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Hi! I have been having very similar symptoms with no diagnosis. I had MRI, MRA, etc. I get numbness on my face - usually around my ear and then my jaw line, across to my lips and nose. Feels like novocaine from the dentist. I had this since last August. Each day brings a new symptom and no neuro can figure it out. Have you had any luck? My upper lip also quivers sometimes and my eyelid feels like it is pulling. Does any of this sound like what you are experiencing?

Nancy :confused:
I am new to this group but I am amazed at how many of you have the same symptoms as I do. Tonight, I got on this website because I was having numbness and tingling in my face and down my arms. I noticed yesterday that I had been having muscle spasms over my right eye...a constant twitching. Now the tingling is mainly in my lips, nose and left cheek. It makes me almost panic because I never know if I'm about to have a stoke or something.
I have had every test in the book, mri's, bone scans, blood work, xrays, you name it. I have Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, and a hiatal hernia. Seems new symptoms are always cropping up.
As Tiny Tim said, "God bless us every one".
Diane :dizzy:
Hi Diane - I also have a hiatal hernia also...LOL. It seems that every test I go for to find out why I have numbness the dr's find something else. I am also in menopause, so I think so of things could be my hormones off balance. Sorry that you have the numbness but I am glad to know that I am not alone. It is soooo scary - you never know if it is a stroke or just the usual stuff. Do you ever feel like the tip of your tongue is burnt? I have had that almost constantly for two weeks now.

Nice to meet you!

Nancy :)
Good morning, all.
I am so glad that I stumbled upon this message board. Although I do not have numbness in any of the areas you all posted about, I DO have numbness in my right pinky finger, and the tip of the ring finger of that hand, too. They have been numb for about a year now. At first, the entire pinky finger was numb right to the wrist, and the ring finger was numb halfway down. For the past six months or so, though, only the tips of both of those fingers are numb all the time. Sometimes when I sleep on my side, most of the pinky is numb.
About a year and a half ago, both of my feet got numb while I was out driving. They stayed numb for most of the night, then I had a prickly sensation that really hurt that went up to both knees. Scared me to death. That hasn't happened again, but lately I notice that my feet will get numb if I am standing for a long time. I had one other incident that caused me concern. It must've been a bit over two years ago. I was working on my computer when both of my hands became very numb. I'd been working on my computer for quite a few hours.
I also swoon, more than I have in the past, when I get out of a chair. It's not dizziness that I feel. I don't see lights or anything, either. I just swoon, and if no one is there to grab me, I'll go to the floor.
I've always been terrified of doctors, so I have not gone to one about this. (I don't even HAVE a personal physician.) But I am ready to face my fears. I think.LOL This is my first step to taking the big doctor plunge.
I feel better just posting my symptoms and feelings. I don't feel like a freak of nature or that I am the only person going through something.
Have any of you experienced any of the symptoms I described? If nothing else, I could sure use your company as I start down this scary road.
Oh, I almost forgot. I have good blood pressure. Yippee.
Thanks for listening
Have any of you had an LP done (lumbar puncture/spinal tap) to rule out MS? I started having similar symptoms about 10 years ago (facial numbness, hot pains in my legs, a full sensation in my face). They performed an LP to see if I had MS. Fortunately all was negative but of course they still don't know the problem. An LP is not the most pleasant procedure, but if it can help determine what is going on, go for it. Good luck to you!
I seem to be replying to lots of people with similar symptoms to me (which is really reassuring that other people know what I am going through).

I have numbness in all different places but my face does get numb, it's severity changes but never goes back to normal:(

If I stroke the side of my face that's numb I get this weird muscle twitching there, it affect one side of my mouth and when it's really bad I have problems speaking.

I was first diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia but when the numbness appeared in other areas i.e my head and body I was told it wasn't that.

If anyone finds out what this numbness prob is could you please let me know.


