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... Lintek45- Hey if your feeling extreme pain (that seems to intensify) in your left quadrant of your abdominals-DO NOT WAIT to call your GI Doc. or someone who specializes in "Colon and Rectal." I'm 39 and just had a Sigmoid Colon Resection on 1/3/08. Before the surgery, I had an attack (perforation) in 2/2007 which lead me to the E.R. for a 4 day stint w/IV Meds. Then,... (18 replies)
... Since it seems as though in this case the gentleman had diverticulitis prior to his bowel exploding, the already thin pus filled diverticli could rupture due to straining to have a bowel movement (his sister did mention he was exiting the bathroom when he fell). From what I gather, constipation very often accompanies severe diverticulitis and is a major concern for those of... (8 replies)
... no it doesn't, you still know when a bowel movement is coming. And what about SEX!? ... (8 replies)

... Carrspaints, Glad to see you did not get too chapped with my post. I got up early to tone things down, but I see you have already read it. I had read your other top level post where you wondering about not going through with the surgery, but apparently need it. And, I also read another top level post by GrilledSmurf (Bowel Exploded Now In ICU …) where her brother had a... (419 replies)
Explosive bleeding
Sep 13, 2011
... months ago, I had a bowel movement that basically exploded with bright red blood. On occasion, I see blood on the TP at the end of the bowel movent. I had one other 'explosion' a month later. ... (1 replies)
... go to the hospital for assessment. You are pregnant and this isn't normal. So please go now please !!! (2 replies)
... and I have never been as sick as I have with this one. I've been puking out both ends. But I guess since this board is about bowel disorders, I'll focus on that one. Lol Earlier today I had some soft green poop. Bright green poo. Green as green can be. Not mixed with brown or other colors. ... (2 replies)
... It last about 15 mins to 30 Which about landed me in the emergency room the last episode. I think my instestines about exploded from pressure. But during these episodes it sends these shocks of pain from the lower left side area down through my bladder and through my penis. ... (8 replies)
... I'm 31 and don't usually have bowel problems except sometimes softer, narrower stools that come out faster when I'm extremely stressed. ... (7 replies)
... was no blood in the toilet that I could see and there was none when I wiped myself. It was all over in about two mins. But I just found it weird how it literally exploded out of me. My tummy was pretty bloated all day but after that it went right down. ... (2 replies)
... interesting... ok thanks for the info. :) (8 replies)
... One possibility (which might be the case here, too) is that an abscess had been developing in the colon, stretching and thus weakening the wall of the colon. Then some bump or movement might have caused it to give way. (8 replies)
... just a question... what would cause your bowels to "explode" like that? i've heard other people talk about this too, but i've never figured out what could cause it. (8 replies)
... Mary, One after brother works in Social Security disability claims determination...Social Security disability was his first thought too...but he said after checking, a colostomy bag is not considered a disability....bad in one way, but good in another that people can lead normal lifes with them. Also, at least 6 months is a good estimate....our colon doctor said... (8 replies)
... Mary, So sorry to hear about your brother. Reminds me of my husband's situation last year in November. He had a colon resection and the surgery went bad, peritinitis, fluid filled his body...couldn't breathe....emergency surgery and then ICU for 11 days..colostomy. Sounds like good news if he is expected to be off the ventilator so soon....if he doesn't make it off the... (8 replies)
... ined he needed to get into surgery right away. 4 hours later we got a phone call from his friend and this is what the DR. told her.....It was awful in there. His bowel basically exploded and his abdomen was full of pus. If she hadnt been there he would have died. ... (8 replies)
Dumping syndrome
Aug 7, 2003
... however, if you honestly believe at some point that your bowel has indeed perforated, bust over to the hospital IMMEDIATELY. ... (8 replies)
... Looking for help or advise. I have alternating bowel problems. ... (5 replies)

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