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... le but for me, it's pretty high. They told me my gallbladder was OK last year. That's one of the things they checked when I presented in the ER with pain on my right side. That started a battery of tests. ... (5 replies)
... I too had my initial pain on the right side. Right now I'm having pain all the way across and also in my lower back and down my legs. ... (5 replies)
... Just in case you want someone else's 2 cents, yes, it can occur on the right side, though the left is much more common. ... (5 replies)

... I'm 46 years old and was diag. with diverticulosis in April 2005 during a colonoscopy. I have it on the left side, so does my Mom and so did her sister. ... (5 replies)
... all negative. I had problems with fibroids which were thought to cause the constipation and back pain, but I have since had surgery to remove them. However, the right side pain still comes and goes and I am trying to track it to see if it occurs anytime or only after bowel movements. ... (0 replies)
... I hope this helps explain things better. If a colonoscopy showed diverticulosis on the left side and a CAT scan showed it on the right my guess is that the condition is spreading and should be monitored. ... (5 replies)
Aug 3, 2017
... Chrons. The last couple months I've been very constipated then last week starting having diarrhea. Then began with severe intense low back pain and mostly on the right side. From what I read, Diverticulitis is mostly abdominal pain and in left side. I just am looking fir any help with what's going on. ... (6 replies)
... Thanks for the replies. This is certainly very frustrating to deal with - sorry you have similiar issues. Well the antibiotics (Flagyl and Cipro) were pretty horrible - things definitely got worse before they got better. Almost a week off antibiotics and had follow up with doc yesterday. BM are normalizing, but I've been using metamucil and upped by fiber intake 3 fold... (5 replies)
... do you have problem passing stool? And do you get relief after going? My gastro says uncoordinated rectum sphincter muscles causeing incomplete evacuation, but I still have abdominal pain all the time. (2 replies)
... (2 replies)
... I started having abdominal discomfort similar to indigestion. After several days of this, a pain developed. The focus of the pain is on the right, close to my side and in line with my navel. The pain is disabling and at times, spreads across my entire abdomen, and radiates to my lower back. ... (2 replies)
... hindsight I think I developed it in my mid 30's. I had symptoms like bloating, constipation, lower left pain. My Dr initially thought I had a bacteria from drinking water in new Hampshire on vacation. Over the next couple of years, I would get the same symptoms, and added pain. A colonoscopy showed the diverticulitis. The pain became excruciating (lower left)... (14 replies)
... m 41. I don't seem to have the severe symptoms that led me to treatment to begin with. I have postional left lower quadrant pain that some times radiates to my right side. My GI said it couldbe muscle wall related. My colonoscopy showed "moderated diverticulosis" in my Sigmoid. That was done in March. ... (14 replies)
... That stinks that you still have diverticulosis I hope for your sake that your pouches do NOT become infected! ... (185 replies)
... Oh does anyone have any problems with their bladder and any groin pains especially on the right side? ... (185 replies)
... Hello everyone, im going to be brief right now because its late and my pain meds are finally kicking in. ... (90 replies)
... m anyone who also has the complicate matters I had my Gaul bladder removed this year due to adhesions and have to live on fat free permenantly, the good side is I have lost 50lb this year and look the business now, look forward to contact, thanks.. ... (5 replies)
... op for colon resection surgery. I had 18 inches of my right colon removed due to diverticulitis. ... (1 replies)
... or oral liquids of any kind . I lost over 45 pounds through all of this in a 3 month period . with alot of pain that persisted for almost a year on my left side where the sygmoid was removed . ... (3 replies)
... I found this thread & post about two years ago and it changed my life. I've been taking two psyllium caps three times a day for almost this entire time. Now I have no more aches or bouts with cipro and flagyl, and no more down time from work. I still try to keep my fiber intake up and eat right, but psyllium is a great insurance plan. Sorry for bringing up such an ancient... (8 replies)

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