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... Well....I feel your pain! I'm not doctor but most likely bacteria or infection causing the odor. I have crohns disease and believe it or not sometimes my bowel movements smell like a skunk! LOL! My husband always teases me and says what did you eat? ... (3 replies)
... but i cannot usually smell it. ... (2 replies)
... infection, bowel disease, allergy, intolerance...etc. ... (1 replies)

Smelling bad, why?
Feb 24, 2010
... wow i thought i was the only one, i too have this problem, im 27 and ive had this problem for ten years. my bowel movements are incomplete, i alwas feel like theres something there, ive tried fiber and enemas and laxatives, even after an enema i still smell. ... (17 replies)
Smelling bad, why?
Jan 25, 2010
... My daughter has been smelling lately. She is only 4 and I know it's not her bum. I will give her a bath and make sure she lets me help her wipe and I will smell somethigg, ask her if she passed gas and she says no. She will always tell me if she did. Then I will smell here and it doesn't come from the butt area. ... (17 replies)
... I had symptoms just like you. If you have bleeding in your rectum and difficulty with your bowel movements. It is very likely that these are the colon cancer symptoms. ... (8 replies)
... i still cant figure out where the smell comes from though, i smell my pants and thers no sign of any poo smell from that area or any area of my body... i can just smell it, its so wierd, maybe ive got a piece of poo lodged in my nose somehow... ... (33 replies)
... You need a doctor that really specializes in that area of the body. Are you having complete bowel movements? ... (33 replies)
... Everyday after that, the blood exertion had ceased, but my bowel movements had changed SIGNIFICANTLY. The feeling of "it's time to go to the bathroom" was replaced with a feeling of "maybe I can get one out now". ... (4 replies)
... Tried over the counter meds etc, doctors, health visitors etc. No one seemed bothered. We got on with it untill she was admitted to hospital after not having a bowel movement for 3 weeks, high temp, lethargic etc and a severe urine infection. ... (8 replies)
Bowel movement
Aug 27, 2007
... My grandson often has bowel movements that he is unaware is happening. ... (1 replies)
... couple weeks my bowel movements have been what seem to be really soft or what i call greasy almost like was you would expect to see in a babies diaper minus the smell and i have to wipe like a million times, sometimes to the point that it starts to rub raw. ... (2 replies)
... Harry, I'm so glad you answered. I was wondering what you thought. I do take probiotics.....2 every morning before breakfast, and I occassionally eat yogurt (Activa) Do you think it would help if I took more probiotics? I have considered seeing a gastro dr. but I don't like to take medication and I know that's the first thing they think of. I hope I can clear this with... (6 replies)
... Taking a strong antibiotic does mess up the good friendly bacteria in nyour intestines and it does last a long time if not correced. To help re-balance the good bacteria you and eat yogurt that contains alot of active cultures and take a probiotic supplement. Green veggies also help get rid of the smell. (6 replies)
... If you have recently been on antibiotics it can cause foul smelling bm's. The antibiotics change the natural environment in the bowel (like a womans yeast infection) This results in clostridium difficile or well known as c-diff. I have seen this many times in the nursing home where i work. the bm's tend to be loose, mucusy and a strange smell- I would have to say a sour type... (6 replies)
... me itching at night as this is when they come out. Yeah, I know, sounds terrible, but this is something that is easily fixed. You may be able to tell from your bowel movements as many times you can see white specks in your stool, which along with the itching could signal this is what you have. ... (3 replies)
... For a couple of months now I've been having odd bowel movements. ... (9 replies)
... Along with an asundry of other symptoms i.e., diarrhea, abomdinal cramps. I've noticed my bowel movements do not have their same odor. ... (7 replies)
... I have also noticed a bad smell emanating from my rectum, it occurs even after I shower. The smell is similar to B.O. but a lot more offensive. The problem is, other people notice it too and I can't cover it up with deodorant. ... (4 replies)
Bad smell
Jun 15, 2003
... workers are complaining that I smell like poop, I shower every day and still does not go away.Some times when I have bowel movements it feels like I'm not finnished but not often.I always check to see if I'm leaking but I'm always clean.Please help! ... (5 replies)

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