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... tly makes noises and rumbles even after I've eaten. It also feels like bubbles are popping in my stomach. I have BM a couple of times a day. Their always either diarhea or constipated. Also when I wipe it feels like I dont quiet get everything. My family tells me I always look exhasted but I get pleanty of sleep. ... (0 replies)
... t morning it feels better but then the cycle starts all over again with another BM. There was a time when the bad pain was only caused by either constipation or diarhea but now it doesn't matter. ... (3 replies)
... No it wont heal by itself needs to be cut open to heal,split lengthwise like opening a vein. Healing time is 2 weeks at home for sanitary reasons then return to work light duty for 3 months easy on the lifting and sitting,, pain killers required. Surgery looks terrible but tissues heal quickly and little scarring,its amazing how it heals back to normal. In US look for a... (64 replies)

... and finally saw Colon surgeon this week and he diagnosed me Anal basically last 12 months I've been diagnosed for Hemorhoid after Fissure and now Fistula... ... (64 replies)
... Hi, first a little info on myself I had an anal fissure about 2 years ago, after suffering from the pain for a month I went ahead and got the anal sphinterectomy surgery done, very minor surgery, the procedure itself is just 15-30 minutes and total time stay in hospital is 3-4 hours. the very next day i felt better, and in about 3 day´s i didn´t have any pain while going to... (73 replies)
... What I am really wondering is are there people out there who have made a full recovery from chronic fissures. When I say full recovery I mean are you able to live the life that you did before (except for maybe diet). Are you able to go out and play tennis, lift weights, be active without pain? I am a 27 year old male that has been battling with anal fissures now for six... (73 replies)
... on the paper. My bum has been quite sore lately and I've maybe strained a little to hard, due to some diarhea I've had but has cleared up. ... (0 replies)
... o dizzy like I am going to pass out. Pain is in waves it gets horrible for a few hours then better for a few. My temp has been fairly low actually over the whole week anywhere from 94. ... (6 replies)
... this sounds like my sympoms exept i allternate between constipation and horrendous diarhea, at times ive felt really nauseous bloated and not able to eat much my stools look absolutely awful and i also have loads of mucus and what looks like dirt in there, ive also had yellow dotted about as well. im now waiting for a test for helicobacter, look it up on the net and see if you... (2 replies)
... Hi, it really varied, graphic descriptions ahead: At the start it would be little balls and then getting bigger then would have a full or striped motion which could be hard or of a toothpaste texture. It really did vary the prune juice softened it up and made it easier but would end up with diarrhoea (to almost pure liquid) after several bm in one day. The Normacol is... (8 replies)
... VEry helpful info. I have a few questions. Did you also have diarhea occassionaly with your IBS? ... (8 replies)
... I am heading into my 10th week post op, and I still have a small area that is opened up. ... (132 replies)
... feel better. I remember having stool that just basically fell out of me in the begining, but it got better, don't be scared of that. Don't try to sit for another week or so. Do the side laying if you can. I too was depressed. ... (132 replies)
Odd bowel problems
Mar 22, 2007
... I'm 20 years of age, and for the past month I've been having very odd bowel problems. At the first of the month, for about a week or so, I was getting loose bowel movements and even normal bowel movements with oil droplets in the water. ... (2 replies)
... gyn about it at my 6 week post partum visit. He was wonderful, very compassionate and sais to wait about 6 mos because sometimes it would get better. ... (132 replies)
... I haven't had anymore burping or diarhea but i am constantly 'uncomfortable. ... (9 replies)
... Help I have been on a huge does of morphine for 3 years due to four back surgeries. I have irritable bowel and always before morphine had diarhea as main symptom. Now however it takes dynamite to go a rabbit size amount. ... (1 replies)
... Hey, Three :wave: Happy New Year! I believe it can. Funny you should mention this. I caught a cold last week (yes, right over New Years...ugh!!!) and took quite a bit of the "old school" Sudafed to dry me up. Well, I had no appetite thanks to the Sudafed, felt generally cruddy and certainly didn't exercise and eat like I probably should have, and I ended up... (12 replies)
Oct 7, 2005
... s its diarhea. She said she has no desire to go other than once a week. she doesnt get constipated and doesnt have probs with gas or anything other than a once a week bm. her doc is concerned about this and wants he to take some form of stool softener but from what i see she doesnt have these probs! ... (1 replies)
Diet and fissures
Aug 24, 2005
... I was fine for about 6 months, but then about a week ago, I think I may have ripped myself up again after a very hard BM. ... (8 replies)

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