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... I know the frustration all too well ilona. I don't think I will ever feel normal again. Had my MRI... awaiting results. Also have developed new symptoms. Random prickly sensations in legs, arms, hands, feet and leg pain(mostly calves). I think all my symptoms combined are pointing towards MS :( (12 replies)
... I had grand mal. I was always awake. I got taken off my medicine about 1.5 years ago. My neurologist said i was free. but I'm always worried. I always feel weird. I take zoloft for anxiety and panic attacks. I always get really weird thoughts. I'm guessing its just the medicine. I probably make myself feel like this though. (12 replies)
... I have been living with similar symptoms for a little over 4 months now. Light headed, brain fog, ringing in ears, weakness in legs and occasional vision flutter. Been to family doctor and ENT... was prescribed serc but my symptoms have not improved at all. ... (12 replies)

... hello Sarah:) A lot of symptoms to go over here. First what "type" of seizures did you have?Were you alert while having them or unconscious?Also what did your neurologist say about your seizures?Did you have an abnormal EEG?MRI? Sorry tohave to ask you so many questions.;)Need to gt a clearer "pictur" of what's going on.:) Where are you having the... (12 replies)
... why do i constantly feel dizzy and weak all the time? ... (12 replies)
... Also, my jaw goes stiff and sore. I also have Tinnitus, TMJ, neck pains, insomnia, depression, weak legs with random pains in them every day. ... (3 replies)
... veryday was a full time college student and worked part time. It all started with me becoming extremely weak, and every time I would stand up I would become very dizzy and my heart would race. ... (4 replies)
... I've been diagnosed with idiopathic neuropathy. Which pretty much means that they don't know the cause. You can review my case in previous posts. Since this struck me, I've got several bouts of anxiety too. Today, aside from my "new and weird symptoms", I've pretty much OK, neuropathy speaking. I write this post both because of the weird symptoms I mentioned, and... (0 replies)
... I had one on my neck and back, because my legs were terribly weak, but the ortho ordered both of them. ... (15 replies)
... Hello, I have been feeling unwell for almost 8 years now and things are getting to the point where I feel like I am dying. I do not know what is going on with me, so I am posting with the hopes that someone will recognize some of my symptoms and possibly identify what I might be going through. I am desperate and appreciate any and all comments. In the beginning when this... (71 replies)
... my bladder control, not able to feel sensation to go. My balance also make a nose dive. I had to hold onto walls. I lost dept perception and side vision. I felt dizzy and nausated all of the time. I took myself off of driving because I started getting weak and dizzy while driving. ... (10 replies)
... It may be your insulin resistance causing these symptoms as certain foods can bring them on and aggravate this. I would go back to your doctor and ask to have your glucose, or blood sugar checked as unchecked it can turn into type 2 diabetes and the person should also be on a certain diet. This is all I can think of that may help you. I hope you can find out what is causing... (1 replies)
... Went to ER this week. EKG, CBC blood tests with Heart Markers, Urine Analysis and CT of Head were all normal. What should I do next since I am still very uncomfortable with this situation worse at some times than others? Wondering about low blood sugar. I am not Diabetic. Have been told my doctor in the past that I was Insulin Resistant. Otherwise healthy 77 yr old. ... (1 replies)
DX with chiari
Sep 30, 2008
... Hey Cindy, I hate that i have this symptom with my throat.I think i could deal with headaches a whole lot better.ONly because i have always had headaches fo as long as i can remember.THis throat problem,just happend after a awful sinus infection & it turned into this.The thing is not only does it feel like something is stuck in my throat,it burns & throbs so bad.I mean all... (55 replies)
... stiff neck and shoulders worse in the morning, sometimes my neck feels so weak I can't hold up my head, swollen lymph nodes neck and right arm pit.. ... (15 replies)
... stiff neck and shoulders worse in the morning, sometimes my neck feels so weak I can't hold up my head, swollen lymph nodes neck and right arm pit.. ... (3 replies)
... I have the same exact symptoms as you have. It started about a month ago out of nowhere, felt lightheaded, slightly dizzy, arms and legs really weak and had no energy, headache/head pressure was constant. I also always felt off-balance and was even having trouble talking as my speech was slurred and I could not think or concentrate. I almost got fired my work suffered so... (14 replies)
... Hi, after reading you post I thought I was reading mine. I have almost identical problems. My patchy numbness started in my big toe and has gradually moved up my legs to just under the knees then it started in my left little finger and moved to my wrist, I also have patches on my scalp and my tongue, torso and back. ... (11 replies)
... again now and then. i don't use lots of salt at all and really don't eat salty foods, so cardio doesn't believe its from sodium, because again, it would be both legs affected. Another mystery in my mysterious health saga. ... (1 replies)
... ing asleep. These feelings only lasted a few seconds and I seemed to be able to snap myself out of it. About 2 or 3 weeks after these symptoms I had a really bad dizzy spell, I just felt like I was losing consciousness, felt really confused and scared. ... (47 replies)

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