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... I was sitting on toilet after not pooping for 3 weeks. I finally got my first bowl movement and it was stuck. So from past experiences I keep a jar of petroleum jelly by the toilet incase up for toilet. ... (1 replies)
... up in the shower washing your insides that are sticking out and then they are sore. I am allergic to Vaseline and almost everything so I use Alba Unpetrolatum Jelly when I have a problem with a gloved finger. ... (1 replies)
... what causes poop to be jelly like (0 replies)

... Hello everyone I am so glad I looked here I thought I was crazy. I have all the same symptoms along with the jelly (GROSS) I am 45 and this is fairly new to me (3 Months off and on). But now I get this every week. I thought it was caused by food allergy,(Promise butter or I can't beleive it's not butter butter) But I guess not. I was not taking any meds when this started so... (21 replies)
... I get the jelly stuff too when I'm all plugged up. I'm one of the odd ball ones with crohn's, I tend to be constipated instead of having the runs all the time. ... (21 replies)
... he same problem. I've had it now for just over two years. It seems to be getting worse though. I'm sorry to be so graphic,but I have to constantly clean off this jelly like substance from my bum everyday and thats between bowel movements. ... (21 replies)
... he same problem. I've had it now for just over two years. It seems to be getting worse though. I'm sorry to be so graphic,but I have to constantly clean off this jelly like substance from my bum everyday and thats between bowel movements. I get this terrible gas in which a gob of jelly will come out. ... (21 replies)
... Yeah...that's what I was thinking....usually the mucousy discharge goes along with looser stools, but then again, alternating diarrhea and constipation can be a characteristic of IBS. (21 replies)
... I normally have mucous when I go. I have only once had the clear jelly that you notice and that was quite freaky. ... (21 replies)
... The jelly like stuff is mucus probably. It's common among IBS patients. ... (21 replies)
... The jelly like thing sounds like mucous, and the fact that you are having trouble going to the bathroom, but also having those huge bowel movements, makes me think that it is irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). IBS also does tend to appear in people who are under emotional stress, are anxious or are depressed. I am making the assumption that one of those applies to you because... (21 replies)
... in between this time and that time i ALWAYS PASS JELLY LIKE FLUID froom my rectum. Even when i pass gas the jelly stuff will come out IN MY PANTIES! ... (21 replies)
... Chronic anal fissure History : in 2010 i was doing engineering, my final and last year, when i suffered it in real manner , before it i used to eat spicy junk food , too much soft drinks with smoking, i was not well aware of right fiber intake ,was living in hostel etc , used to be constipated now and then and never gave importance to it , i went to cousin marriage... (0 replies)
... This is for those who have and AF and even remotely considering surgery. In my months/years before surgery I scourged the internet for a possible cure, and read hundreds of posts about it, and came to realize that when most people have an issue, they are willing to post about their problem but when they get it fixed, there is little incentive for them to go back online to... (7 replies)
... for the last three days i have been pooping slighty but the only thing that comes out is like a little yellow mucas and tiny bit of poop mixed in with it. my stomach has been bubling, and i still feel naushis when i eat. when i wipe my but the whole tp is filled with a yellow jelly like mucas. ... (0 replies)
... k about 30 mins before I could stop screaming and crying. I didn't know it was going to hurt that bad. I was constipated and terrified of getting that really big poop out. I was taking stool softeners and miralax. ... (2 replies)
... inch dark dried threads pencil width, looking like night crawlers, when I used to hunt for worms as a child. Is this dried poop or is this a parasite? ... (0 replies)
... If you had given me the choice of a night with Jennifer Aniston or a good poop....I would have taken the poop without blinking. Anyway, I finally get things going. ... (1 replies)
... this is kinda of an old posts but if anyone would like to start updating it would help since this is currently happening to me and Im gettting a lil worried ok a lot but sometimes i think its lack of water or lack of fiber.. what is it?? (21 replies)
... I have this too. I take prescription pain meds which cause constipation and my doctor put me on a prescription stool softener. I also use glycerin suppositories. I told me doctor about it and he did not seem concerned. (21 replies)

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