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... For about a year now, I have been passing very narrow stools. ... (10 replies)
Narrow stools
Dec 12, 2013
... I'm so scared this can be a symptom of colorectal cancer. I'm only 30 and I don't have any family history with this cancer. I know I'm very stressfull. ... (1 replies)
Narrow stools
Dec 12, 2013
... I'm so scared this can be a symptom of colorectal cancer. I'm only 30 and I don't have any family history with this cancer. I know I'm very stressfull. ... (0 replies)

... very tortous left colon and very redundant. The rest parts of the colon was normal. ... (1 replies)
... stools it will be very difficult to evacuate. ... (16 replies)
... ist could offer that helped was a prescription for Zelnorm. Doesn't help me much if taken regularly as a stool softener, but as a one shot pill I found it works very well to quickly switch a case of constipation into a liquid bowel movement. ... (10 replies)
... was that my stools are what others in these boards are referring to as "ribbon stools". ... (2 replies)
Sep 28, 2004
... Sometimes my bowel movements are very narrow and long. ... (1 replies)
Bowel Problem
Sep 24, 2015
... Thanks so much for replying! It's just odd that after all of this time I'm just now starting to have any bowel issues although so far they're pretty mild. The stools aren't real narrow, only slightly more narrow than before. That's my biggest concern. ... (2 replies)
Bowel Problem
Sep 24, 2015
... and that is the new normal. Beans would definitely cause gas problems, resection or not. Ask your doctor about this though, the narrow stools are concerning and should be brought to his attention. it is very normal to worry, which is why you should let your doctor know what is going on. ... (2 replies)
Bowel Issues
Aug 13, 2013
... Because I have problems with constipation one of things I found very helpful to moving my bowels is to take slow deep breaths and hold to the count of 15 then slowly exhale through pursed lips. ... (1 replies)
Bowel Issues
Aug 12, 2013
... Hi. I have had trouble passing stools for two years. Even when the stool is soft. The stool actually can be felt pushing the lower part of my vaginal wall to the top cavity of my vaginal wall. ... (1 replies)
... The twists could make your stools very narrow like a pencil or the diarrhea is going around a large mass of stool trapped behind a twist in the colon. ... (1 replies)
... My stools changed to a type 5 stool.. Sometimes type 6 but very sticky and broken up. They have been like this for five months except for the one odd day I had bad diarrhea. ... (7 replies)
... soft and sometimes very narrow. Do you feel like a a golf ball is stuck after you have been, I feel this all the time. ... (7 replies)
... Thank you for your reply. The internet can be such a bane too. I keep reading stuff and getting anxious. Well, the things I have are very close to skin tags from Crohn's disease. Now I am so worried I might have it because I am also getting narrow stools from the past 1 month. ... (8 replies)
... Then one night in the middle of the night about 3 months ago I woke up to a very sharp pain in the right middle side of my stomach. ... (3 replies)
... Are you drinking enough water? And I mean water, not fruit juice, cokes (or Diet Cokes) or any other beverage. Water is extremely important to avoid constipation. What kind of diet are you on? Are you on a soft, bland diet or are you eating more regular foods? Do you eat fast foods? High sodium can contribute to dehydration which in turn contributes to constipation. Any... (3 replies)
... I have GERD, so i will tell you that i have a very acidic stomach and have taken Maalox with simethicone a lot. ... (0 replies)
... times in 24 hrs. The stools are smaller and softer than usual but not what I would consider very narrow. They are brown in color. I have no weakness, fever or concerning weight loss. ... (2 replies)

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