Leanne (27 years old)
Boy,,,I am going through such similar stuff. I was very dizzy, enough to go to the er..and had an mri..nothing. No tumor, no sinus stuff. The ENT guy says it is neurological, so I am waiting for a referral to the neurologist.
For me, it is the left side of my head (I can almost feel the hemisphere this is occuring in), and the left side of my face. The tingling in my face changes, but the numbness (almost a fullness) is always in my scalp. There is also a slight dizziness, though not as bad as what sent me to the ER.
It is very debilitating for me and I am ready for a diagnosis and treatment. :p
hi, I had a lot of the same symptoms...dizziness, tingling and numbness and my doctor said it was a form of vertigo. Its an inner ear thing which is where your equilibrium is. Hope that suggestions helps you
wow, I never thought I would find a thread that describes my problems so well. It seems like I've been everywhere on the east coast trying to find a diagnosis; I've even been to John's Hopkins up in Baltimore. I think, however, my problem is more complicated and may actually be several problems. Tell me if anyone has similar problems..

The facial numbness/tingling seems to radiate from my nose. It feels almost like someone is filling all the skin in my nose with heavy lead. This feeling usually radiates into my upper lip and sometimes affect the way I talk (kind-of like after your dentist administers novacaine in that area). Dizzyness and/or a general "swimmy" feeling in my head usually occurs with all the aforementioned symptoms. By the way, I am a 25 y/o male.

The eye symptoms, although not as profound as the nose numbness, is far more bothersome than any other symptom. Basically, my eyes feel like someone has inserted a straw directly into my eyeball and inflates them. Other times, I wont have any inflating feeling and I'll just have sore eye movement (when I look side to side).

Anyway, I also have very strange headaches that seem to behave diffferently every day, making it hard for me to describe them to doctors. Sometimes I can pin-point the pain/discomfort; other times the discomfort involves my whole head, including my face. These headaches, along with the numbness and tingling in my nose, occur for most of any given day and occur with varying degrees of severity.

I also get horrible sinus infections, for which I have had three surgeries (including one at John's Hopkins). I hate these infections, as they have pretty-much become a red herring in diagnosing my problems; in other words, nuerologists and other doctor's seem to blame too much of my problems on my sinuses. The problem is that all of my symptoms occur even if ENT doctors tell me I am infection free.

Its hard to describe all of this in a narrative manner, so I'll just list some of my other symptoms that I experience nearly every day:

cold feeling on one side of my head

muscle twitching on one, or sometimes both sides of my head just above my ear.

severe throbbing headaches, charecteristic of a typical migraine

neck pain/soreness

So, this is how my day normally goes: wake up with :rolleyes: and then just feel like :confused: and :yawn: . This problem has turned everything in my life into crap. ok, im sick of writing all of thise. Please tell me someone else feels the way I do.

Well, first of all I would like to thank google for letting me find this forum.

Here is my story.
About 8months ago, I wokeup oneday to find my hand completly dead ( no tingly/numb or pain whatsoever, I woke up normally not because of feeling in arm). The touched my arm, and it was very cold, I stood up and it was just hangin there, feld very heavy. After a minute the feeling came back. That was extremely scary, belive me, in that one minute, amputation came to mind.

That happned a few more times, sometimes I would wakeup and only my hand would sleep, sometimes, just a few fingeres and somtimes just the pinky.

That problem is now replaced by tingly ( and very slight numbness ) feeling over the left side of my face. First it was just my left cheek, now its the complete left side including nose, mouth, tonge, troaght. The feeling is slight with no paing at all. Did blood check, blood pressure, cholestarol, and just did a Brain and Neck MRI yesterday.

I will keep you posted about the MRI results.

As for for lyme desiese. 6 years ago, I woke up one day and saw a tick stuck to my left ribs, below my heart. I assume it had gotten me during the night. I removed it and it stayed red for a while but then it was ok.. I will mention this to my doctor next time.

thanks and please suggest anything you like
Hi - I started out about two years ago trying to figure out what had happened to my face- it started out with a watery eye, dizziness, pressure on the right side of my face, tightness in my neck, facial twitches, etc. This is where I am now:

(posted on TMJ boards) I finally was diagnosed this summer with TMJ- after two years+ of going to specialist, including 2 neuro-otologists. I was first diagnosed with Bells Palsy, then I was told I had acoustic neuroma (brain tumor around your ear) and now I am told I have TMJ.
I am very insecure about my face...I have suffered with damage to the 7th facial nerve (from clenching and mis-alignment- I am told) so not only is my jaw crooked, but about 65% of the muscles on the right side of my face do not work properly and have started to atrophy. So I have a half-smile, my face is very crooked when talking or laughing. Also, my eye does not shut properly, and my tear duct does not work- which makes my eye very dry. I have a loss of hearing in my right ear (sounds like I have an ear muff on) and constant knots/tightness in my face/neck. I have experienced a numbness shooting down my arm into my hand before, but it is not a constant.

