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... Hi, Depressedmama - I'm writing to offer my support. First of all, you're very early in your recovery. It's possible that you'll need quite a bit more time, before everything will feel somewhat normal, again. Everyone's recovery time is different -- so, please give yourself more time. The area will be very tender for awhile - there's no getting around that part -... (50 replies)
... FTR, it took me a LONG time after surgery, for things to calm down, to the point where I wasn't in constant soreness. ... (50 replies)
... Just because recovery for some people takes longer, it doesn't mean that everyone will take longer to heal. ... (50 replies)

... I am getting sphincterotomy on Monday and would hope to get some feedback on other's recovery process. ... (0 replies)
... I'm thinking that you will get there, too, to where you'll be mostly okay down there, unless you aggravate the area from time to time. ... (50 replies)
... Dear Tweetums and other LIS warriors, I will indeed keep you in my prayers. Just getting a response is heartening. I have found as you have that one must always be aware that the area is sensitive. I have always done the fiber thing and generally do not suffer from constipation. I drink an 8 oz. glass of water upon rising each morning and before and after each meal which also... (50 replies)
... Anyway, I've had quite a long stretch of time now, in which my bottom has not bothered me, one bit. But like I said, if I inspect that area or wipe it too hard, it flares up. ... (50 replies)
... Tweetums, it is with interest that I have read your posts concerning your prolonged recovery after your LIS procedure. I am 5 months post LIS, hemorrhoidectomy, and tag excision. ... (50 replies)
... those few months I suffered through and tried to heal naturally and with the Nitroglycerin medicine. I finally demanded to see a specialist after being sent home time and time again. Within 3 minutes of my apt with him he said surgery is a must. Within 48 hours I was in surgery and my real recovery began. ... (50 replies)
... Hi, DM - I just got your message here. You're right - it IS disappointing to have such a "minor" and "minimal" type of surgery turn out to be very hard to get past. I've gone through the exact same thing - and not only that, my bottom area (though MUCH better) is still not like it once was. My surgical area sometimes pains me and gets a bit tender - and it's a... (50 replies)
... am still very uncomfortable....but i suspect i have been dealing with these problems for about 10 yrs without realizing much of my pain involved the recovery is complicated with right buttock muscle pulling and tightness that goes to my ankle.... ... (50 replies)
... and for that, the surgery was well worth it . . . but still, the recovery has been difficult and long. ... (50 replies)
... That was a very good and informative update, DailyHope. It's so easy to get discouraged and depressed with a fissure - and people need to not give up! I'm much, MUCH better off than I was, even with my little surface area that sometimes acts up. At least my fissure is gone, along with the horrible pain. For me, and I know as for you, too, it's been a long journey - but... (50 replies)
... is the best way to describe my experience. You had three procedures so my heart goes out to you! My fissure was deep and my recovery after surgery was long and tedious! It took about 6 months before I was on my way to healing. ... (50 replies)
... riendships can be made over a subject like backside issues. I would think Daily Hope is doing well, after having a similar surgery as I had, at around the same time as I had. ... (50 replies)
... y horrific threads about this. But the more I thought about it I wondered how many people take the time to go back and share thier positive experiences....not many I would guess. This board had many. How is DailyHope doing do you know? ... (50 replies)
... IMO, fissures do not get better on their own OR stay better on their own. I'm very glad I had the surgery, even though it's taken me quite a long time to feel pretty good down below. Again, I think every person's healing time is different. ... (50 replies)
... My healing time after the fissurectomy and LIS will be about 2 months, maybe longer but lots of people get this surgery and are better in a very short amount of time as you will see from other posts. Prepare to give yourself enough time to heal regardless. ... (50 replies)
... Hi Tweetums, I am right there with you and this is kinda creepy but I had the same problem today. I have been having normal bowel movements and the area is still very sore. Today, out if the blue, I had the urge to go and it was horrible. Nothing came out but blood! I tried again a little while ago and was able to unblock it. I won't give all the gross details but it... (50 replies)
... Hi, DH - I'm glad to hear from you. I was getting a bit worried, thinking maybe you had suffered a huge setback. Glad to hear you're alright. I'm still swollen, too -- it's not nearly as big as it was . . . but for some reason, today it's been irritated, just kind of burning and aggravated. I'm so, soooo tired of this. Geez, our surgeries were a month ago - and... (50 replies)

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