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Scared and fed up!
Dec 28, 2006
i have posted on here awhile back in june, all my replys made it sound like i was seriously ill. well back in august i went to the emergency room, my body had a weird 'meltdown' and they did a cat scan and it was fine, so i understand cat scans dont see it all, but wouldnt it show a little something if there was a nerological problem? i do have anxiety but sometimes i dont know if this is all anxiety. i am planning on going to my doctor again, but i dont know what they would do for me? some of my symptoms:
arm/leg/chest pains
stiff legs and arms
cramping feeling or a 'growing pain' feeling through my body
my heart will suddenly do a weird heavy beat in the middle of my chest
weak feeling in my arms and legs
i will sometimes get a numb spot on the top of my head almost aways in the same place.
sick to my stomach alot

i guess i am going to the doctor again because my body feels alot more tired,stiff and weak. i understand these symptoms could be alot of scary things. i have had all heart testing and its fine. so can anyone give me some ideas as to what it could be? i really dont know what to tell the doctor to check for? otherwise i can function pretty well in life its not like i actually am weak, i just very much feel that way. i'm just worried i may have something serious, but i am only 18, so could all this be anxiety? if anyone can steer me in a direction as to what my problem could be because i duno any of the nerological problems out there! i am just scared that i am doomed and i wont wake up the next day like my body will give out because i am letting this go

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