Has anyone else experienced this stuff to this degree? The doctors have no clue what to do with me...and it is very frustrating

I am still not 100% convinced that I have TMJ- but all my blood tests/ MRI have come back clean.
Hi Everyone,

I am so glad to find this site and thread!!! My story is I had thyroid surgery in June 2004. I had my whole thyroid removed. I figured no big deal, having it removed since they found a nodule in my throat and the biopsy came up positive for cancerous cells. After the surgery, I was in the hospistal for about 2 days or so.. I was going to leave wednesday afternoon. Before they discharged me, my hands and legs were feeling numb.. and the right side of my face was numb and tingle.. It was a very weird feeling!!! So, I pressed the button for the nurse and said I feel like i'm gonna pass out but i'm not and my face is twitching and numb.... The nurse came and did the regular routine, they checked my blood pressure, checked my temperature.... took some blood for blood work...
And they realized that my calcium was a tad bit low... so they gave me some calcium.... and right away.. the numbess was gone... but they suggested that I stay another day in the hospital for monitoring..
Everything seemed fine through out the night and in the morning..
As they were gonna discharge me thursday afternoon.. same symptoms came back.. the numbness and the twitching... But they said, it is normal, and prescribed thyroid hormones (cytomel), calcium (over the counter supps)...
and off I went home..
Still feeling groggy and all... Went home.. rested.... watched some tv.. had some food... and then slept... through out the night I fell odd.. felt like my hands and legs kept going to sleep.. and feeling numb.. and tingly...
Woke up around 10am...... was only able to get up then... And I thought it was because I got up too fast... felt dizzy.. and right in the back of my neck on the right side and top of my head.. i felt this complete numbness over come me.. then my whole left side went numb.... I started to panic !!!
I woke my bf up and said.. quick we need to go back to the hospital now!!!
As I tried to get dress.. it was hard.. my limbs... were completely numb!!!
And my face started to twitch.... my words started to slurr.... It felt as if I was turning down syndrome. my face felt like it started to drag down my face.. the tension was so intense... I barely was able to speak...
All this time.. my bf called the taxi... (now I wish I called the ambulance)... but we all thought... hospital is not that far.. we can get there faster..
Got to the hospital.. tried to explain to them that I was admitted 3 days ago.. for thyroid surgery.. and that I need assistance quick....
By this time... my left arm was all twisted, I couldn't get it back straight.. my face felt like it was going to drop to the floor.. I was slurry my words so badly and i felt dizzy.. my right side of my face kept twitching.. then my whole body started to twitch!!!
The whole time I was in the emergency room area....... nurses barely came to make sure I was ok... and it took them 5 hours before they found my profile and have a doctor to come see me........ all this time my whole body was twitching so much to the point that my left arm almost twisted towards my back and my face felt like it was totally diformed!!!
All this in the end they tested my blood work... and found that my Calcium was low and they gave me some calcium through I.V. and quickly then my whole body relaxed... the tension in my face felt like it was melting.... twitching stopped.. no more numbness... and I think I passed out then...
Woke up.... felt normal again...
I am still experiencing some twitching and numbess now-a-days.. And I know it does have something to do with my calcium being a tad bit low...
Like now.. My right side of my face is twitching near my cheek and eye lid..
and my upper lip twitches to the point it tenses up .....
Again.. I went to have some blood work done.. waiting on results....
But I am sure my calicum is low again..
Funny, how when you start taking medication to replace something that was taken out... your whole body simply reacts right away.. Medication has so much affect on your body once you start to rely on them....

