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... I too am trying to find out why I have this tingling numbing sensation which started about 6 weeks ago on my left ear. ... (0 replies)
... Hey guys, Ive gotta question and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Im a 37 year old male, 6'8" 270lbs. I suffer from GERD, General Anxiety and panic disorder. ... (0 replies)
... Well I was reading that MS and Diabetes and Anxiety can cause it too because of nerve damage or whatever. And it just freaked me out. ... (6 replies)

... hello siddhartha:) It is called "Lhermitte's Sign" is usually a symptom of vitamin B12 deficiency,MS or a cervical spine problem. So then have you ever had a B12 level test?If not you should have that done plus an MMA test(this test will show a B12 deficiency at the tissue level...which is dood to know just in case your B12 level comes out in "low normal range"). ... (9 replies)
... Hi Krave, I have pretty much the same thing as you, among other symptoms. The scalp definately gets worse when I lay down, I also have head pressure and I can feel my head constantly pulsing, do you have this? ... (9 replies)
... The one thing that jumps out at me here is you've struggled with anorexia in the past. This can cause gradual malnutrition, so it suggests what you may be suffering from here might be a vitamin/mineral deficiency. The description of your symptoms is consistent with B12 deficiency, but this is just a suggestion, there's many things that can cause your symptoms. You should... (9 replies)
... I have anxiety and i am suffering from the same thing Do your muscle ache I am so close to just screaming i am puzzled i just tired of being sick anxiety happens to the best of us see what traumatic experience you had recently it can be linked i thought i was not under any pressure but when i went to the therapist i found out i was under more stress than i anticipated (9 replies)
... right now it is like the top of my scalp is tingling and burning and my forehead and my chin feels numb. ... (9 replies)
... ng pains on the left side of my head. Since then they haven't gone away. They have lessened in severity and occurrence, but are now accompanied by this bizarre tingling and itchiness of my scalp. The pains are primarily on the left side, but have also occurred on the right. ... (71 replies)
... I too have been having the tingling, crawling, pulsating feeling in the right side of my head and the burning, fullness and tingling in the ears. ... (71 replies)
... I am experiencing tingling in the scalp and also a tight burning sensation there is no redness only a bit of dandruff where the centre part is and on the temples whenever I exercise or get hot I experience hair loss also whenever I eat hot food I experience the same unpleasent sensations is this related to anxiety I have had ETS surgery to correct hyperhidrosis and not sure... (71 replies)
... Ok this afternoon I seen a Dr about the tingling crawling sensation over my scalp. I also told him about my excessive sweating in these same areas that I get this perculiar annoying sensation. ... (71 replies)
... Just few months ago I start feeling the tingling effect on top of my left scalp areas. I also feel some itchness inside my left ear. Really feels like so many ants inside my ears and crawling towards my lef scalp. ... (71 replies)
... I began getting the left scalp tingling that the majority of people in this thread describe. Also more frequent headaches, usually temporal and sore eyes. ... (71 replies)
... You should just go to your primary care physician and ask for medicine management of your anxiety and ask if he can order a scan for your head because you are concerned about tumor. ... (71 replies)
... Also like most others i suffer from anxiety and anxiety attacks. These two things do not go together well. ... (71 replies)
... I have had the same feeling the last few weeks. Nothing on my face, but slight burning/tingling on my scalp that is constant almost throughout the day with VERY light headaches (probably a 2 out of 10). I am kind of freaking out, but I am wondering it is too soon to go to the doctor. i am not taking any medication/ never have…what gives. After reading a lot of these... (71 replies)
... OK - great to find you all. I have had all the tests you describe - MRI, caratoid artery, blood work - "all within normal range." Thankfully - listening to y'all, we seem to have a phenomenon - and not MS or TIA or tumors. A few questions Have any of you had IBS? Are any of you menopausal? What about B12 deficiency? How about Kundalini? Does the tingling make... (71 replies)
... Hey all! Cant believe i didnt find this sooner, i used to post on here when i first got anxiety. Anyways, about a year ago i started getting the tingling sensations. If someone were to take a feather and move it across small areas of my scalp, that is what my scalp tingles feel like. It drives me INSANE. ... (71 replies)
... dep and anxiety med's for over 15 years and do heavy computer work. Like I said, who knows? ... (71 replies)

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