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... I am going to try colace or miralax. ... (7 replies)
... dobie- a quick note once you use the magnesium citrate-dont use it every day-you may have to use it once maybe twice to clean you out-then just use the vegetable laxative or the otc colace or miralax to keep you regular while on these constipating narcotics-that juice is best an i will get back to you on which one, the MAGNESIUM CITRATE is way too strong and not meant to... (14 replies)
... odium under GI's orders for about a week now with fairly good results. I'm taking 200mg a day and should probably up it a little for optimal results. No bloating or discomfort so far. Stools have been softer and manageable. ... (0 replies)

... out crohn's or colitis or diverticulitis, its good to do this to find out for sure. ... (7 replies)
... I've been taking Miralax along with Colace for the past few days, and it does seem to be helping. In fact, the day after I first took Miralax, I got a little more relief than usual. ... (7 replies)
Constipation Woes
Mar 25, 2015
... So she sent me on my way with Magnesium Citrate, Colace and Miralax. I couldn't have the doctor manually disimpact me because the stool causing problems was too high up in the colon I guess. ... (0 replies)
... During the 2 weeks I had much difficulty tolerating any food or liquids. Also was still not pooping. After suppositorys, laxatives and stool softeners I finally pooped 1 time in the 2 weeks I was in the hospital. ... (11 replies)
... ry for a fissure. I started having problems at the beginning of March from what I thought was an internal hemorrhoid. After using suppositories for about a week or so and getting no relief and experiencing excruciating after inserting a suppository one night I went to the doctor to find out I had an anal fissure. ... (2 replies)
... cal exercise. For example, when I played more than 9 holes of golf, the hemorrhoids would start acting up and get so uncomfortable I couldn't focus on my game. Or playing racquetball for more than a half hour would cause the same problems. ... (6 replies)
... Niki....not to belabor the point, but are you looking for a "quick" solution or a long-term maintenance formula to keep the stool soft and moving? I have chronic constipation due to surgically altered GI tract. I will always have to take a softener/stimulant. I have found over the years that my GI tract can become "resistant" to a "certain" method, so I change up from time... (7 replies)
... By that time I also didn't feel the internal band pressure anymore and was afraid it fell off. I called my doctor, not sure if I should go to the ER to meet her, or back to her office. ... (10 replies)
... and the third crs was finally a doc who understands AFs and how to deal with them. He said that there's no "magic ointment or potion" that will possibly heal an AF. I asked him if my AF would heal on its own, and he said it would not. ... (50 replies)
... el twice a day to help keep my bowel movements soft,formed and keep my bowels moving everyday. I can't even skip one day of sitting on the toilet for 30 minutes or my bowel movement is large and hard the next day and it makes it very painful to pass. This the only thing that keeps my bowels moving !! ... (3 replies)
... etter. avoid constipation by any means neccessary. empty out keep your colon moving. and if it stops. drink plenty of fluids water, and consider colace, senokot, or miralax. but for the most part soft foods high fiber and vegatables. ... (28 replies)
... I noticed that you take ginger tea, nice im going too look into that......the miralax i take gives me gas....a foul gas. thanks for the reply! ... (17 replies)
... The osmotic tpye draws fliud to the colon to initiate BMs. Miralax is that type along with Milk of Magnesia, Citrate of Magnesia and Epson salts and several others. ... (10 replies)
May 25, 2008
... anitak, Good for you! I hope you do some investigating to get back some of the minerals, vitamins and probiotic supplementsthat have been depleted. I am glad you wrote about Mirilax --that it is not antifreeze or I would have--- antifreeze is a poison and is fatal if taken internally. Mirilax is an osmotic type of laxative --meaning it promotes excreting water from... (6 replies)
... or Miralax and metamucil and eating oatmeal and lots of water and vegies. ... (6 replies)
... I know you arent supposed to take Docusate Sodium for long periods as it causes a dependancy and then your bowels wont function normally on their own. It is only intended for short periods of time. I wouldnt up the dosage unless instructed by your doctor. (5 replies)
... I am not sure if it is safe to take a higher daily dose or if that would even work. What is the best time to take it. Morning, evening or with meals? ... (5 replies)

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