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... no big deal. When I did go it was very small ribbons. As days past it stopped. My belly is huge. Enema did nothing, and I won't list what I have tried as the list is wayyyy to long. Done it all short of putting the water hose up my butt like you do a horse. ... (0 replies)
... My experience with colonoscopy prep wasn't fun but who's is? ... (13 replies)
Colonoscopy prep
Jan 2, 2014
... Fleet enema on the morning of the test. ... (4 replies)

Colonoscopy prep
Jan 2, 2014
... I've been told by my doctor it should be clear liquid. Try an enema to see if it will become clear. You want the doc to be able to see real good once the scope is inside your intestine. ... (4 replies)
... hi, im looking for advice or anything really. i was due a colonoscopy monday just gone, took the bowel prep of 4 dulcolac and 2 sachets of picolax, but at 9pm sunday night had to go to a and e with severe pain, vommiting, not opened my bowels at all. ... (0 replies)
... liters of a water enema and you have to hold it during the test. ... (6 replies)
... If you mean by "ad hoc" enemas, the fleets enemas, I'm not surprised that they didn't work. I hate the salt water (PEG) and practically throw up when trying to take it. I had a colonoscopy just this last week and did the folowing: Clear liquid diet 32 hours before the scope. Did a soap and water enema the morning of the day before the scope Drank 10 oz of mag citrate at 2... (6 replies)
... I think you are referring to Pulsed Irrigation enema. This method I am talking about is colonic irrigation (sometimes called colon hydrotherapy). I haven't heard about any side effects. I also wondered about the cost but I seem to recall that it was like $50. (10 replies)
... I totally agree!!!! My prep was the easiest I have done out of the three colonoscopies I have had. The Prep 3 by Fleet was what I used this time. ... (10 replies)
... Been there done that and caught MRSA! Donot use any red liquids, Clear liquids are the best. Enema the morning of, if there is a wait you will be glad you did. Had I to do it again I would ask for a MRSA culture. ... (11 replies)
... Suzycats, Thank you for sharing your wisdom, sorry you had to find out the hard way. When I do have to do an enema here at home I use lemon juice and water. It works for me. I think after reading your story I won't be getting any more of those fleets. ... (17 replies)
... have not tried enema but have done the gallon stuff and the miralax mixed into clear gatorade or propel fitness water. I much prefer the mirlax as it is only 64 oz, drinking 8 oz. ... (7 replies)
... soda tastes extra nasty. I guess I wouldn't object to the totally enema route that you propose, as long as the MD approves it. ... (7 replies)
... It did not work out though. I did my prep exactly as I was told to but it did not work. I had the suprep and first off its just gross tasting but I took it and drank my required water. ... (1 replies)
... Friday night I got insurance permission and went to the ER near home. The ER doc ordered the contrast CT but refused to try to disimpact me, to order an enema that would be more comprehensive than I can do at home, or to deliver a colonoscopy prep via a nasogastric tube. ... (2 replies)
... The prep for a barium enema is very similar to the prep for the colonoscopy. I had a barium enema and it wasn't painful at all. It was uncomfortable and felt some pressure but that's it. ... (1 replies)
... I have very little knowledge about the medical side of this of course, but I have had a colonoscopy myself so I do know what is involved. The fragile skin of one so old is definitely a real concern! I certainly would be rather worried if it were my grandmother! ... (10 replies)
... Are you drinking at least 64 oz. a day of water with the increase of fiber and taking Miralax ? If you don't drink enough water this will constipate you even more. Taking Miralax,Metamucil, and Citrucel don't produce a bowel movement for least 12 hours and as long as 72 hours after you take it. always drink another 8 oz. glass of water right after taking miralax. The stool... (14 replies)
... Hi Guys, Thanks for all your messages.. Had it on Friday, so figured i'd just let you know i survived! Without doubt the worst part was the prep. A like many have said there's no way to sugarcoat it, the stuff tastes rough, but the not eating is the hardest..depends how much you like your food i guess. There was only one minor prob, even though i managed to drink... (10 replies)
Barium enema
Aug 2, 2010
... ray myself on Wednesday. The only prep they gave me was a clear liquid diet tomorrow, then a Tridate evacuation kit. ... (6 replies)

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