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Rectal cramps
Dec 19, 2011
... My mother is 96 years old. She had a colonoscopy 5-6 weeks ago. she also has hemmoroids ( spell?) She is in a hospital and they have given her everything from opium suppositories, morphine IV, tylenol and creams. Nothing seems to work. She is even taking blackstrap molasses which is supposed to cure hemmoroids, but still she gets the cramps every 5-10 minutes. they last a... (2 replies)
... a quick update, I had the temporary SNS put it on Wednesday so far been too the toilet but although rectum was full I failed to feel it I did get severe stomach cramps though. It's looking good at the moment but only just had it put in so it's still early days I guess. ... (64 replies)
... I was offered peristeen and pudendal nerve block. The nerve block was for the pain, but I have recently discovered that if I am taking enough Movicol I don't have any pain. The consultant also mentioned SNS, but I don't think that would help me. The Starr and rectopexy surgery wouild not help me either. Quite glad I don't have to make a decision about those 2 procedures as... (64 replies)

... suppositories a night I find movicol gives me severe stomach cramps and even though it makes my stools loose it still won't come out naturally and have to stimulate it with my finger. ... (64 replies)
... Carly I am so sad to hear the problems you're having. It sounds like you're in a vicious circle as you're on opiate (morphine) based painkiller (for good reason) but these cause constipation, your doc should've prescribed something like Movicol to keep your digestive system moving whilst on the painkillers. The movicol would keep your bowel moving and with movicol you have... (64 replies)
... rofessor Jayne in Leeds. I had an internal prolapse of my bowel and a interssuption which is where the bowel telescopes in on itself, and it also caused solitary rectal ulcers which were bleeding and agony when going to the toilet. The pain was that bad I got taken down to hospital in an ambulance and spent 8 days in hospital. ... (64 replies)
... I also feel uncomfortable when sitting for too long and If I stand for too long I get stomach cramps which also take my breath away and have to try to breath through them, I do get some relief laying on my left side though. ... (64 replies)
... ..hello i didnt realize this post was from awhile ago but im having a similar problem i was told i had internal hemorrhoids a few days ago i have been given the cream and suppositories but nothing seems too be shrinking them the only time i feel somewhat better is when i get up in the morning but after awhile i get that fulliness feeling in my rectum again and i get no... (7 replies)
... hi my name is george, im 65 yrs old.i have exactly the same problem,10 months all the same symtoms.also had 4 hemorrhoids banded in 1999. eveything u are going through so am i. the pills i was taking i stopped. i was taking nortripyline for 5 weeks,it helped very little so i decided to stop them. (7 replies)
... idectomy about 3 months ago and I really feel no relief still. It feels like a dull painful lump deep in rectum. When I get an erection or ejaculate it makes the rectal pain 10x worse too. ... (7 replies)
Rectal cramps
Dec 20, 2011
... Thank you. I agree the colonoscopy was not the best way to go. The hemmoroids bled and they should have figured that out. I will suggest fish oil. I take it. She also is glugging @ two tablespoons of blackstrap molasses that is know to help reduce hemmoroids. (2 replies)
Rectal cramps
Dec 20, 2011
... I hope there was good reason for her to have a colonoscopy. Suppose it showed that she has cancer. Would they operate on a 96 year old woman? If not, what was the purpose of putting her through this ordeal? If the drugs and creams are not working, why continue them? I would stop them, eat a healthy diet (no sugar or anything high in saturated fat etc..) and take a small... (2 replies)
... Mattie - I do know that with STARR it certainly takes a while before everything settles down. One of the main 'side effects' of a STARR is incontinence and this can take varying amounts of time to settle because the nerve endings have to start working again properly. It sounds like you are doing well as you are not completely incontinent. May I ask who did your operation... (12 replies)
... I am scared to go too far from a 'loo' as I suddenly get cramps and can't wait. ... (12 replies)
Rectal prolapse
Feb 14, 2010
... Hi Linda, How are you feeling now? Elley :) (36 replies)
... Goldie512 - my symptoms were completely different from yours. This is not surprising at all. My surgeon told me that he successfully treated a lady who had evacuated herself with a spoon for 20 years. Also, it depends on where and how deep the intussusception is and whether a rectocele or enterocele are involved. Anyway, going to the toilet was a bit of a fuss but I did... (11 replies)
Rectal prolapse
Dec 21, 2009
... I had a full rectal prolapse for probably 10 years, but only when I went to the bathroom, otherwise I could retract it inside using my muscles. ... (36 replies)
... coming from the colon and its white and brownish and diarrhea for 5 days now no matter what I eat I have had un explain weight loss for a little bit now..and the cramps in my abdominals and pain in my leg leg and lower back.. in 2006 i had surgery for a rectal prolapse I will get to the point tho... ... (22 replies)
... Hi Guys, I'm a 47 year old male. My problem is I get rectal pain during and aching after evacuation (about 30 mins) Been to docs who said he thought it might be an anal fissure as I have always strained. Because of this I have tried to change my diet to fibre and stuff. Last couple of weeks though, I've started feeling uncomfortable more of the time, feels like I... (1 replies)
... ely I have been incredibly gassy. My diet has been really bland, courtesy of my mum, so I have no idea where this gas is coming from. Sometimes it gives me sharp cramps in my lower left quadrant which come and go. I also get really odd deep rumbling noises in my lower abdominal area, this morning especially. ... (0 replies)

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