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Bowel leakage
Sep 5, 2010
... Ive had bowel leakage for some time.. I take fiber pills and it helps, but do i have to take them the rest of my left. If i miss one day the leakage comes back. Im also on heartburn meds. ... (0 replies)
... Lately, after each BM, there is bowel leakage that I may or may not be aware of immediately. ... (2 replies)
... I saw your post on Tuesday and then yesterday I saw an ad in a magazine for Butterfly body liners. These are just thin pads that you insert/stick in your buttocks for mild ADL (Accidental Bowel Leakage). If you try them, let us know how well they work. (3 replies)

... yes it can Im going to be getting mine repaired in 3 weeks (1 replies)
... I continue to have bowel seepage after a bowel movement. Can this be corrected ? ... (1 replies)
... I have an terrible problem. I am getting anal leakage. It is a clear liquid that is like sweat. My underware gets a little wet but there are no stains. The doctors that I went to just told me to have a high fiber diet and watch what I eat. He gave me a prescription for Cholestyamine which does make my movements very regular but has not helped with the issue. (4 replies)
... I had similar condition (see my post) but it was a clear water discharge after every BM, It was begining to wreck my head as the wet sensation down there is not cool. I drank 1.5-2 lts of water each day this week and had 2 BM's in 4 days and no leakage :) (I even laid off on the suppositories this week so), do you have piles, how long are you sitting on the toilet? try... (2 replies)
... Do you actually FEEL it come out? Or do you see dirty underwear? If you have hemmhoroids you can't clean right and your underwear will sneak up your "crack" and clean it for you.. If indeed it is pieces of feces, it could STILL be a hemmoroid that is causing little pieces to hang up right inside the rectum and when you sneeze or cough, they get expelled. If it's LIQUID and... (2 replies)
Weird Bowel
Feb 29, 2016
... My apologies, I for some reason thought you were female! I think you need to see a Colon and Rectal Specialist if there is some problem with the anal sphincter muscles. I was going to suggest you look up a condition called Trimethylaminuria, but reading your last post, it sounds like you think it is a rectal problem? (4 replies)
Weird Bowel
Feb 27, 2016
... I don't have any leakage.. But a bit of dampness here and there just correlating with sweating so I don't know if that helps.. I have had hemorrhoids and at first this is what i thought was the main cause of my opening anal sphincter but it went away and the symptoms of opening of the anal area continues... I don't really know what anal fistula is but I can look it up..... (4 replies)
... bstipation. There was "constipation, but no obstructive or acute findings in the bowel". And "generous stool in the right colon, compatible with obstipation". No bowel leakage or perforation. ... (2 replies)
Weird Bowel
Oct 5, 2015
... are you experiencing actual leakage or dampness? ... (4 replies)
... I'm sure it will get better. With less bowel there is less time for the body to process it, paired with stool softeners probably compounds it. As she heals her body should adapt. ... (3 replies)
... (3 replies)
... Question, did she have normal bowel movements in the hospital? ... (3 replies)
... Hi All - My 70 year old mom had her sigmoid colon resected (8 inches) in an open procedure one week ago. Under the circumstances, things are going pretty well. She is out of the hospital, her pain is fairly well controlled, and she is active and walking. One question I was hoping someone might be able to answer. Last night and tonight she has had some fecal leakage. ... (3 replies)
... Hi, about 4 weeks ago after a night out I experienced my first fecal incontinence. It only lasted that day then went away. A few weeks later after another night out it came back and has been with me for 3 weeks. It really stinks and is borderline ruining my life! I am currently in and out of the doctor trying to sort this problem out, but am away on holiday for the next week... (2 replies)
... Recently 2 days ago I felt really sick, and yesterday I had some leakage all day off and on but nothing else. just pain. I don't feel hungry, I didn't take my adderall today or my claritin last night. just my sleep meds. ... (0 replies)
... Do you have any leakage during day? ... (2 replies)
Bowel Problems
Jan 19, 2015
... Hi to all, I went to a computer course today to find when i went to loo after lesson i had already had a leakage of bm i had to use 4 pads today cus of above doc told me ibs cant be too much leaked out for that n i had no pain on my l side. I have an appointment for thursday for above what can it be. Dolphin43. (0 replies)

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