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... Finally had the brain MRI this morning. I know I should just wait for the results tomorrow but I thought I would ask the community one query. ... (2 replies)
... So MI results are clear - 'No intracranial pathology detected...'. New GP is sending me for new blood work, including more detailed Thyroid stuff. (2 replies)
... I meant to ask you, with the Kharrazian protocol, did you do supplements, dietary changes, extensive lab work, as well as manipulation/brain exercises? The doctor who is closest to me in CA who does this does all the above and has great reviews. Just curious. (6 replies)

... I also agree that it's highly possible there is a relation to the vagus nerve. This could be related to compression of the vagus nerve, inflammation or parasites and or candida or all of the above. One thing I am trying now is oxygen and ozone therapies. Thanks (6 replies)
... Most of my pain is around my brain stem at the base of the head, eyes, sinuses, jaw and these cause me most of my anxiety related issues but the pain is in most muscles and nerves. ... (6 replies)
... en researching the work of Dr. Frederick Carrick and Dr. Datis Kharrazian who talk about a connection between the brain, the gut and the vagus nerve and when the brain gets damaged, inflamed, has intracranial hypertensions, etc. it causes the vagus nerve issues, which cause all of the other issues. ... (6 replies)
... ve been suffering from chronic, constant brain fog for almost two years now. ... (0 replies)
... I am scared I have naegleria fowleri, the amoebas that go into your brain and kill you within 15 days from PAM infection!!! anybody have some kind and hopeful words for me? ... (0 replies)
... me out fine.and I also had low blood pressure and anywhere i go ill suffocate this continued for a month and a few days .now all is fine except head pressure and brain shiver that won't go away.!!! ... (0 replies)
Itching Brain
Aug 31, 2015
... Is it really your brain or scalp? ... (2 replies)
Itching Brain
Aug 31, 2015
... (2 replies)
... I will try to keep this as brief as possible, but I've been battling a mysterious illness that doctors are clueless about and have recommended that I turn to Mayo Clinic. Before I do that, I would like to post my story to the community in hopes of some helpful ideas/tips. I am 34 year old Engineer with no previous health problems, surgeries, etc. About 14 months ago, I... (8 replies)
... I am current,y researching cranial chiropractic. Very interesting. Si liar to Atlas work, but higher up. (6 replies)
... Oh yes. I've had 3 dozen nucca and Atlas orthogonal adjustments. The hard manipulation chiros should not be in business. They screwed up my neck more as they did their manipulation they tore up the soft fibers in my neck muscles because you don't force manipulate when your muscles are held tight by your nervous system. Thanks (6 replies)
... Have you ever been to a chiropractor to have you neck examined? I would recommend an upper cervical specialist. (6 replies)
... I started having strange symptoms since April, static-like vision, ringing in my ears, muscle twitches mainly in my face and dizziness. I went to the doctor quite a few times and the only thing that they found was a growth in my left ear. So I went to the ENT as directed and they did a C/T scan and nothing very abnormal was found, it is not acoustic neuroma as I feared. Of... (0 replies)
... gnosed symptoms and have and going to have several more test done in order to investigate this mysterious ailments. I recently just just had a MRA of my neck and brain done and they found a few abnormalities but nothing significant in my brain MRA. ... (0 replies)
... Ya, I've had pretty much the same symptoms as you have for the past, oh, 5 years now. It's hell. I know exactly the pain and struggle you are feeling. I am in the same boat, and from what I can gather, it appears a lot of others are too. I've seen threads and posts on almost the same combination of symptoms (fog, nerve pain, vision problems, etc.) from a lot of people. I... (3 replies)
Pineal Cyst 1.5 cm
Sep 19, 2015
... I had bad vertigo attack in 2008. My MRI showed a 1cm pineal cyst. It is actually 1.3x2cm. Was always told it was nothing. I recovered well from that attack but always felt visually off in crowded spaces. For the last month I have had quick spin vertigo episodes(1-2) seconds when I concentrate hard. Lack of concentrating at times, Head fullness, ear fullness and... (5 replies)
Pineal Cyst 1.5 cm
Sep 16, 2015
... mm. Not sure why it took so long for then to find it. But I know i am tired of feeling this way, I can't think straight, is almost as if I've got the brain of child. I feel stuck. My eyes are bad I have to wear glasses to even come close to passing the eye test for the DMV. ... (5 replies)

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