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About 2 weeks ago I got a concussion from a chest impact. My friend wrestled me and when we fell to the ground, his arm was wrapped around my chest and it was a hard enough impact to give me a concussion. I also had a mild concussion about 6 months ago. My worse symptom has been sensitivity to light but i also have had issues with loud noises and getting head aches from trying to read, among other things. I have seen a doctor and over the last few days my concussion has gotten noticeably better.

On a separate note, 2 months ago I hurt, what i thought was a muscle in my back from trying to crack my back too aggressively. It was very tight and sore for a few days but eventually got better. I had it return a few weeks ago and get better again. About 3 days ago I had issues in the same area but this time it has felt more what seems like (from what i've read online) to be nerve damage. It isn't very painful but is tingly and numb a lot and has made the side of my body and leg feel weird/tight at times. I should also mention that I have a very tight upper back/neck/shoulders and have gotten a few professional massages, which have shown how many knots I have in that region. I am also pretty tight throughout the rest of my body.

Lastly, tonight I noticed tenderness on my head. It felt good to massage for a couple minutes but then I realized that I should probably read about it online first. Upon searching tenderness in the head I cam across "Occipital Neuralgia". Given my concussion (which can sometimes cause it), the nerve damage that I seem to have, and the tenderness in my head, it definitely seems like I have occipital neuralgia. With that being said, the tenderness in my head isn't unbearable and feels good to massage, which doesn't seem to be typical for occipital neuralgia. I also haven't experienced any shooting pains in my head, more just mild headaches, which are typically due to light, noise, or reading.

I plan to see a doctor sometime this week to try and figure this out, but decided to see if I could get some feedback in the meantime. Any suggestions, ideas, or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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