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... i had emergency colon resection surgery on 9/11/03 due to bouts of diverticulitis and resulted in a preforation, i had a colostomy bag for 3 months and had the reconnection on 12/18/03, i was in the hospital for 9 days the first time and 8 the 2nd,i was in icu after the first time due to complications but was then ok after a few days, but to get to your question, i wasnt... (2 replies)
... Husband due to have colon reconnection in May. Would like to know as much as possible on what to expect immediately following surgery. ... (2 replies)
Colon Abcess??
Jan 12, 2010
... as well as for the benefit of the original poster's wife who is facing reconnection surgery in a short time. ... (21 replies)

... I was concerned about that when I had my colostomy and reversal. My surgeon said it will actually be stronger when the "reconnection" is. (4 replies)
... There are always lots more views than responses. I'm guilty of it myself . . . when I know nothing about the problem or don't have anything constructive to say, what do you do? You can't erase the view. Anyway, pain started in my left side a couple of months after resection/reconnection surgeries and continued for a couple of months (maybe up to about six). One doctor... (8 replies)
... oing on. One thing I learned with hubby's first surgery, you have every right to question, question, question!!!!...and you should! Hubby was sent to emergency surgery on that third day...he had been telling the nurses he was having trouble breathing and they kept telling him he was just anxious. ... (17 replies)
... The reconnection was a breeze . . . ... (2 replies)
... gas and I was encouraged to walk. Each step was stabbing pain, but I pushed through hoping it would lessen the agony. It did not, I was told I had just had major surgery so of course I would be in pain. I was sent home 3 days later...still in pain. ... (14 replies)
... eeyore..and everyone else. Well I'm home. As they were going in to do the lapro they discovered a 699 gram tumor,so they ended up opening me up.They removed the tumor and part of my colon. Neither were cancer thank God. I have a huge amount of pain and standing up is a real chore. I hope all are doing well, must go now, Mizz. God Bless (185 replies)
... In 2000, when I was 44, I went straight from the ER for emergency surgery for what turned out to be badly infected diverticulitis, a fiscula, and a large abscess. ... (32 replies)
... Three weeks ago I had a colon resection, but I have never had a bag of any sort, so can't speak about a reversal. I had diarrhea immediately following surgery when things started up again, and then sort of went the opposite due to iron pills I was taking. ... (6 replies)
... in his office next month to make sure there isn't a's his standard proceedure. From what I understand, a stricture is a narrowing at the point of reconnection due to scar tissue. If a stricture is found, he'll be put to sleep at hospital and a balloon will be used to stretch out this area. ... (162 replies)
... well as far as normal bowel movements,when i was in the hospital they wouldnt release me until i passed gas and had a bowel movement, also if you count the 2 days b4 the surgery i didnt eat or drink anything until 5 days after the operation(the 2nd op to reconnect) was just on iv's ,then put on a liquid diet and when i could pass gas i was able to try soft foods and then solid... (162 replies)
... well ill try to hopefully help you as best as i can, you said your having the lap proceedure, thats an easier and less painful way of having it done, i had the full abdominal incision, so your healing time will be much less than mine which is good, the few days before when you have to basically fast and then take the prep isnt fun but is tolerable, your body will adjust to not... (162 replies)
... hi unclem, i got really sick back in may and basically couldnt stand straight up for 3 days, at firtst mydoc thought it was a bladder infection, plus i was getting sharp shooting pains in my groin and through my penis, not something a guy wants,lol but he then sent me for a catscan and it revealed i had diverticulitis infection and thats when i started on and off cipro... (13 replies)
... and the attacks that have sent me to my GI doc for meds feel exactly like it. I've pretty "always" had a little discomfort and pain in the diver area as the colon is diseased and can never heal. The big attacks are very easy for me to recognize and I can usually get to the doctor before it gets really bad. ... (28 replies)
... s and I was encouraged to walk. Each step was stabbing pain, but I pushed through hoping it would lessen the agony. It did not, I was told I had just had major surgery so of course I would be in pain. I was sent home 3 days later...still in pain. ... (6 replies)
... in Jan 2005 prior to my reconnection and saw NO spreading diesases... ... (0 replies)
Very discouraged
Mar 17, 2005
... xhausted from the diverticulitis that wouldn't clear up. He had another colonoscopy in October of 2003 at which time it was discovered that he had a mass in his colon due to all of the flare ups. ... (27 replies)
Colostomy reversal
Jul 19, 2004
... Thanks for reply. 1st surgery done combination lap and vertical incision up to navel. 8 inches of sigmoid removed. ... (6 replies)

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