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... Thanks for your story, glad to see I'm not the only one stuck in a rut like this (not to wish ill upon you ;) ). As I said I'm going in for the botox injection as I didn't want to risk more complications from a second surgery, and this time it is with a different doc so I'll get another opinion. I'll definitely ask about the sigmoid, I really need to rule this stuff out. ... (3 replies)
... Post surgery, intense pain for a week, then better for a week but then back to the chronic pain. Another colorectal surgeon felt the first surgery was "incomplete" so he repeated the operation 2 months later cutting even more of the muscle. ... (3 replies)
... My fissures came about by my own doing. ... (3 replies)

... I have had two sphincterotomies. I felt much better after the second one, and think the fissure healed. However, my second surgery was complicated with an abscess forming at the unhealed wound, which had to be surgically drained in March. ... (57 replies)
... Yea you just reminded me that others have said they called there doctors and have been told to use Neosporin. Did your doctor say how much you could use it, or if you can use it daily? I remember someone talking about that and said to use it maybe once a day or something to that degree. So are your stitches comming out? If so I would be careful still when getting out... (61 replies)
... s were incredibly supportive of my saga but they could never really comprehend the scope and magnitude of the pain and even depression it caused. I hope your fissures get better real soon and spare you any more pain! These boards are wonderful sources of information and support. ... (79 replies)
... nce I had the surgery. I can't even begin to tell you how much better I feel than I did when I was in the throes of the fissure. The first two weeks after the surgery are somewhat painful and it will stll hurt when you have a BM, but not as bad as it did prior to the surgery. ... (79 replies)
... Hi... I'm new. I was diagnosed with 2 fissures back in March. ... (79 replies)
... which were dissolving. I still have very mild pain when I have a BM, but it's more like a soreness from the surgery than the killer spasms from the fissure itself. I still have anxiety about BM's. ... (79 replies)
... it may sound gross but if you think about it. all those porn actresses do not get anal fissures and think of what they put their bodies through. ... (79 replies)
... maybe fissures also? ... (79 replies)
... Today is the 8th day since my surgery and I am happy to report the pain is FINALLY diminishing. ... (79 replies)
... Hey Jess, Really hoping the botox helps you this time. Sounds like you had alot of unusual complications from a rubber band procedure! Wow, can't believe that it took out some muscle. No wonder you have pain. Glad to hear your fissure has healed, so you have less to deal with. I know it gets to be so frustrating when things won't heal. I think ?? my fissure has healed... (57 replies)
... i just did another botox surgery..but on the location where i had the rubber bands ..i dont have fissure any more and i do know where the pain exactly coming from and was beneath where the rubber band took chunk of muscles ..and it could be unhealed we injected cortisone and botox there today...and around it ...i also did MRI...special kind of MRI so lets... (57 replies)
... I also suffered from anal fissures in 2006. Yes, it does take over your life. Yes, the pain is worse than giving birth. ... (79 replies)
... Chronic fissures are much harder to heal than acute fissures. 6 weeks would probably still be considered an acute fissure. ... (79 replies)
... wound and stitched closed. In patients with weakened sphincter muscles, the flap may still be made to cover the wound, but the sphincterotomy may be omitted.The surgery is usually an outpatient procedure and performed under general, regional or local anesthesia...aparantly they do it in Mayo clinic... ... (57 replies)
... I wish I could go back in time and take back the surgery I had. When I think about the dr I get trying not to be bitter about it. ... (57 replies)
... since i got this problem i quit every thing...i tried but couldn't..its very hard to work with pain like that can't study ether cause how can i concentrate...its i know wat the mean when the say "pain in the a s s"...i just wish i would not listen to that bastard Doc that did rubber band for my minor hemorrhoids, that could've been fixed by hydrocortisone.. (57 replies)
... Are you able to take time to heal after your surgery or are you working or going to school? ... (57 replies)

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