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... she called my ns they sent me for a ct and blood clot had formed, back to or open my head back up get the cvlot out drainage tube in for a week. I don't recall any of this. But yes I have had and still do a lot numbness . Mine was left frontal. ... (2 replies)
... ke to hear from some others who have had that surgery and their recovery. The surgery site was on the right front side of my head. The right side of my face and head are still numb, my right eye hurts every day, and my scalp is still sensitive. ... (2 replies)
... I developed 'heavy head syndrome ' Oct '16 and was unable to sit from there on in. ... (3 replies)

... tests which all came out fine.and I also had low blood pressure and anywhere i go ill suffocate this continued for a month and a few days .now all is fine except head pressure and brain shiver that won't go away.!!! ... (0 replies)
... ing on, but now I have a theory. Basically, when I was hyperventilating I would often forcefully try to suppress the breathing, which would create pressure on my head and on the roof of my mouth, but it wouldn't bother me because at least I could concentrate and breathe less. ... (0 replies)
... Hey, What you're experiencing sounds somewhat similar to what I've been experiencing off-and-on over the past 3 or so years. I've done lots of research online and the only thing that pops up are things about Derealization and Depersonalisation. However, I have this seed of doubt that they're not quite what it is i'm experiencing. Let me tell you my story and perhaps... (10 replies)
Presure in head
May 18, 2013
... Please tell me this is more than anxiety whole body numb can't stand showers presure in head eyes getting dark then lite can't feel any thing all confused body is heavy severe brain fog tell me it's more than anxiety (0 replies)
Head presure
May 11, 2013
... smell is dull then acute or smells different, feeling lost, hissing in ears things seem to go quite then load again , load sounds or voices drive me nuts and my head is numb. Have difficulty controling my jaw when eating and seem to swallow my food before being chewed enough. Can't write on a straight line. ... (0 replies)
Head presure
Apr 14, 2013
... Can't function on a normal basis feeling like you have no control can't sleep and head is numb? ... (1 replies)
... I would wait until you have your head/brain mri. Because the neck is partially shown with the mri of the brain. Make sure when you have a CD made before you leave.... Many places will give it to you for no charge at the time of the test. But they will charge you for the same the second you leave & ask later. Best of luck there. Keep us updated. (11 replies)
... I went to a neurologist and he thinks I'm having migraines. I'm going for a head MRI. He doesn't think my neck is the cause. I'm still having intermittent neck pains though. ... (11 replies)
... roadiez is right on! try and get as much done in one visit, as doc offices, of course, are busy and, unfortunately, we often become just another chart. every time you get scans, x-rays, CT, MRI, be sure to ask them for a copy of the report, so you have one on standby. also, depending on the doctor (older vs younger), some prefer looking at the slides, some like viewing the... (11 replies)
... Not aware of what I'm doing loosing words to say , foods have no taste severe bloating difficulty defacating ears hissing preasure in head feel out of body can't remember things .cant function sucking in feeling in my gut please help. ... (0 replies)
... Should I have my doctor order an MRI on the head and one for the neck? ... (11 replies)
Head Numbness
Dec 2, 2012
... Hello, I am a 27 year old male and a took a fall on the ice a few years ago. My right foot, leg, the right side of my head and forehead all are numb. I have had a spinal tap and brain scan that ruled out any serious conditions like MS. ... (1 replies)
... Hi Ruth, I had a Crainiotomy for a Meningioma back in 2005 and i didnt have much numness but I temporary lost the use of my left leg and had minimal use of my left arm. The Dr. said i would get all that back in a few months which i did but in only one month after i did 9 weeks of PT and didnt really feel any pain at all for the most part. I really think you should consult... (2 replies)
... y, id just finished my exams and stupidly had quite afew drinks. Whilst dancing about with my friends i lost my balance and fell backwards wacking the back of my head off a wooden floor. ... (0 replies)
... first of all, just a big thank you for what you are doing for US here in the USA. one place on these boards where you may get better answers/feedback is actually the "spinal boards" wayy down below this one in the 'S" section? that is where most of the c spine people end up? this is more the 'brain' stuff here so alot of people who may be able to actually offer you the best... (1 replies)
... my eye hurts and my vision is impaired, the right side of my nose is numb and it feels cold. I also have something on that side of my brain that feels like cold water moving down my face or moving around in my head. ... (4 replies)
... my entire left ear and surrounding area, and my hip to my leg. Down to my body, my left arm is numb on my forearm and on my ring and pinky fingers. The bulk of the numbness is on the left side of my neck, sternocleidomastoid muscle is very stiff and numb. ... (4 replies)

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