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... ave problems with passing some stools because they get extremely dry and hard as a rock. I was noticing some things that didnt seem right so I contacted a friend in med school since Im too embarassed to see my normal xoctor about it. ... (0 replies)
... Definitely. It has happened to me once and I froze. The stool was emitted blood, and within seconds the water in the toilet bowl was red. Scary stuff. ... (19 replies)
... People often say that signs of fresh blood is better than seeing old dried out blood in a stool and that may be so but the actual sight of real fresh bleeding sure does knock a person stone cold. ... (19 replies)

... ast 15 years I have had regular changes in bowel habits in that for maybe 10 days I will go to the toilet twice in the morning and I always have very soft stools in morning, then last thing at night before bed I will pass what look like hard rabbit droppings, not alot with mucus. ... (2 replies)
... I would recommend going to the hopsital now. Do not delay. He is feeling weak and having headaches possibly because he has lost too much blood. Red blood most likely is from in the colon. Black stool indicates bleeding elsewhere in your body that has dried up. ... (10 replies)
... Thanks for the help. I guess I never thought of it that way. I'm still having a little blood on the stool though, any time the stool is remotely dry or big, i have a little blood on stool and back pain around my tailbone. ... (10 replies)
... Sun dried tomatoes to that to me as well. So do cranberries! ... (1 replies)
... I recently went to the doctor because I saw a tiny bit of blood on the outer part of my stool, and after "checking things out", he said he that the area just inside my rectum was very raw and that this was most likely the problem. After taking some medication, I saw no streaks for a couple of weeks. However, this morning when I looked at my stool, there was red chunks all over... (1 replies)
... I'm wondering what this could be. None of the descriptions of blood in the stool that I've found describe what my poop looks like. ... (0 replies)
... HAve you had a colonic transit test or a manometry? I was dx with pelvic floor dysinergy . Have not found a cure (8 replies)
... (8 replies)
... I have similar problem does the bloating cause shortness of breath or difficulty of taking a deep breath. Do u have gurgling in the tailbone area? ... (8 replies)
... Ihave similar symptoms does it hurt to sit? I was dx with abnormal anal sphincter relaxing. Do have to strain to go ? Been through biofeed back that didn't help let me know if you have to strain. (8 replies)
... I have had extremely bad luck with doctors in the beginning and I felt like they didn't listen to me. ... (8 replies)
Pain in anus area
Jun 26, 2007
... It sounds like you could have an anal fissure. The description you give of bright red blood on the toilet paper and feeling like you are passing glass are classic symptoms of a fissure. ... (2 replies)
... I agree that you really need to follow through with that colonoscopy, but if it makes you feel better I have always been told that if the blood is bright red (as opposed to dark, which would mean it had dried in the stool because you bled deep inside your bowel) it's more likely to be because of something like diverticulitis or internal hemorrhoids as opposed to colon cancer.... (2 replies)
... If some of you may remember i said i started to get blood in my stool after i had my resection.....wasn't there all the time, it would come and go. ... (1 replies)
Sep 4, 2006
... Well, I've been back to work for two 10 hour days and everything is going SMOOOOTHLY! I have not had any other blood or blood loss. After reading older post I honestly believe it was the scabbing and old blood clots finally passing. ... (41 replies)
... Some facts to help you put my case in context, since every case is different and most posters don't give you key facts you can compare with. ... (3 replies)

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