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... years old, male. For over a week now I have had these symptoms. My rectum always feels full, like I have to go but I actually don't. I think this led to some unecessary straining on the toilet which may or may not have made things worse. ... (14 replies)
... I had a diviticulitis operation last Winter and had a temporary colostamy. Then in Feb I got reconnected and got back to normal. Anyway I have been noticing my stools are flat too. Sounds lke we have the same worries. Except you didn't just have surgery. Is flat stool a thing to worry about? Its the correct color and its also sometimes small. Almost as little as Cat... (14 replies)
... ggins1066 got it right on the money. Saw a gastroenterologist and he saw a fissure way in there that he said has mostly healed up by now. He said aching in the rectum and groin as well as the flattened stools are likely due to muscle spasms brought on by the fissure and mucus that is causing irritation. Weird. ... (14 replies)

... Thanks. Reading everyone's posts makes the anxiety a little better. Feels less like an anxiety attack and more like annoying regular anxiety. ... (14 replies)
... Hey there Phantoap, The pain and aching sensation in the rectal and genital area sounds like it could be coming from a hemorrhoid (which also gives you that "full rectal feeling) or a fissure. I suffer from hemorrhoids and constipation and I am all too familiar with the feelings of aching and fullness is the anal and genital region. The aching can even radiate into your... (14 replies)
... So a fissure in the rectum could cause ache and discomfort in the groin and lower abdomen area? ... (14 replies)
... The rectum pain has gone away and haven't noticed anymore streaks of blood on the stool. ... (14 replies)
... I had surgery to take care of them, and doc says they're gone. But I can definately relate to the full colon feeling, which is really annoying. I think the trauma down there can send the colon into spasm, leading to a fullness feeling. ... (14 replies)
... Has anyone have this problem ,with no urge to go I have to strain to go and never completely eliminate stool is left in the rectum my shoncter just lockup. I have imaction back to my assending colon.feels like presure up to my chest. I have large movements in one burst but never eliminate. ... (0 replies)
... Could be just that your rectum feels full all the time and you actually usually don't have to go. ... (4 replies)
... hope someone can help me out. I've been experiencing pain on and off for the last 2 months and it is increasing in severity. It is a very low pain and sometimes feels like strong mentrual cramps with burning but it doesn't go away with rest. My lower back also hurts along with it. ... (2 replies)
... Zinc oxide ointment? this is the first time I've heard of using this. Did your doctor say to apply it only on the surface? Or to get "up in there" as well? I still have some problems with spasms, even though my fissure(s) is long gone. probably a result of surgery, and all the aggravation I suffered down there. I'm looking to try something different. (14 replies)
... Way to go Chiggins!! :) I am so glad that you have finally found out the reason for all of your discomfort. I bet you are so relieved. I too now think I have a fissure and will be going to my colo rectal surgean soon to find out for sure. Good luck with your healing, Dana (14 replies)
... Funny you should mention anxiety Thats what i think cause most my problem or at least i hope that all it is. I just recently join a group for people who suffer Health Anxiety, theres alot of us out there. (14 replies)
... the red streak you were seeing was most likely a fissure, which can cause aching for sure, all around the pelvic region. A persistant one can also cause rectal spasms, even ones you don't notice, and this can go on for months. I'm going through the same thing, and I have good days and bad. I'm not a doctor, but I think it is from spasms in the colon. My fissure was so... (14 replies)
... Well, straining to have a BM is never a good idea. After you took the laxitive that cleaned you out real good it would not be too unusual for you to not have BM the next day. This would be especially true if you water and fiber were a little low. My guess is that you will be fine if you can get your mind off of it for a week. I know that is hard to do! The stress of worry... (14 replies)
... h biofeed back things got worse couldn't pass diareha now my rectum feels numb no real urge to go it just falls out in the morning straining to try and finish my rectum tightens I can have 2 ft long stools but still get bloated with very little to eat. I also have gerd and a hiatetal hernia and difficulty swallowing . ... (0 replies)
What next
Apr 1, 2013
... What do you do when you have a numb rectum and have to strain to defacate and you don't get relief, abdominal pain can't sit . Feels full even after going. Also no urge to urinate. Just stand there and wait a little will come out and my nerves seem to tense up on there own. ... (0 replies)
... t seem to get urge to defecate, it feels like my colon has become lazy. ... (0 replies)
What would you do?
Aug 14, 2005
... years ago turned to pain. This pain is going on wether my colon is full or empty. I HAVE noticed a reduction in the severity of the pain when my rectum is full. ... (5 replies)

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