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... f fiber, sounds like you're physically fit and drink lots of water. You don't want to be constipated, NOR do you want to have loose stool, as this can make your fissures worse also. Find a good board certified colorectal doctor and get their advice. You can try all kinds of things.... ... (7 replies)
... d have to fix the fissures first, because she wouldn't put me through the pain of doing a colonoscopy or anything else for that matter, because she knew with the fissures it would just be too painful. I am almost 2 weeks post op from the lateral sphincterectomy....and still healing, apparently, it can take months. ... (17 replies)
... I was scheduled to go in for a colonoscopy next Friday, but the pain of a fissure was so intense, I begged them to take me tomorrow. I've had this one for over two months, but I have suffered from fissures for almost three years (they come, stick around for a couple of months, and then go away for a few months, but always return). I want the colonoscopy done to rule out any... (17 replies)

... Hey I went to see the surgeon as I stated and he checked down there and said there was no fissure at all. He did say there is scar tissue and that can be causing the pain. I did ask him if a fissure were to show up what would be the he stated its unlikley to happend, but if it did sitz baths is the way to go and some vaseline, he said he has never heard of anybody... (2 replies)
... hopefully. If things don't improve then I guess I'll have to seek medical advice and have surgery if needed, I don't really want it to come to that though. ... (2 replies)
... I had LIS in Nov. for a fissure I had. After LIS the fissure healed and was doing great. Well after a bout of Constipation, I re-opened the fissure and got two more. :=( Since I had LIS surgery will these fissures heal on its own now, or will I have to have another LIS surgery(hope not). I see the Surgeon today.(hopefully good news). Please someone give me some advice as... (2 replies)
... It took about 6 months for my fissure to completely go away after my LIS surgery.. I suffered with it for about 3 years before that. I've heard people being ok after a just a week or two. The first BM is the worst.. Whatever you do... lube the area Thoroughly before your first BM. And take a Stool softner ahead of time with lots of water. I've posted this in other... (1 replies)
Feb 4, 2011
... I had fissures at one time and he gave me an ointment of nitroglycerin to put on. Nitroglycerin promotes blood flow to the area, and blood flow helps heal the fissures. ... (2 replies)
Feb 3, 2011
... I have anal fissures. I am not sure if i should go through with surgery. any advice on what i should do?? Im scared it wont heal and of complications. (2 replies)
... I think the main key to cure the fissure is to promote blood flow. I had a fissure that was a B*&ch to get rid of. I tried everything in the book to get rid of it, with no success.....the reason is because I had a tight sphincter!!!! It would spasm out of sight. The surgeon wanted to try everything, before surgery. I had LIS and 2 weeks later fissure is gone. I am still... (7 replies)
... Hi, I have never heard about fasting to cure your fissures. Last year, I had 2 terrible fissures for months. I had spasms also. I finally visited a colorectal surgeon and he prescribed nitroglycerin. ... (7 replies)
... Hi all, I learned fairly recently that I've had anal fissures for about 2 1/2 years. I spent a long time thinking it was just hemorrhoids, and I think I do have some of that as well, but long story short anal fissure is pretty clearly my main problem. The doc who diagnosed it (who is a surgeon) recommended a lateral sphincterotomy and recommended against any other route (he... (7 replies)
... I had a hemmi that took a year too fight without surgery. Bad bowel habits, like forcingm to go when i didnt have to and trying to hold too long( like the whole day). I noticed that you take ginger tea, nice im going too look into that......the miralax i take gives me gas....a foul gas. thanks for the reply! (17 replies)
... It took about 6 months for my fissure to go away after my LIS surgery.. I suffered with it for about 3 years.. I've posted this in other places but this is What I do: Here is my typical day when things are bad down there for Hems For Fissures Do not do the (Hemmor-ice below) Obviously consult your doctor first. Wake up if I can. (17 replies)
... Have no fear, "3436sean". I, too, have been in the same boat as you...had the LIS surgery and it seemed to get better for a while but then the fissure came back. I know how discouraging it can be. ... (6 replies)
... One thing to keep in mind is that folks who have successful surgeries are back into their lives full swing - on the golf course, on summer vacations, etc. and are far less likely to post positive results than those who are suffering through complications of surgery. It may skew your perception statistically because you're not going to read as many posts from people who have... (8 replies)
... Hi, Just read abt ur worries, I share the same problem as yours. I have been suffering since last one and a half year and finally got my surgery done on 16th June 10, but i cant see any improvement.. went through a hell out of pain since then..I m very much worried.. ... (8 replies)
... Well, as it turns out, after LIS, I also developed a perianal abscess, and had to have a second surgery to have it drained. The difference between my case and dcarvalho's case is that my abscess was caught early, just 2 weeks after LIS. ... (8 replies)
... at I asked for, and recommended the surgeon that helped him. I saw the surgeon who said that I had quite a bit of scar tissue that would make healing without the surgery difficult. ... (8 replies)
... I've done the LIS surgery one month ago; unfortunately I can not say to you that it's an easy process: these last weeks were the worst of my life due to the post surgery pain; unfortunately I've developped an infection with abcsess which send me back to a 2nd surgery on the last 27th July; I'm now starting to see some minor improvements: less pain and easier bowel movements;... (8 replies)

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