3 weeks. I've only been doing this for 2 days so I don't know if it will make a difference or not. ... (3 replies)
... sounds like you have an anal fissure and you are experiencing spasms after have b.m.s. you need to go to a Colon and Rectal Surgeon to get properly diagnosed. ... (5 replies)

Anus spasms
Apr 5, 2009
... Injury probably. (1 replies)
... It sounds like you have an anal fissure. That's a small tear on the outside of the anus that tends to be right at the opening. They can be very painful and cause some blood, burning and sometimes spasms that last for hours. ... (2 replies)
... Sorry, I just saw your post.....there is a muscle right inside the anus that is causing your pain. When this muscle cramps or spasms, it causes a highly uncomfortable pain inside. ... (2 replies)
... Uhmmmm...Right now, I am having some very creepy anus spasams! It feels like when your leg muscle twitches involuntary after you've exercised or when your eyelid twitches...HELP! ... (9 replies)
... Iíve been lurking here for the past few weeks for some insight and tips because all of this happened so fast. I thought I would share my story. Iím a 26 year old female and I am now 24 days post op from my hemorrhoidectomy. My bowels have never really been ďregularĒ so to speak. I am a nursing student and also work full time. Iím extremely busy and never really had time to... (0 replies)
... stipated and decided to see a doctor again for STD testing just in case. After this it slowly became better and then returned. At this stage I began experiencing spasms that further irritated my anus. I believe all of this to have continued and escalated due to emotional stress, as well as regret from the initial incident. ... (0 replies)
... in I have for years. It was very hard for my employer to understand why I was home from work for four days. It's not like I can say, "Hey, there is a tear in my anus and every time I go it's like passing razor blades, then I sit in painful spasms for 8 hours a day and have to sit in the tub to get ANY relief. ... (0 replies)
... ater. I'm still during 20 mins sitz bath after each bm and before shower which was at least 3 times a day since after the surgery. There was still discharge, the anus was still always wet, which according to doc is to be expected. ... (0 replies)
... I had a chronic anal fissure, with painful BMs, bleeding and then sphincter spasms and severe pain for most of the day. ... (1 replies)
... Hi, this is what I posted a few minutes ago...don't know if I did it right, but thought at a minimum you would benefit from my story. Best of luck with your mom! Hi Anal Fissure sufferers...this is my story: I started suffering from an anal fissure last August 2012...almost a year ago. Some facts to help you put my case in context, since every case is different and most... (3 replies)
... Hi Anal Fissure sufferers...this is my story: I started suffering from an anal fissure last August 2012...almost a year ago. Some facts to help you put my case in context, since every case is different and most posters don't give you key facts you can compare with. Age: 49 Sex: Male Height: 6'-0" Weight: 160 lbs I exercise regularly...3x to 5x per week until this past... (2 replies)
... Hello, ShoreBette - I totally understand what you're going through - especially with regard to the anal pain's effect on the surrounding buttock muscles, etc. --- When my fissure was at its worst, I had pain in my bladder, female parts, surrounding buttock muscle, lower back, etc. It was awful - I was in absolute misery. There must be alot of tiny nerves that... (50 replies)
... I read about fissures and the spasms that accompany them, and thought if your rectum stays in spasms, it might involve the hip muscles, pelvic floor... ... (50 replies)
... the start of a fissure, you want it to heal sooner rather than later. Fissures are made worse by spasms. If something in your lower back is somehow causing your anus to spasm as well, it could be bad news and will make things worse. ... (1 replies)
Split hemorrhoid
Nov 7, 2012
... tor said it just split open as it got so large. He said that's common. The exam was very painful. He told me I do not have any anal fissures. However I am having spasms of pain. ... (6 replies)
Bowel disorder
Apr 18, 2012
... if you're very constipated and have to strain to pass hard stool that can cause you to bleed and also make your rectum and anus hurt for hours after you have had the bowel movement. ... (1 replies)
... push everything 'back up inside' manually whilst in the shower immediately following a BM. This has impacted on my life in many ways... the 'outie' nature of my anus means wiping is ineffectual at cleaning the area, and also painful causing chafing and frequent bleeding from the prolapsed tissue. ... (0 replies)

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