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... recovery so far, I would NOT want to contemplate having to go in for a second surgery. Some of the posts I've found in here and research online suggest that the sphincterotomy not only helps heal the fissure, but helps with the healing process itself for SOME people. ... (9 replies)
... He cut it off sent me home with no pain meds or instructions about stool softeners. I bled for 2 days and then my first bowel movement was very, very painful. ... (9 replies)
... I had the fissure since the end of June, had surgery November 24th. I didn't have chronic pain with the fissure, but when there WAS pain, it was bad enough and it seemed to make the hemorrhoids worse, for some reason. ... (9 replies)

... r post was very helpful to me! I am 35 and I just had hem . surgery in August of this year. It was the most horrific thing I have ever experienced. I had so much pain after that I ended up in the er getting morphine. The recovery period was long and now I have a fissure. ... (9 replies)
... of my first son. I had a thrombosed hemorrhoid while pregnant with my second son that I had to have opened and taken out. I was 8.5 months pregnant, and had no pain meds whatsoever....I thought I was going to DIE I was in so much pain after that and swore I would NEVER have anything done for them again. ... (9 replies)
Sep 26, 2003
... After a successful hemorrhoidectomy in May 2003, I now have to have a sphincterotomy. I have serious pain when I have a bowel movement and that is sometimes twice a day! OUCH... I break out in a cold sweat when I feel the urge. ... (75 replies)
Anal fissures
Jan 25, 2018
... laxatives, enemas and creams. I have went to four different doctors that consulted me with sitz baths and numbing creams to help cope with the pain and healing creams to close the wounds. The anal fissures are many and the pain is nasty and excruciating. ... (6 replies)
... am sooo relieved. I did opt in for the Sphincterotomy and hopefully have the operation on Monday. ... (5 replies)
... because I was petrified of having surgery and being "put under". Today, 4 days post operative, I can wholeheartedly it was one of the best decisions. I've had no pain with Bowel movements and generally I am pain free. ... (0 replies)
... I had a sphincterotomy done a little more than a week ago along with a hemorrhoidectomy. The hemorrhoidectomy has been healing up nicely but the sphincterotomy is still very painful when I have a bm. This is day 8 and it was bleeding when I passed a little gas while on the throne. Stopped shortly after. ... (2 replies)
... full of water and leave it so I can grab it while I sit on the throne. It really helps with the pain to squirt the area as soon as you have a bm. You cannot get to the sitz bath fast enough for the pain is like a welding rod going up your butt. ... (1 replies)
... I am so sorry you need to be on this forum, I can say that I have felt your pain like everyone else who has ever had a fissure! ... (2 replies)
... xperienced a quick stinging pain, I didn't think much of it and thought it would go away. I didn't even know childbirth can induce anal fissure. But each day the pain got worse and I started bleeding more after each BM. After about a month the fissure had worsened so much that the entire toilet was bright red. ... (2 replies)
... Sorry to hear of you setback, Pink=( Yes, indeed, the softeners/laxatives will remain your lifetime companion. If you have insurance that covers prescription meds, I have a suggestion of something that is helping me. After my last colonoscopy, the Gastro recommended a capsule called Linzess. It's rather expensive, as not yet available in generic for. My PCP told me I... (41 replies)
... I really don't know - It is a small fissure but agony.I have had other fissures and I assume they have at some point healed because I am left with quite a few skin tags. I have not had much pain in the last few days and I am wondering whether to cancel:(:( (4 replies)
My Itching Problem
Nov 19, 2013
... rectal surgeon who diagnosed me with an anal fissure. Because of scar tissue, the doctor said surgery was necessary. So I got a lateral internal sphincterotomy and I believe, from what I read here, fissurectomy for the scar tissue. ... (2 replies)
... s given anaesthesia and told u l feel sleep. A second later I think I was under anaesthesia. I woke up in recovery room slowly gaining consciousness and a slight pain in my behind. I realized, I have been operated. Sister asked me if there is any pain. I said, slight. She said let here know if it becomes unbearable. ... (0 replies)
... Hello everyone, I would appreciate it if anyone can help with my mom's problem--she's 52 and was diagnosed with rectal cancer, which led to the anal fissure that she's suffered from for 3 years. There is constantly extreme pain during bowel movement and she spends hours and hours in the restroom; her eating and sleeping has been severely affected as well. She's tried... (3 replies)
... I have had issues with sporadic anal fissures and bleeding. One day I was cleaning up after a BM and there was a lot of blood on the tp. I got a mirror out of the cabinet to see what the heck was going on and I had lost about a silver dollar sized piece of skin off of my butt and it was bleeding like crazy. When I had severe bouts of anal itching it would be followed by anal... (5 replies)
... I went back to the consultant and he said the only other option is a sphincterotomy but he is reluctant to do this as my sphincter muscles are weak already due to the past 2 Botox injections and the incontinence is likely to get worse. ... (5 replies)

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