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... In the late afternoon I had a bowel movement that smelled like rotten eggs. The stool was soft, almost diarrhea, but not quite. ... (4 replies)
... Gas that smells that bad sometimes is caused by the fact we're eating too much red meat and not enough fresh fruits and vegetables,whole grains so the stool stays in the colon too long and produces more bacteria and toxins so our gas smells really bad. ... (3 replies)
... for the menthol vapor, because it helps me to not smoke, cannot give them up while I still crave nicotine. But it is causing uncontrollable gas issues, very foul smelling, bowel movements are also foul smelling, sometimes increased, but not diarrhea or anything. ... (0 replies)

... nawing type tender pain in stomach. Foul smelling stool. Bloated or feeling full. ... (0 replies)
... I have had a colonoscopy too and they said everything was good but I did have some fissures. Its so foul smelling too and sometimes when I pass gas it comes out, soo gross. I wont get too detailed but sometimes theres blood too ew. I hate it! ... (38 replies)
... I think the pain is caused by trapped gas in the colon. It usually means that you lack magnesium in your diet. ... (4 replies)
... Hey some of us have lived that way (indulgently) for years! LOL (4 replies)
... Thank you both so much. You both made me feel so much better. It is suspected that I have IBS and I know that I have to be careful with what I eat or my symptoms will be aggravated. I know that I should have been more careful, but I have a week to myself so I have freedom to do what I want. I should have just stuck to staying in my pjs all day and not over indulging on... (4 replies)
... I wouldn't worry. It happens to everyone once in a while. It could be high fat, high sugar, alcohol, or the lack of something healthy that you normally eat. Also, if you've been staying up a lot later, or pulled an all-nighter, that could throw off your whole digestive system. Drink a lot of extra water to help clean out your system, and try to get back to your former diet.... (4 replies)
... It's probably just the way you've been eating lately being that you're splurging. I think giving your stomach a rest tomorrow is a good idea. Go back to the way you were eating before. Throw some soup in there too, just to calm your stomach for a while. If it continues even while eating in moderation, then yea, I'd see a doctor. Don't let it linger. I did that and now I'm... (4 replies)
... What a wretched topic, but anyhoo, I'm 25 and have recently had this issue. It's accompanied by a fair bit of gas as well, and ironically, it's actually not overly foul-smelling. I must confess to eating less than regularly, that is, I'll get distracted with something and forget to eat...but I can assure I have no problem eating once I think of it. I've always been a big... (2 replies)
Can anyone help???
Sep 12, 2007
... Im 21 yrs old, ive been having excessive gas since i was 11. i let it go not thinking anything of it. as I have gotten older symptoms have gotten worse. ... (6 replies)
... canme, Eating a poor diet will cause constipation, a smelly stool, as well as bloating and gas. Several things you need to do is take a water soluble fiber supplement like psyllium that is in Metamucil and other brands to make you more regular. Including drink enough water daily and getting adequate exercise. Take probiotic supplements (helps re-establish good... (6 replies)
... For an hour or so stool still comes out if I wipe. If I drunk beer, I get very bad cramps and sit on the toilet the next day. ... (1 replies)
... My two year old son has had blood and mucus in his stool for 2 months. He also has frequent stomach aches, and foul smelling gas and BM. ... (50 replies)
... then it's very painful to try to go on the 3rd day. I now know if I don't move my bowels within 48 hours then I need to use a glycerin suppository to soften the stool inside of me to make it easier to go. ... (3 replies)
Can't go
Feb 9, 2013
... Thanks I have tried that pass alittle and no relief my rectum feels like its gone numb, I go every day but no relief I get so much presure . It's even hard to swallow and I have urine retention. It even makes it difficult to take a deep breath. Thanks for your help. (5 replies)
Can't go
Feb 9, 2013
... Have you ever tried using a glycerin suppository to help you pass stool easier ? ... (5 replies)
... ion issues all my life so I can understand your pain and misery. I found taking Citrucel in the morning with breakfast and at dinner time help to add bulk to the stool so it's soft enough to pass easily but not mushy or diarrhea consistency and helps to maintain regularity. I suggest you drink an 8 0z. ... (1 replies)
... Whenever I pass a stool it has much more orange mucous than I'd usually have. ... (0 replies)

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