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HI i am new to medical forums and mental health i might sound a bit all around the place here...
1) I have had this problem since 2 years ....i am experiencing a general inability to process information ...its like i hit a mental wall or something while thinking and i simply cant think any more,and also i feel i loose out of my chain of thoughts..i simply forget what i was thinking say 3-4 seconds ago.
2)I have always been shy of conversations ....last bench er ...always running from crowds.. This problem intensified when i dint go out a lot when i lost 1 year of my college...i was stuck at home.I read my books ..novels played x box ..hardly talked to people...then i noticed i wasn't able to understand English(Hindi too ..i am from India English is not my first language) ...started having troubles understanding emotions.. wasn't able to relate to anything id hear on tv or read in novels...whenever i when out to talk i simply couldn't speak as i couldn't empathize with others..this made me go into a harder shell..i started avoiding my few friends ..and only stayed at home.
3)During the same period i started having headaches to the both sides of my head..these were short and moderately intense..i felt they were concentrated on a single spot.Then there is this static in my if i am sleepy and loosely in control of my thoughts..simply unable to study.I also feel a burning sensation near top left part of my brain..its for a shot duration 1-2 mins...i get this whenever i strain myself a bit with solving problems or reading a book it leaves me with a sore and drained out feeling .It subsides when i rest a bit.
4)This might sound a bit weird..but as i said i managed to unlearn quite a lot of things while i was at home ..(in a shell) whenever i come across something new say, a sentence structure... a twist in a statistical problem ...any thing i am unfamiliar with.When i try to make sense of it my head aches in various ways..sometimes those headaches i mentioned earlier occur..or i feel as if something is moving in the back side of my head( i think it is blood rushing )..also sometimes i feel something move in my forehead(again i think it is blood rushing).. sometimes it leaves me dizzy for a moment.
In short i feel totally messed up ..unable to think,talk,properly.Which is wreaking my career and social life.Id like to have your take on what i am going through.
Thanks a lot for reading :)

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