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... ENT and neuro and physical therapy in case of a repetivive strain injury that is irritating the nerves passing by the suboccipital triangle that could lead into pressure pain in the forehead and bridge of the nose. ... (8 replies)
... I know enough about Chiari to know I don't want anyone suggesting it to me, anymore. That's one of the two suggested diagnoses I got that caused endless anxiety. Also, it's not a "light" condition if you have a syrinx and/or obstructed CSF flow, or other nasty symptoms. You may not have read enough about it, but there is no "minor" surgical intervention for Chiari. One... (8 replies)
... d i have tons of medecine book.. the reason i posted here is to get more opignion even tho i know what i have... I jus wanted to know if anyone experienced sinus pressure triggered by pressure on the suboccipital region because i've seen no one in my experience with such symptoms haha it must be phychosomatic ... ... (8 replies)

... Yeah i have a lot of info i could share if you could be more precise on your symptoms... (8 replies)
... difficulties you point out. I don't have a diagnosis, however. I've had this head pressure for nearly 6 years now, so anything you can find out about yours, would be helpful. ... (8 replies)
... I can actually trigger more myofacial pain by touching the trigger points in the suboccipital region and a bit under it. Whenever i put pressure in the back of my head it triggers the bridge of the nose pressure pain. ... (8 replies)
... headed pressure buildup in my head. My ears feel like they're about to pop from air pressure, and sometimes my ears will ring, and I'll get inner ear pains that come and go. ... (0 replies)
... I have the same thing, do you also have ringing in ears and like brain fog? (10 replies)
... Thank you for your replies, I am already looking into appointments with allergist again. By allergies test you meant the standard allergies test on skin and blood tests or was there any other particular one in your example? (10 replies)
... ld be my first appointment because all the symptoms your are describing seem allergy related...pressure, crackling sound in ears can be fluid moving around, more pressure when bending down. ... (10 replies)
... My ears are blocked and full of pressure all the time and I keep trying to pop them every day by moving jaw, grinding teeth or pushing through nose with no success. ... (10 replies)
... BTW, Im only 27, so its not age catching up on me this started when I was 20. One day just a few weeks ago I completely snaped and for a couple of seconds I didnt know where I was, why, what week it was, what day... I knew who I was I deffinately knew that. It only lasted a second, and when it passed I had the symptoms mentioned above and I tried to carry on as normal and... (2 replies)
... I have been experiencing for over a year pressure and forehead pain/migrine. last month, for over a 2 week period I had sudden sharp stabbing pain in my right temple; they have since stopp. My ears are clogged and have been for the last two to three months. I had a cat two days ago, checking for abnormal sinuis and report, showed nothing wrong. I also had an MRI about 1... (0 replies)
... hey MaYou why don't you go see an ENT dr.?They specialize in eyes,ears,nose & throats.Seeings your sx are triggered in that area then an ENT would be an excellent idea for you if you have access to medical help.Havr you had any tests done for your sx? That's good your researching to try to pinpoint what may be going on,but it's a lot of work and can actually start to... (8 replies)
... Yeah but increased ICP is due to the obstructed CSF... And don't rely or people's bad experience... The best way to know is to get a MRI scan... then it will ease you mind or at least you will have a diagnostic if you have something and im still sayin chiari malformation is a minor surgery Compared to A LOT of illnes that may be causing increased ICP but yeah risks are there... (8 replies)
... Be more precise with my symptoms and have people suggest terrifying diagnoses? No thanks, that's not for me anymore, after suffering anxiety attacks for weeks over it... (8 replies)
... Does your cheeks hurt? It could be a sinus infection that has not been treated. That would give you those symptoms. (5 replies)
... my do i feel pressure across my head and it feels all fuzzy? ... (5 replies)
... I've actually got quite a low blood pressure but my doctor was quite shocked to see i had a cholesterol of 11 and he said he'd never seen someone my age (28 yrs old) with such a high cholesterol. I wonder if that could have something to do with it.. (6 replies)
... induced blood pressure spikes, have you had your's checked after exercising? ... (6 replies)

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