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*****Symptoms of my Imbalance
Heaviness pressing/weighing down strongly from top centre of head passing by both ears down to neck/shoulders towards back, spine & centre of body. This heaviness seems to be gradually increasing in strength since I got it in mid 2007. Head heaviest at back of head above neck (area sandwiched between both ears) Neck stiff, tight & heavy. Sometimes, slight pressure from both ears downwards, and feeling of fullness in ears. Feeling of tossing about in a sampan and feelings of being drunk. When I walk, my feet are heavy, feeling of a force pulling/pushing on the upper back of my body. (Like a stretched rubber band that springs back & forth) Always feel tired, lethargic & sleepy in the day. When I sit down, feeling of a force pushing me back against the sofa. Sometimes I could hear faint palpitation/beating of my ears/heart, especially after some kind of activity for about 10 minutes. (e.g. walking, stretching, getting up from bed middle of night) Only feel better when sitting down on a sofa back that I can lean back my neck & head behind it. Feel as if my heavy neck needs support in order to stand upright on its own. Once in a while, I get a split second slight “twitch” sore feeling on the right side of my head with slight pressure in right ear too. (Especially when I talk too loud/long or breathe in very deeply)

“Pull & push” force on the upper back of my body & feelings of tossing about in a sampan & feelings of being drunk are strongest when I do any simple activity e.g. bend head down eating at meals, type emails, filing documents, sorting/packing things, stand upright with feet apart for more than 5 minutes, sit down for more than 10 minutes on a stool. I get all above nasty symptoms whenever I exert/use strength to do anything, (stretch my limbs, carry heavy things, exercise), as a result my body/limbs movements tend to be stiff (robotic).

I only feel good when I lie down (e.g. sleeping). My imbalance has something to do with gravity. When I lie on the floor (horizontal) I’m OK & I don’t feel any heaviness, but the moment I stand up (vertical) slowly I get all the above nasty symptoms. In any day the only time I ever feel good is the first 10 minutes when I get up from bed. ENT specialists have confirmed that I am not suffering from Vertigo & I do not have “spinning” feelings or nausea. I can stand on any one leg without falling. However, I have mild ethmoid & maxillary sinusitis. My thyroid profile & blood pressure is normal. I’ve done 6 MRIs of the brain/cervical spine & the scans/x-rays say results normal.*****

I would be very grateful if someone could tell me what’s wrong with me.

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I have had similar feelings for years. My neck always feels tight and stiff. I always feel like my head is too heavy and it needs support. I feel like I have weight pushing down on my shoulders a lot when I stand up and walk. I have extreme arm fatigue. Sometimes when I walk I feel like I am walking in thick mud or something. It is a really strange sensation.

Do you have really tight muscles in neck, shoulders and back? I do. Even my hamstrings in legs are always tight. I think my problems may be tight muscles and anxiety. But why are my muscles always tight? I am working with a chiropractor who is restoring the natural curve back in my neck. Most doctors will not consider that as a problem. But, I am giving it a go.

Have you ever thought of that or maybe considered getting a massage?
Just an idea. I have been trying to figure out why I feel this way for years.

Let me know if you relate to any of this.

