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... When I strain during a bowel movement, a bulge appears at the side of my rectum (anus). It's not protruding from my rectum, it's on the side. It only appears if I strain or squat down. It does not hurt, but it does make me wonder what the heck it is. I had a doc give me a rectal exam and she couldn't feel it. Then when I squated down on the floor, she could feel it. Does this... (0 replies)
... ectocele and a prolapse of the rectum,but i dont know for sure.I wll ask my doctor when i see him next time.All i know is when i have a bm, i have to wash out my rectum with my finger or i get a seepage of faeces later on.I have a bidet so this is really handy. ... (6 replies)
... last 3 months i have felt a bulge grow in my rectum. to the point where its blocked totally. takes pressure build up to be able to 'go'. taking movicol? ... (0 replies)

... skin would take up to a year to be "part of my body" and until then I will have to be careful. Yes I felt a permanent dragged down feeling in my rectum, a large bulge in my front passage which made it difficult to ever feel empty, never feeling clean after a bowel movement and then eventually incontinent. ... (21 replies)
... Your situation doesn't sound like rectal prolapse, and it would be unusual at your age anyway. Sometimes a little tissue will bulge into the rectal opening with straining, and this can be normal or may occur with hemorrhoids. ... (2 replies)
... Hi, it sounds like you may have what is called a rectocele. Here are a few Symptoms: A small, mild rectocele may cause no signs or symptoms. Otherwise, you may notice: A soft bulge of tissue in your vagina that may or may not protrude through the vaginal opening Difficulty having a bowel movement The need to press your fingers on the bulge in your vagina to help push... (4 replies)
... Hi All, I am a 32 yr old Asian male. I have the hemi for the last 5 yrs now. Don't know why I haven't seen this site b4. Anyways, the last 5 yrs has been more or less managing pain after each BM. Each BM has been a dread.... Had a flex sigmoidoscopy back in 2003 (incidentally without knowing what that meant). Doc said he looked up all the way...and didn't find... (1 replies)
... I have been reading over the story, i think i may have a prolapsed rectum, i have this feeling of a constant bulge when i go to the toilet and when i have finished, i do suffer from constipation and have had 2 children, i am visiting the doctor 2morow... ... (48 replies)
... ok so i thought i has a bulge in my rectum before... ... (4 replies)
... ok i had constipation for a week. passing very little and only if i manually helped it. this bulge appeared pretty much overnight in my rectum which i suspect might be some sort of rectal or vaginal prolapse. ... (1 replies)
... but my rectum is now totally blocked by this bulge in the wall. ... (2 replies)
Apr 16, 2004
... Just wondering how things are going with you. This is my first visit back for a while. I had rectocele problems and had surgery to correct it. I do think it is back again though. I find I need to keep "bulked up" in order for everything to pass through easily. If not the BM pockets in the little "rectocele" becoming larger and more difficult to pass. You should take more... (6 replies)
... and I felt something that felt like a stool pop out of my rectum, but when I went to wipe and still felt the bulge I ran to a mirror where to my horrer I had a rose popping out of my rectum, I than realized something was horribly wrong. ... (4 replies)
... I got a question about a rectal prolaspe for anyone thats had this problem.I have a bulge right in front of the opening where a baby comes out when your pregnant.After i had my son i was told by my doctor that i had a prolasped rectum. ... (4 replies)
... A rectocele is a bulge of the front wall of the rectum into the vagina. The rectal wall may become thinned and weak, and it may balloon out into the vagina when you push down to have a bowel movement. ... (2 replies)
... Basically a rectocele is where the rectum falls down into the vagina, not literally, but the back of the vagiinal wall and the rectum, which lies underneath it bulge forward and this then causes weak pelvic floor and perineal muscles. ... (3 replies)

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