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Oct 3, 2008
... Hi, I've used the nitro ointment and nifedipine ointment for an anal fissure, the nitro gives you an instant headache. They both help to relax the sphincter muscle but for me that relaxation didn't last very long. Anal spasms can be very painful and last a long time. ... (5 replies)
... There are several ointments available by prescription that will allow the area to heal and relax the anal sphincter muscle so it doesnt go into spasm so the fissure can then heal on its own. ... (79 replies)
... and be able to truly relax while healing... unlike dealing with a baby. ... (4 replies)

... would guess that your fissure is a chronic one and not acute since these procedures are not usually recommended unless you are chronic. You can't simply sew the sphincter or fissure back together and live on liquids for 3 months. ... (2 replies)
... ore posts indicated having it in a tub of water was less painful. I climbed into a tub or very warm water and focused on breathing the entire time and trying to relax my sphincter muscle. After your sphincter has be cut into, it will probably be difficult to get it to relax for the bowel movement. ... (2 replies)
... IMSLMS sorry to hear how much pain your going threw,was your surgeon a board certified colorectal surgeon,having a LIS surgery should of stopped the spasm right away your rectal tone drops instantly to relax your sphincter once it cut to the base of it.pain should of dropped by a week after or instantly.i had three procedures at once and the hemorrhoid surgery was... (79 replies)
... ill recommend surgery for it or not. My reluctance is that I just had surgery to control bowel leakage and tighten up the sphincter. I am afraid that cutting the sphincter to relax it will throw me into leaking problems again. I surely don't want that. I guess I will have to see what he sais. ... (9 replies)
... Should I have the real thing by having fissurectomy, anal advacement flap, a substitution for LIS, where the dr. will have a small incision into the sphincter muscle helping it to relax? ... (16 replies)
... Should I have the real thing by having fissurectomy, anal advacement flap, a substitution for LIS, where the dr. will have a small incision into the sphincter muscle helping it to relax? ... (79 replies)
... ieve and prevent anal spasms that make it difficult for the fissure to heal if it has become chronic. You say your doctor has you on nifedipine which is used to relax the sphincter muscle. It sounds like your one hard bm could have caused your sphincter muscle to go into spasm causing your discomfort. ... (5 replies)
... m. In about 2 weeks I will have a fissurectomy and a possible sphincterotomy. My doctor sounds reassuring in that he will cut away only some of the fibers of the sphincter muscle in hopes it will help relax the area. ... (79 replies)
... ave to worry in the future that I would reopen the thing and have to go through it all again. Botox, Nifedipine, Nitro, they are all drugs that will temporarily relax the sphincter muscle allowing the fissure to heal without the spasms. At this point, I was not settling for a possible, temporary fix. I wanted permanent. ... (16 replies)
... Suzan, I went for 2 biofeedback sessions before the surgery and 1 since. Each session lasts about an hour and consists of mild electrical stimulation via a probe that is inserted into the rectum. It isn't painful. After about 10 minutes of stim, a nurse leads me through a series of exercises (contract your sphincter, bear down, relax, etc) while we watch a computer screen... (298 replies)
... u go and a constant feeling of needing to go. If you are going with normal frequency and feeling relieved afterward, you may just be irritated. I had to really relax and concentrate to urinate at first, but there was no UTI. ... (298 replies)
... I agree every Dr. has a different approach. Mine says slowly contract 5 secs, hold 5 secs, slowly relax 3 secs. 20 reps 5x a day. ... (298 replies)
... benefit from the biofeedback, but robyns has mentioned having better results. My newly attached muscles are very weak, and I have never been able to squeeze the sphincter in isolation. When doing kegels, I end up squeezing my cheeks, thighs, everything. It's the only way I can contract anything. ... (298 replies)
... You can even try sitz baths a few times a day especially after having a bm as they help to relax the sphincter muscle and they also help to keep the area clean. I hope you find this helpful and have success. Remember, you should see a doctor soon, anyway. ... (3 replies)
... Hi all, My repair was of both internal and external sphincters. The next morning, my surgeon was so optimistic about the repair and believed that it would be very successful. My appt is tomorrow; I hope there is something he can do for me. Lisa, ask your dr about how he will get to the internal sphincter. My dr drew me a simplified little picture to show what he would... (298 replies)
... What I can't figure out is why on earth the internal sphincter muscle wouldn't just relax over time? ... (16 replies)
... tearing the fissure open every time you have a bm. Sitz baths are also a must, especially after having a bm. They will help to keep the area clean and to help relax the anal sphincter muscle so it does not spasm and hinder the healing process or cause pain. ... (8 replies)

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