Thank you.
To Kassey443 & ro47
I'm xiaomei, single female Chinese. Qysue is a fren who helped to put my symptoms here. I just read both your comments. I've been doing gentle Swedish massage/neck physio for about few months which helped a bit to reduce my discomfort. In Oct/Nov 2006 to de-stress I went for a long vacation in China, got a very bad flu, in Jan 2007 I got this imbalance. I saw several ENTs/Neuros, only one GP (Gen practitioner) told me probably a cold flu virus ruptured one of my brain nerves due to my then weak immune system. Aug 2008 I went to Singapore & did an endoscopic operation to remove 3cysts from my nose which at that time caused great pressure cascading down from my head. After the op. the pressure was gone but the "toss about in sampan" or "swaying" feelings remain till this day. During the past 2 years I took Tanakan (gingko biloba extract), Methycobalamin (Vit B12), Nootropil 1600 mg (brain tonic) & some other drugs prescribed by psychiartrists which made me worst. One month ago I stopped all those drugs, just taking daily natural supplements - Omega 3 Fish Oil EPA DHA, Methycobalamin, Glucosamine Sulphate, Folic Acid, CoEnzyme Q10 because I'm taking Zocor 10mg to reduce my now under control cholesterol. I find myself feeling better tho the imbalance is still there. I intend to see a good Chiropractor end Aug to "rule out" that the spine is not causing my imbalance.
ro47 you're doing chiropractic, how's it going, does it help, also the "lean against wall with tennis ball" can you explain further since I want to try that. Based on Kassey443's advice I've checked and I dont think I've come into contact with allergic things. Also my nose is always full of snort early mornings when I wake up, after hot meals or a hot shower over the head. If I blow too hard, theres blood stains. I feel I'm having a nose, ears & brain problem. Last Aug my ears felt blocked and full as if full of wax. Atfer taking some drugs they became ok, but still now both ears feel dry itchy, heavy & narrowing feelings. so much on me, any further advice? many thanks to both of you.
To: ro47 - I notice we've similar symptoms like heavy head, weight push down my shoulders a lot when I stand up & walk, tight muscles in neck, shoulders & back but no tightness in legs hamstrings, extreme arms fatigue - especially when I exert/use strength to stretch/raise out/up my arms for more than 5 mins, or exercise hand grips with the grippers. When I walk I feel I walk heavy like an elephant with weight transferred from one leg to the other, with the "pull push" force on my back like a "stretched" rubber band. Even as I sit & type this to you, I feel myself "swaying" from side to side with a force pushing me back to the chair since I'm sitting on a chair without allowing my head/neck to lean against something. Thus whenever I watch TV or read newspapers I must sit on the sofa with head/neck lean against the sofa back for stability. I feel the force on my back has something to do with my tight/stiff neck and the "swaying". How long have you been having these symptoms? My feelings in technical description - imagine I'm an automatic car that is driving forward in the reverse gear! Do you relate to all this to??

Yes, I can relate to a lot of your symptoms. I have had them for many years. I do have arm fatigue. Just folding clothes makes my arms very tired. They feel heavy. My chirpractor said that because I have had "forward head posture" for so many years that is the reason for my shoulder stiffness and my head feeling heavy. He said it is like your head weighs more when you are carrying it wrong. (it doesn't really weigh more it just feels like that to all your neck, shoulder and back muscles) I am going to go to him for one more year and if I'm not better than I am going to stop going. Have you ever tried massage? It might help. If you muscles are extremely tight then I think that can cause the "swaying feeling". I also know that anxiety can cause dizziness.

Hope you get to feeling better.

Hello ro47 - many thanks for yr quick reply. "forward head posture" means what? you always bend your head down and forward or has it got to to with your "distorted" spine? did you do an MRI of the spine other than Xrays? I'll be doing the MRI of whole spine in 2 weeks time before I go & see an experienced Chiropractor. I've never seen a Chiropractor in my life before. I've been doing Swedish massage for a few months.I can't do the "point" or shiatzu massage usually by Asians (Thai or Indonesian) masseuses which I find to be quite painful. Swedish is "gentle stroking" & its ok for me. I'm really not sure if this massage helps me but I do feel relaxed after doing. Have you tried acupuncture? I've tried for 2 weeks but it wud not help maybe the acupuncturist was not that good. Maybe both of our brain nerves were attacked by a virus??? did you have a bad flu before that and also a bad sinus, both of which I got before. Yes I think my "swaying" was originally caused by anxiety, worry, lots of stress, plus anger which I'd had before. Now I learn to relax, take things easy. For a ruptured brain nerve to heal takes years & it saddens me deeply to think of that because I was before my imbalance, a very healthy, lively, active outgoing person - I dance, swim, karoake, do taichi and qigong, brisk walking, travelling. That's why I'm trying all means & ways to find out from medical specialists & from all sources as to "what am I suffering from" to get cured asap. Yes I hope and pray that both of us will get well soon. from qysue (xiaomei)
Hi I will be thinking good thoughts and hoping that you feel better soon.
The only thing different I have been doing is stretching more and reading about Yoga. Stretching has helped my neck and shoulders ease up a tiny bit so far...
Do you have anxiety and panick attacks?

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