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... I'm all for natural if it works. I hadn't been having too bad of problems when I decided to have my surgery, but mine was chronic and deep, and I knew it would just bother me again at some I bit the bullet, had the surgery and hopefully will be healed by spring weather, motorcycle riding weather:) (7 replies)
... It took about 6 months for my fissure to completely go away after my LIS surgery.. I suffered with it for about 3 years before that. I've heard people being ok after a just a week or two. The first BM is the worst.. Whatever you do... lube the area Thoroughly before your first BM. And take a Stool softner ahead of time with lots of water. I've posted this in other... (1 replies)
... It took about 6 months for my fissure to go away after my LIS surgery.. I suffered with it for about 3 years.. I've posted this in other places but this is What I do: Here is my typical day when things are bad down there for Hems For Fissures Do not do the (Hemmor-ice below) Obviously consult your doctor first. Wake up if I can. (17 replies)

... One thing to keep in mind is that folks who have successful surgeries are back into their lives full swing - on the golf course, on summer vacations, etc. and are far less likely to post positive results than those who are suffering through complications of surgery. It may skew your perception statistically because you're not going to read as many posts from people who have... (8 replies)
... I worked a half day friday, had the surgery friday afternoon, and was back to work on Monday. ... (73 replies)
... I had a sphincterotomy and a hemorrhoidectomy one week ago. I developed diarrhea today. I am now is severe pain. I had been doing really well post surgery--had quit having to take pain meds and experiencing mild discomfort. Now, percoset are not fazing my pain. The area around my rectum is bright red and sore. I am also experiencing the "throbbing" pain that I was having... (73 replies)
... just depends on your doctor. if you can get in quick enough and have the surgery, then yeah, you would be fine by then. i fortunately was able to get in and have surgery pretty darn fast. ... (73 replies)
... i am so so so so glad i got the surgery done and would do it again in a heartbeat. ... (73 replies)
... I had a hemorrhoidectomy (internal hemorrhoids) and sphincterotomy (for anal fissure) back on November 12th, 2009. This was an EXTREMELY painful procedure. I felt great the first day as I was numb from all of the medications, however, on day two, three and four...and even onto about day 8, I felt HORRIBLE! I was in excruciating pain which necessitated me taking pain... (26 replies)
... my LIS surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning. i am so nervous and hope i have an easy recovery. ... (26 replies)
... i just got scheduled for LIS surgery on the 29th for some "superficial cuts" in my rectum caused by childbirth. i've been dealing with them for over 2 years now and hope the recovery goes smoothly. ... (26 replies)
... I hope your next surgery goes well Cindy so you can put these problems behind you. ... (73 replies)
... tative measure but then found I did not need it. I also figured that the constipation effect of pain killers would not be helpful. I had my first BM 2 days after surgery and it was not bad. I had been eating a soft diet with plenty of fruit and water. I was back to normal within a week. ... (73 replies)
... have you had them check to make sure you do not have any fissures or an oddly placed hemorrhoid? ... (14 replies)
... I suffered with a fissure for years but it was not debilitating and extremely painful until about 5 months ago. I tried the conservative treatment and it did not work for me since my fissure was already chronic. One of the things I tried was an herbal oil to heal fissures. I got it at It has a money back guarantee that it will heal the fissure but it did not... (79 replies)
... Thanks for your story, glad to see I'm not the only one stuck in a rut like this (not to wish ill upon you ;) ). As I said I'm going in for the botox injection as I didn't want to risk more complications from a second surgery, and this time it is with a different doc so I'll get another opinion. I'll definitely ask about the sigmoid, I really need to rule this stuff out. ... (3 replies)
... Hi... I'm new. I was diagnosed with 2 fissures back in March. ... (79 replies)
... it may sound gross but if you think about it. all those porn actresses do not get anal fissures and think of what they put their bodies through. ... (79 replies)
... wound and stitched closed. In patients with weakened sphincter muscles, the flap may still be made to cover the wound, but the sphincterotomy may be omitted.The surgery is usually an outpatient procedure and performed under general, regional or local anesthesia...aparantly they do it in Mayo clinic... ... (57 replies)
... I totally relate to the depression thing. After nearly 11 weeks of pain because of an unneccesary surgery and no relief in site, it gets to be sort of depressing. ... (57 replies)

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