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... and put on Augmentin plus Clindamicin for the next few years for diverticulitis. But soon this cocktail started to fail me. Soooo, I end up in the hospital on IV antibiotics everytime I get sick. ... (2 replies)
... Well, here are the experiences I have had with diverticulitis: 10 years ago, when I was taking care of my 90-year-old mother and not eating right (ate popcorn for dinner many nights!), I had my first attack of diverticulitis. I had been having a low-grade fever for about two months with gradually worsening crampy pain and then constipation. By the time I went to the doctor,... (14 replies)
... Hello. New here. I gave IBS and just three days ago diagnosis of diverticulitis. On Flagyl and amox. No fever just lots of pain and diarrhea. How long in your experience before one starts to feel better The cramping pain is lessened but I feel like there is a big tender lump on the lower left side. ... (0 replies)

... Thank you for your reply! This is all so new and foreign to me. As far as I know I am the first to have this in our family. Question- does your husband ever stray from his new normal diet or does he have to strictly follow it as to not cause flare ups? Thank you for your reply! It is much appreciated (7 replies)
... law had diverticulitis that necessitated surgery many years ago and has been doing well ever since. ... (7 replies)
... I hope you get some answers soon and feel better soon! Please let us know how you are doing and be persistant with the GI doctor! ... (4 replies)
... (35 replies)
... Thank you so much for responding. I got out of the hospital last Saturday afternoon and Saturday evening and Sunday morning were filled with nausea and the same old same old (tired, out of sorts, feeling hot and flushed with no fever). Today is Wednesday and I still cannot process foods -even the soft ones like soft bread or mash potatoes. I simply have to content myself... (35 replies)
... I also had bad diverticulitis although not nearly as bad as you. I also had terrible constipation. ... (35 replies)
... Hi, everyone, new here. I had my first bout of gastritis when I was in my mid-twenties. Suffered through horrible acid reflux pains that felt like being shot in the chest with a hot bullet. Constant belching, etc. Not until 15 years later when my stomach just sort of "froze" whereby I could eat nothing but only drink a few sips of warm water, was I ever given something for... (35 replies)
... veggies in 2 cups of a green smoothie that is kind of like a frappe or milkshake as everyone outside of boston calls it. it has helped thus far but it is too soon to tell. at night i feel a bit tired as it has only been 2 weeks but i am definitely better without the fistula and so forth. ... (185 replies)
... Ray, boston,barb,eeyore,marlyn and everyone else. Sorry its been so long since my last update.I've been a sick pup,feeling a little better today though. My Doc took my stitches out too early and then had to put buttreflies on me. My tummy tried to come open some but I think I have it under control now. I guess I'm having so much pain because the tumor they removed was on my... (185 replies)
... Hey Mizz how you doing? ... (185 replies)
... bostonandparis...........i agree with Marilyn711, before you know it will be over and you will be recovering! i feel you are making a good decision to have your surgery! you'll be fine and good as new soon! are you doing with the pain meds? Hope you are feeling better. eeyore55, barb050 and are you all doing? Haven't seen any updates... (185 replies)
... Bostonandparis I know how your feeling. I was a nervous wreck thinking about the surgery and the pain, but I have to tell you, it really wasn't that bad! ... (185 replies)
... You said you had a recent CT scan how long ago was that? ... (185 replies)
... ll had not passed any gas or had a bowel movement and my stomach was now distending and I was getting super bloated and it was getting painful. My doctor visited soon after, checked out my stomach and canceled my liquid diet and put me back on IV. ... (185 replies)
... Ho, it all depends on how severe the pain is. ... (5 replies)
... It's a holiday weekend here in the UK so no regular doctors available for next 3 days. I'm just worried because I've read how serious it can be if untreated especially if it perforates. ... (5 replies)
... I am so glad to hear you are doing ok. Please keep us up to date on how you are doing. I am sure as a collective we can pretty much answer any questions you may have during your recovery. ... (60 replies)

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