naomie.. *hoping things get back to normal soon*
So nice to see that I am not alone in this... some of the symptoms I have are... numbness in my left jaw (but not completely numb bc I can feel the area when it is touched) headaches, dizziness, spaced out feeling, feel nauseated when I first wake up in the morning... I have had numbness for the past 2 weeks but the other symptoms just for a week. I went to the dentist yesterday thinking it was something to do with my teeth bc when I brush on my left side I feel pressure... nothing was wrong with my teeth or gums and I was advised to see my Dr. I am calling today and trying to get in either today or tomorrow before the weekend.. I am really scared this is something serious...Sounds like many of you have been battling this a long time with no answers from your drs. I will keep you updated on my condition.. Thanks.. this thread has been real helpful!
Hello. I am also new here too. This sound like one kind of several symptoms of a possible stroke which is more common in women. Here is a list of symptoms:

Sudden numbness or weakness of the face, arm or leg, especially on one side of the body
Sudden confusion, trouble speaking or understanding
Sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes
Sudden trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination
Sudden, severe headache with no known cause

Nowaday there is certain kinds of test that can predict whether or not a patient could develop a stroke or heart attack. Reason why I said this it's because it happened to my grandmother seven years ago with the exact same symptoms combined above. When she was in the hospital, the doctors said it was a stroke. It did caused speech impairment and limited range of motions on the right side. She did received rahabilitation therapy which had helped her.

Some doctors are not well educated about these things. There is a website you can go to to get more information and you may want to find the right doctors with this knowledge who can better assist you. Here it is: [url][/url] and [url][/url]

Good Luck!

Hi everyone.... Thank goodness for this thread!! Here is what is going on:

My signifact other is having dizziness (not vertigo, not spinning) for almost 2 1/2 months now. He has weakness all over his body, numbness that comes & goes on the right side of his face/head, weakness/numbness in his hands, fatigue, Those are all the "new" symptoms that just came up all of a sudden.

He is a 30 yr old male in good physical shape & active. He hasn't drank any alchohol since this started. He did drink one or two a day everyday before that. He doesn't do any drugs, & he smokes lightly (about 4 cigg or less a day)

He also has probable Restless leg syndrome, (tingling & numbness in legs that is worse at rest), swallowing trouble (clears throat for a long time after every meal) Feels like there's something in his throat, sweating alot when not hot at all, and some other symptoms that I can't remember right now but will edit/add later because I'm just happy to have found this thread!

He went to the ER with it to start with. They did blood work, recommended seeing a neuro. Had to find a family doctor to get a referral, so we found one & seen him. He told us it sounded like MS, ordered a MRI of the brain. We had it done & was referred to neuro. Neuro said MRI was clear and felt like it was an internal medicine's field. Said that family doctor wasn't qualified to do it, & to find an internal medicine doctor.

We found an int. med doc. Went to her. She did more blood work (the blood work in the ER he had low WBC & high monocytes) the second round of blood work about a month later his WBC was back to normal but had elevated liver enzyme... not much elevated.

When we went to INT Med doctor they did 3rd round of blood work, still waiting on results of that. They are going to test for a bunch more stuff including hepatitis.

On the 2nd round of blood work by the neuro she tested for tick diseases which came back negative (but I know that may be a false negative)

They have mentioned doing a spinal tap but neuro didn't want to do it until the internal medicine doctor checked him all out. They are also going to test for TB.

The internal medicine doctor told us that she felt strongly that he "caught" something viral, that he was going to get better soon, and that if he wasn't better in two weeks she will see him back and refer him to infectious disease specalist.

I'm getting discouraged!! I think they are all quacks! :mad: Today he had another episode of numbness in the right side of his face, and I called the nurse of the internal medicine doctor. When the nurse called me back, all she said was that the doctor said to watch for signs of bell's palsy!! Real helpful :(
I asked about strokes and she said she would mention it to the doctor.

I am going to look up about seizures. NO DOCTOR has mentioned that possiblity!
I am 30 years old, I guess that might be important. Yesterday morning I woke up with a tingling sensation and slight numbness in my lips, but only on the right side of my face. Then it progressed up the side of my nose and cheek area (again only on the right side). Then later that day it progressed to the lower right eyelid, then the top lid later on. Then the the inside of my mouth, only on right side, including my tongue. The next day, same thing except stronger and now there is a little itching in some of the areas. What could this be?

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