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... The fissures are gone, but some of the discomfort remains. My symptoms... ... (2 replies)
... They can vary in size and some fissures are small and heal on their own. I was not so lucky. I required surgery. I am five weeks out and feeling better so far. ... (5 replies)
... Pacpoc... Your problem may be something entirely different... possibly a tear or fissure. Some fissures are not associated with pain. ... (5 replies)

... just inside the rectum. You may want to have it examined by a doctor. Many fissures heal on their own but an Acute Fissure like the one I had did require surgery. Nonetheless, you should make an appointment with your doctor. ... (4 replies)
... mine first happend to me when I was 16. but if it is an anal fissures you will most likely have to have surgery, it could also be hemeroids that are getting infected. don't be embaraced go see a doctor and take it from there. ... (9 replies)
... I think I'm going to ditch the colace and citrucel, and try and modify my diet enough to keep things soft and regular. Did you have to take stool softener for fissures? The two I've had, have made my life misearable, even after surgery. (3 replies)
In Pain, HELP!!!
Dec 18, 2004
... l... LATER I ate and ate...after living on practically tasted even better then I remembered!! Funny, but true...also you are right about that the surgery ISN'T intimidating, strange as that may my case actually it turnd out to be really easy, easier then any surgey I had... ... (44 replies)
... Y'all are life-savers. I've made up my mind to have the surgery (depending on what my surgeon says). I've been through way too much misery with this. I have 2 fissures, and I've tried everything at this point. the Diltiazem helped, but the spasms keep the things from healing. I'm to the point where I'm spasming about 50% of the time. I went to a party of the weekend... (12 replies)
In Pain, HELP!!!
Nov 30, 2004
... I know what you are going through believe me. These chronic fissures are awful, and take forever to heal. Some require surgery. I'm hoping to avoid the knife, but I might be deluding myself, since mine is so chronic. ... (44 replies)
In Pain, HELP!!!
Nov 29, 2004
... Just like watchout, I have a nasty fissure, and I originally thought it was hemroids. I didn't take it seriously at all. I didn't modify my diet, and simply threw some Preperation H on there. At first, it was a lot of bleeding, and that was about it. But then after a few weeks, the pain set in, and I knew something was wrong. I waited too long to do anything about it, and... (44 replies)
In Pain, HELP!!!
Nov 26, 2004
... out normal hemeroid medications don't help a fissure....if you don't get any better, see your doctor. I went like this for months and was in horrible pain. Most fissures heal up on their own, but if not found early enough the damage could get worse. ... (44 replies)
... otics was an all over one that would've wiped out that colon bacteria again. i'm currently awaiting the start of my health insurance so they will schedule me for surgery to have it removed. ... (7 replies)
... My philosophy is, if I have a propensity ofr fissures, I don't want to be having surgery every year. I need to manage this in a conservative manner. ... (7 replies)
... I am the "queen of fissures"lol! I have had surgery for them in june and recently prescribed Anusol suppositories for them,they really seemed to help,but recently dr. ... (4 replies)
... Anyway, your doctor would have found something during your surgery if it were something worse than hemms or fissures. Don't rush your healing you have been through alot. ... (27 replies)
... e said he saw hemmorhoids and "something inflamed',I am thinking this might me something called a skin tag you get with chronic fissures. He has me scheduled for surgery this coming WEd. a sigmoidoscopy, and hemmorhoidectomy and fissurectomy of necessary. I am so scared. ... (1 replies)
... Hi runninggal,me again!!! You are the only person in the whole world who I think understands where I am coming from!!! I hate to keep bothering you,but I need to know I am "ok"!!!! As I told you before,I had the fissure and hems. for many years. The sphincterotomy was in Jan. I had a setback 6 weeks later,with pain and bleeding. I saw my surgeon,he said "everything looks and... (7 replies)
... I suffered with chronic fissures for over 10 years. HI Runninggal! remember me? ... (9 replies)
... wjpjr, I am really sorry you are having such problems. I can sympahtize w/ you. If I could turn back time, I woul not have done this, but it's too late for that, right? Did you have alot of pain w/ bm and after? Is'nt it a good sign that the ulcer has healed over? I did use the diltizem that seemed to help and like I said the botox. I did'nt have any pain with the botox except... (12 replies)
Nov 19, 2003
... Walt, I hope your not taking the flagyl. My vet prescribed that to my dogs to treat bad diarrhea; flagyl hardens stools. It is used in people to treat giardia. I don't know why a doctor would give you a medicine that hardens stools to treat fissures, unless he is trying to get you to come in for surgery. I had my first hemorrhoidectomy because a surgeon lied to me and... (996 replies)

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