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... Yes. It looks like this a deep tissue abscess. BUt it doesn't have any yellowing or puss. It looks like the pimple on your nose. The one where it's painful and there isn't any filling. ... (24 replies)
... Hi! I have a problem. A few weeks ago I had a pimple near the anus. But it's not on the anus but on the cheek. It became a bit infected and I treated it with antibiotic cream and it stopped being infected and also stopped hurting. ... (0 replies)
... Hope it works out for you and that you don't get any more abscesses. It's not related to food, but having a good balance is good for the body and immune system. I would also suggest you add really good probiotics. Stay well!! q (24 replies)

... Hey, I don't know if my diet will do me any good as I was already pretty clean. I would hardly touch artificial foods, sodas, fried, bbq stuffs. I did consume TOO MUCH ALCOHOL and raw stuff, and attribute this incident to raw food I ate on a trip. Of course it's hard to pin-point exactly, but the coincidences of getting sick after coming back from my trip seemed too... (24 replies)
... Hi...good to hear your recovery has settled. I'm curious regarding foods..what are you watching in order to avoid future occurrences? q (24 replies)
... just to update. the opening finally closed. i guess the body takes a long time. im still worried about future occurences, but have kept an eye and watch my intake of foods, im cautious (24 replies)
... ^^ Hi, I've been emotionally depressed and worried the past month because of this. Just the whole ER experience has really gotten me scared. More so, the wound itself not healing has given me anxiety. I will continue to monitor and use my senses to gauge what's wrong w/ myself. Sigh. Still, I plan to see a specialist. Oddly, my instincts tells me I'm not done just... (24 replies)
... Owieher, Hi, sorry your having such a tough time with all this, not fun! Fistula's can be a little tricky to understand. But all they are is an open space (like a tunnel) bridging the gap between to solid walls. In your case it's caused by infection, so that it can drain from one side out the other. I had a Fistula from scar tissue. I had a hysterectomy and previous... (24 replies)
... Hi there, my specialist is a Colorectal Surgeon (think people on this board refer to them as a CRS) and she operated last Fri but I am waiting for the hospital to call me back this morning as I think the plug has failed & is infected. About last summer I had a large bump on my inside bum cheek that went up and down over time and was sore but not excruciatingly painful - I... (24 replies)
... Do you know what the technical term is for the specialist? I am not too found of my GP actually. Also, did the specialist operate on you? Thanks for the help. Could you describe other symptoms? I will probably get it checked out for a peace of mind. It sucks to be a victim of this and I'm not even sure why it got to be like this. Thanks. (24 replies)
... Hi there - please make sure you get it checked out - I was recently diagnosed with an anal fistula and they are horrible and can be very difficult to treat. If you still have a small opening then get to your GP asap and get referred - mine told me she didn't think it was a fistula in spite of me asking if that was what it was and luckily my husband is a doc and said he wanted... (24 replies)
... im worried about this fistulla thing... i still see a very small opening. no pain though.. im thinking of getting it checked out. i dotn see any drainage though. (24 replies)
... I just came back from the check up. They told me about the possibility of a fistula. I'm still unsure what a fistula is, and have googled, but still can't seem to understand. The concern for me now is to make sure the wound closes up. I guess, I'm just still frantic from all of this. I no longer see drainage or blood, and the wound has healed up a lot. There's about 2CM... (24 replies)
... Hi..I would suggest you take a probiotic now that you're on antibiotics. I use Ultimate Flora Critical at night before bedtime on a fairly empty stomach. Yeah, I think your advice is primo...don't wait! Heal well! q (24 replies)
... ciprofloxaxin. Thanks! I'll update in a bit after my check up. I just hope people that search and find this thread, find strength in going to the ER if they need to. I still cringe at the thought of the draining process though. Painkillers, topical anesthetic didn't help! (24 replies)
... That's what I've heard from others I know who have had abscesses and fistulas. Wearing a pad is best and changing it often and keeping the area clean is about all you can do. If anything even seems remotely wonky, go back asap. What antibiotics are you taking? Good to hear you're not in much discomfort. q (24 replies)
... I'm a guy, and I am using a "pad". :P I think I'm healing a lot better. I am not even taking pain killers, but have cleaned the area 2-3x a day, more after I use number 2. It was really gross, for me to pull the cotton out of the opening. LOL (24 replies)
... Good to hear you have much relief. Good news that the scans are positive in what they revealed. Did you not have any instruction for packing, etc? I would think to keep the area clean and maybe after any bms to clean the area properly...if you have a hand shower I guess that would be helpful. Change underwear often and maybe wear a panty liner to absorb any leaking.... (24 replies)
... anybody w/ post treatment tips. (24 replies)
... Thanks. I'm going back in a week to have it checked out. They said it was a one time thing, and that the scans and blood work didn't indicate anything had spread. I guess, it was an 'isolated' thing. I hope so too, but only time will tell. This is a first for me, which makes me wonder about possible causes. 2 weeks ago, I was out of state, and don't know if being out... (24 replies)

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