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... But my real question is...I've started "leaking" some kind of mucus when I pass gas. Is that normal? ... (1 replies)
... i dont think i've heard anyone say..." diarreah type, or constipation type" they go hand in hand with ibs. Do yourself a favor....look up " gluten intolerant, or celiac disease...dont just look at one website...look at many...see if you fit ya do... (5 replies)

... s extremely tired i never got the diarreah like he got. I had mild nausea. But, the worst was the constant pressure feeling took a week before i could pass gas...or have a bowel movement without a laxitive. Our family doc put me on the same antibiotic my husband was on. On a couple will heal c diff. ... (6 replies)
... I am waiting on a colonoscopy, but recently have excessive mucus which comes out when passing gas, I can not pass gas without mucus coming out, only when lying down. ... (5 replies)
... please, someone out there must have had this before! Maybe I didn't explain it well enough. I keep having the urge to go....then I will try, I will usually pass gas, and then go to wipe, and what is there is a little bit of mucus (less than a quarter)... that has little bits of stool in it. Sorry I know this is gross and tmi but it's really freaking me out, because I... (10 replies)
... so I don't expect any stool. But now the last few weeks I have alot of gas spitting out in the morning when I sit on the toilet. Last week, I happened to notice this little white thing lying at the bottom! ... (8 replies)
Mucus from Anus.
Feb 25, 2007
... I don't know the cause, but I have the same syptoms and expect to consult a gastroenterologist soon. I do believe it is not the symptom of a serious condition. The only woman I knew who had this condition and told me about it was somene who had given birth five times. She was about 50 when she developed the symptoms. I also have a hemorrhoid. The doctor told me that it is on... (2 replies)
Mucus from Anus.
Feb 21, 2007
... when I gave birth to my second child 3 years ago and I also have a slight case of pelvic prolapse which I am trying to improve by doing kegels. Do you think the mucus could be a result from my hemorrhoid? ... (2 replies)
... aid they will do the same thing. Anyway,I'm due back at the Dr. in a few months,and I will be sure to ask her if there is any link between this constipation with mucus and Ephedra. ... (21 replies)
... Yeah...that's what I was thinking....usually the mucousy discharge goes along with looser stools, but then again, alternating diarrhea and constipation can be a characteristic of IBS. (21 replies)
... Thats exactly the same as me. When the mucus isnt present, the BM's are well formed. ... (21 replies)
... The other funny thing is with IBS sufferers they tend to say mucus is present during stool evacutaion or covering the stool or even after the bm, me, none really, small traces maybe but it seems to be more by itself. ... (21 replies)
... Sorry read your ost before I read my own. I wanted to further say that I noticed when I have the mucus It is difficult to pass stools, but I do. Usually about 5or 6 a day when this mucus crap is happening. They are small and incomplete. ... (21 replies)
... The jelly like stuff is mucus probably. It's common among IBS patients. ... (21 replies)
... I don't have a very wide Anal Cannal to begin with and these are huge now. They completely block my Anal Canal. The only way that I can pass gas or fart is if I'm on the Toilet with my Hemorrhoids out. Every time they come out it hurts to put them back in. ... (2 replies)
Gastro Hell
Jan 4, 2013
... My stool changed to clear mucus with little to no stool at all. The mucus also comes out when I pass gas or if I can't make it to the toilet in time. I now don't know if I actually have to have a BM or if just mucus is coming out. ... (0 replies)
... clean and even have to dig inside of my anus a little to try to get as clean as possible. There is mucus present on the toilet paper when I wipe. It's sort of clear and a light yellow color. ... (1 replies)
Impacted stool
Jul 30, 2012
... t force and strain the stool out. Try doing slow deep breathing exercises to help relax the rectal and anal sphincter muscles to make it easier for the stool to pass through the rectum and out the anus. ... (2 replies)
Impacted stool
Jul 29, 2012
... stool to come out i can feel it in me it feels like it is just about to come out but them doesnt, i have a fissure now from trying to push yesterday i cant even pass gas jus mucus and blood. are these laxitives going to do me any good? ... (2 replies)

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