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Brain wave
Oct 3, 2017
... Hi all.because of left sided facial burning,having brain wave test.i preferred not to have me.anyone when I could get results? ... (0 replies)
... I see.. Did you ever do a VNG or ENG to confirm that you had vestibular neuritis? The reasons why I suspect that I do not have vestibular neuritis is that I never had the acute episode of vertigo at the start, and my VNG results came back normal.. (10 replies)
... It was that test which made the specialist realise that my brain was not using my vestibular... ... (10 replies)

... It does not matter which direction I look at. When I turn my head, my vision and brain automatically adjusts and feels that the room is tilted forward in the direction I am looking at. ... (10 replies)
... These symptoms started the day after the flight. It was gradual and mildly noticeable at first but became worse over the few weeks.. (10 replies)
... Thank you for getting back to me! I have considered this possibility many times; my MRI however came back clean from May 2016, as well as one from August 2016 as far as we know (test was slightly incomplete). I had the retinal test performed twice and they could see no problems with the optic nerve. I certainly haven't had distinct visual symtpoms except for visual snow and... (2 replies)
... ure to measure the pressure of the cerebral spinal fluid. Some medications can cause increased spinal fluid pressure, called pseudotumor cerebri. A growth in the brain should be ruled out as well as hydrocephalus, which can develop as an adult. You need to see your doctor asap and see a neurologist for consult. ... (2 replies)
... There are some kinds of inner ear disorders that can develop after flying. BPPV, more rarely mal-de-debarqement syndrome, and even more rarely and unlikely, a perilymph fistula (doubt that is what is going on with you). Pressure traumas can do all kinds of things to the inner and middle ear from flying in an airplane, if you are particularly vulnerable. I too have... (10 replies)
... If anyone has any idea, please help... I do not know if it is a vestibular problem anymore as all the vestibular tests came back normal.. These symptoms are ruining my life.. (10 replies)
... You would need to ask the specialist that did the test... When I saw the ENT specialist, I could not even stand on one leg without falling over, with my eyes open. But by the time I did the test, my balance was very good with my eyes open... So it clearly showed that the vestibular was the issue. (10 replies)
... Both when my eyes were closed and open, when the ground was tilted backwards, I could not balance and fell. Does this suggest a vestibular problem? I am not sure.. (10 replies)
... I didn't do many tests, my understanding was a lot of tests don't really show if you have VN or not, so I didn't want to spend extra money for nothing... Like you, an ENT specialist said that I had VN early on, from listening to my story, and doing a few things, he made me march on the spot with my eyes closed, I could not believe where I ended up... I would be... (10 replies)
... Yes, I think I have. It was all normal except when the machine tilted me backwards, which caused me to fall each time. (10 replies)
... Have you had this test? : Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP) (10 replies)
... st stressed and nothing was wrong after doing some coordination tests. I asked the third DR for an MRI and they ordered one. It came back with 8mm lesions on my brain and suggested it could potentially be MS. I have an appt with neurologist next week. ... (0 replies)
... Hi Brent, Can you remember back to when these symptoms first started, and what was going on in your life? Did you move, change jobs, anything real physically demanding that was not a normal every day thing? Or go through a lot of stress? I am asking because your symptoms may be coming from something that is very treatable and easy to treat, as I went through this years... (4 replies)
... ly had my feet go numb and I fell down some stairs to get me to a doctor. Once there, they started asking me about depression, anxiety, that detached feeling and brain fog. Allot of things started clicking when answering their questions. One of which was a big one...heat sensitivity. I noticed that I felt worse in the heat... ... (4 replies)
... iry, gluten ,soy, or added sugar. Also i started doing coffe enemas, and lots of gargling which helps active the vagus nerve. Very important if you have a gut to brain issue. ... (4 replies)
... ENT, Allergist. I have had a blood test, MRI, several other brain tests, inner ear tests, allergy test and every one comes out completely negative for anything harmful. ... (0 replies)
Brain tests
May 3, 2016
... What examination shows brain closed arteries and what examination for other neurology problems? ... (0 replies)

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