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My mother has the same problem. She's 84 and the doctors have been telling her for the last few years that its all to do with her age and there's nothing they can do. I hate to see her like this and I worry about her falling all the time. I am always on the internet looking for things that might help, that might make her better, and I just wish I could find something to make her better.

She feels like she is going to fall over all the time, and her legs feel like jelly and that they're going to give way, which is why I worry about her falling so much. She doesn't get dizzy, just trouble with her balance. She's fine when she's sitting down, she feels so healthy in herself then, it is only when she gets up to walk that she has the problems. She feels her brain is telling her something different than her legs, that her legs are going one way and her brain is saying something else. She can't really describe it she says, its just such a horrible feeling. And of course she worries about this 24 hours a day, so that will make things so much worse.

I just feel so sorry for her, that she has all this energy but her legs are letting her down. I hate it that the doctors put it down to her age, that once you get past a certain age they're not interested in you and wipe you aside. She's had her MRSA scan and that was fine and she's been to the balance clinic in York but they just gave her some exercises to do which don't seem to have helped her balance. We have a treadmill and an exercise bike which she goes on and does yoga and tai chi, so she is so fit and healthy for her age - its just the wretched legs and brain.

I worry about my mum so much and will do anything to help her so if anyone can come up with anything it would be so much appreciated. At least I have found someone who has similar problems.

Thank you for listening and sorry for waffling on.

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