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Loose Stool
Oct 8, 2014
... Am I destined to a lifetime of 3 tablespoons of Metamucil a day? ... (9 replies)
... Yeah insubstantial or unsatisfying stools can be diet related. Having metamucil can help because it's a fiber supplement. ... (6 replies)
... I always thought Metamucil was for folks with big hard poo that wouldn't move at all, which wasn't my problem. However I have started taking just one spoonful every day and It has helped. ... (6 replies)

Stool is too soft
Dec 26, 2005
... try taking a water soluble fiber twice daily -- it should work for a soft to loose stool--- Metamucil should do OK (1 replies)
... FrankJohnson your story was my story.It's like I wrote that 4 years ago.Went to the doc back then and he said I had too much liquids in my body and that I needed more fiber,so he recommended Metamucil.So every night I have a glass and most of my problems ara gone.I use 1/2 cup of water and 1 1/4 heaping tablespoon of powder.It really works. (5 replies)
... Metamucil's active ingredient is Psyllium seed husk and is a stool forming agent and safe to take daily with your diet. ... (8 replies)
Leaking stool
Dec 23, 2017
... all that's needed. However, you likely were given antibiotics prior to surgery and possibly after too. Those can destroy the good bacteria in your gut and cause loose BM's. If the diet changes don't help, a probiotic may be helpful. You would want to consult your doctor for which one to take as they aren't all created equal. ... (7 replies)
... Any changes in bowel movement habits,color,consistency,any blood in stools needs to be checked out by your doctor to properly diagnosis,and get the right treatment plan. (2 replies)
... I am 29. My problems started about 3 weeks ago. The first time I noticed my stool was like clear mucus. Have clear mucus stool every few days, and have loose stool about 5 or more times a day. Also I quickly became very bloated looking. It feels and looks like my belly is getting big very quickly. I feel a lot fatter. ... (2 replies)
... Hi Laura, I haven't posted anything recently as every time I think I have a solution, I end up having an episode with no reason why. My doctor simply says I probably just have a touch of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and I should use fiber to help control it, but whether I use one tablespoon of psyllium or two or three, it doesn't seem to make any difference. My doctor says they... (38 replies)
... however this time I've hardly had a decent bowel movement for about 2 weeks, and can only manage a small amount of very loose stool matter if I strain hard enough. ... (0 replies)
... however this time I've hardly had a decent bowel movement for about 2 weeks, and can only manage a small amount of very loose stool matter if I strain hard enough. ... (1 replies)
Please Help
Jul 15, 2008
... So, eating alot of both will give you a Loose stool, gas and Intestinal Cramping. ... (7 replies)
... Loose thin and sometimes watery stool usually indicates that the fiber that you are consuming in your regular food that you are eating daily contains too much insoluble fiber. ... (4 replies)
... I would have the urge to have a bowel movement. My B.M.'s also began to be on the loose side where this had never happened before. ... (6 replies)
... Soluble fibre is the type that absorbs fluids and bulks up you stool but you need fluids. ... (4 replies)
Loose stools
Dec 4, 2006
... I suggest you start taking a water soluble fiber supplement like Metamucil. It is a stool bulking agent and will firm up your stools. ... (1 replies)
My problem
Sep 30, 2006
... seeds and the bran in cereals do not absorb fluids and cause a sorta loose stool like the symptoms you describe. ... (1 replies)
... I was in hell for 2 weeks with a constant loose stool and some diarrhea type stuff.I take metamucil which is soluble and nuts which are not.The result? ... (18 replies)
... I have never noticed any blood on the stool or in the toilet... ... (2 replies)

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