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Bowel problem ?
Jun 26, 2015
... Hi, I for the past 1 month have been have bowel problems most of the time I have loose stool like slimy kind (not a plesent thought I know) I had diarrhea as well but that comes and goes I've also notice blood from after wiping the stool this is clear on the tissue paper I had my stool tested and it come back to be normal I also went to the docs who said its most likely to... (7 replies)
... I am 30 year old male who is pretty healthy, currently 178 pounds. Around April 1st 2015 I had concern of pain I had experienced since about March 1st but now the addition of irregularity. I called the doctors and they told me that the pain (felt like passing glass) was likely hemorrhoids. They told me to change my diet to include a lot of water, cut down on coffee, eat... (2 replies)
... years now. I'd say 10 years if I had to bet on it. Basically, sometimes I dont have a ton of bowel movements and then I get one "mega movement." It's a super big bowel movement and have always felt like it's my bodies way of dealing with backed up waste in my system. ... (0 replies)

... throom for at least 15 minutes just going or it stops and I wipe and while im wiping more comes out. sense I was pregnant i noticed that I normally poop a yellow Slimy texture poop. sometimes there is a few peices that actually look like poop. but they are also yellow. the water turns yellow it is not diarrhea. ... (3 replies)
Bowel Problems
Feb 3, 2011
... Since around Xmas eve I seemed to have some kind of stomach bug, well that is how it felt, and for a day or so I had this really fowl smell whenever I burped, and I had the nausea and stuff, this eventually turned into defecating problems. My doc has referred me for a colonoscopy, and that could indeed find out what the problem is, however I believe you can have an... (0 replies)
... My daughter (37) has been having bloody diarrhea with pain in the gall bladder area. She is eating very little food-absolutely no fat. Last night (8pm)she had an egg white and mushroom omelet and this morning (6Am) she was evacuating slimy, green, mushy diarrhea with obvious mushroom pieces intact and more mushrooms than bm. Her dr has told her she evacuates way too fast. ... (1 replies)
... For about the past 5 years I have had increasing pain after some bowel movements. It now happens every time I go to the bathroom, so this past summer I finally went to a GI specialist. ... (5 replies)
... instead of slimy like snot, this is more like jelly or jello. It almost looks like fat. Right before this jelly stuff started, I had 2 days of green slimy mucus. I have lost a few more pounds again, too. Nothing super concerning, though. ... (47 replies)
... Did you recently have any gastro issues/illness? Any bouts of diarreha? Does the slimey stuff have any odour? It's probably just mucus...but that does state that there's some extra activity in the colon...not necessarily inflammation. Are you on any medications? Are you consuming artificial sweeteners? Any Olestra products? It could be irritable bowel... (4 replies)
... or a soft stool, it will occasionally be accompanied by a clear, slimy discharge that occurs usually after I actually have a bowel movement. ... (4 replies)
... I've been reading and reading over the last few weeks and see a number of terms that seem rather incomplete or confusing for me. Maybe I'm over thinking the terms but can someone help me out here? Ribbon Type Stools: If one considers the dimensions of a "normal" bowel and consider the Bristol Stool Scale (http://en.********/Image:Bristol_Stool_Chart.png), a... (0 replies)
... pe and sure enough I'm still clean, this feeling is so uncomfortable that I have to hope in the shower and wash inside and outside of my anus well or I'll have a slimy squishy feeling all day. ... (0 replies)
... I had my gallbladder out 2 years ago and 6 weeks before I did I started to suffer with diarrhea and violent cramps after eating. This is still going on, sometimes it lets up but its been awful for the last 3 months and no medication settles it, sometimes codeine helps. Its not a certain food either, bread, biscuits, soups,veg,meats,pasta...only rice is almost certain to stay... (0 replies)
... Everything was mostly fine until a few months ago and my bowel movements became increasingly more loose. I haven't had a solid bowel movement now in two months at least. And most often it is a slimy yellow substance, and it almost looks like my food isn't being digested properly. ... (0 replies)
... usually feels as if I'm having diarrhea, but nothing is in the toilet except the flaky, off white matter. It was very scary at first, because I believed it was bowel tissue of some sort, but after researching, I now believe it to be mucus. ... (2 replies)
... I have had Irritable Bowel Syndrome, for 7 yrs and have, experienced the occasional bout of diaherria, every once in a while. ... (2 replies)
... are a given in this situation with the bowel prep and sleepy bowel from surgery, not eating, and narcotic meds. You know your body, just be vigilant about listening to it. I would add some fiber into it, it should help. ... (298 replies)
... i really do not remember the last time DID NOT have hemroids after a bowel movement....and they stay for hours... ... (9 replies)
... gonnar. and didn't have either. I don't have diarreah or constipation. I eat a lot of veggies and work out, but I do have more than one bowel movement a day. I usually feel better on the bloating in the morning once I can use the bathroom. ... (0 replies)
... Noticed slimy silvery stuff with stool and i read online that this could be mucus so im gonna say mucus .. ... (4 replies)

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