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I've been ill for almost 6 months now. 5 months ago, a CT scan (which was supposed to see if I had appendix trouble) revealed cysts on my right ovary. I've also had bronchitis then pneumonia. But this is about my leg.

Around that time, I noticed a funny tingly feeling in my right foot, concentrating in my right big toe. It felt more like a tickle, no pain. But eventually, the sensation dulled and became more numb. It seemed like over night that it all spread up to my knee. From my right big toe, through my foot, and all up my leg to my feels "numb." But not numb-numb. Gosh, this is hard to explain!!! You know your tongue at the dentist? Like you know someone is touching it and you can feel it but as if your skin has been put to sleep.

A few other things I noticed......
My big toe can not bear any weight, it just won't do it. My other toes work fine. When my leg falls asleep, it loses all feeling but then does not have a pins and needles coming-to feeling when it returns to normal (just skips right past that!). I also have bruises on my foot that come and go, in the same place all the time (look splattered). All of this happens without injury.

I saw a doctor for this who said if it persisted I should see a neurologist. Problem being is that I am uninsured. I do not understand what is going on, and was hoping someone else might have more experience or insight into what could be causing this.

On a final note, this all happened completely out of nowhere. I did not hurt my leg/foot/knee/toes/back or anything. I am not in pain, it is just a strange inconveniencing feeling (have cut my leg shaving countless times because I can not feel the razor blade!).

Any clue what may possibly be causing all this?
Thank you very much again for the response!!

It is very hard to describe the numb feeling, but I will do my best. On my left (normal) leg, a light pin touch produces the obvious small, sharp jolt. On my right leg, from ankle almost to knee, it feels more like something is touching it. Towards my ankle, the sensations are even duller. The pin makes it feel more tingly than anything. Normal on my foot.

If I could describe it the feels like someone put a topical numbing gel all over my leg......kind of like what they do at the dentist. Then, you bite down on your tongue and know you are biting it, can feel you are biting it, but it doesn't hurt you. That is how it feels.

When my leg is rubbed, as if to massage, I feel nothing. When you touch and rub muscles in your legs, and push with a decent amount of pressure, normally you feel this pressure, if not pain. On my right leg I feel nothing. Spots that used to trigger feeling now feel nothing.

As for vision problems, not that I am aware of. But then again, I don't know what to look for. I have had times where I stand up and the color fades away, more often than usual since this started, but that doesn't seem abnormal. I've also walked into my house a couple days ago and got so lightheaded I slipped on the stairs.

Thanks again!!!
Hi Ann,
I can't offer you advice but I am having the exact same prob as you .

I totally know what you mean about the numbness and how it feels. I tried to explain that to my neurologist and he didn't get what I meant. I can feel pressure but no tiggly sensation like there is a layer of glove or something over me. I can feel a pin ***** in some places no pin at all in othe places or I can feel that something is touching me but it doesn't feel sharp. Do you have probs feeling temperature? I can't seem to tell if something is hot or warm?

I have had numbness attacks like this for 5 years in all sorts of places and they don't seem to wear off yours might wear off in time and may only stay in that area I don't know.

I get fatigue and visual problems too and probs with being scatty (which I never used to have I put it down to tiredness.

I have seen a neurologist who can't find an anwser for me lumber punches and MRI scans normal I have not had a nerve conduction test though as I have a fear of needles and am a whimp.

If you are pursuing this and find out what it is please let me know then I can ask the doctors to test me for the same thing too.


Leanne [ [COLOR=Sienna][I]removed[/I][/COLOR] ]

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