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... kidney pain and severe stabbing vaginal pain. GP didn't believe me so I did nothing about it but when I take steroids now I do get a lot of yeast infections and ear infections. ... (5 replies)
... Hi Jonathan, Man I have read hundreds of dizzy post and yours is closer to mine than any. I have been like this non stop since June 24, 2003, the last day I felt a part of this earth. I have been looking for things that make me feel better to no avail. Are these probs for you, showering in morning, riding not driving, morning in general, moving about opposed to sitting, I had... (19 replies)
... I am a 21 year old male from England, UK. In October 2003 i was diagnosed with an ear infection in my left ear, i got some medication and it cleared up after about ten days. But I started getting severe symptoms in November 2003. ... (19 replies)

... ...yeah a specialist would cost more I agree. yesterday I spent hours researching consistent head pressure....I found a few things that possibly might help you.... there was this 44 yr. old man who was in the army...his head pressure started not long after he went overseas.He had an eye exam,CT scans,allergy testing,head x-rays and they couldn't find out what his... (58 replies)
... and off its had pain and swelling and tingling plus I've felt run down. I went to the doc last Friday and she said it was probably a blocked lymph node due to a viral infection and should resolve itself by this Friday...and I've had no change in symptoms except I've been less run down though not at my best. ... (1 replies)
... gest for an MRI. The tests are different and will show different things. The MRI is better for brain tissue. I have NO pain. This started after some sort of a viral infection which was misdiagnosed as Broncitis. I had a lot of fatigue and little else. Some congestion but not many more symptoms. ... (6 replies)
Dec 11, 2005
... In October I began having headaches when I found out I had a viral infection and sinusitis. I was on a steroid pack for 2 weeks. The first week helped but the second did not. My doctor said they seemed like sinus problems. ... (4 replies)
... for the inner ear issue you suffer. If that has been permanently damaged due to a viral infection, you will suffer from many of those symptoms. ... (7 replies)
... Just a quick one, please post on the inner ear threads as what you describe is very classic of a vestibular problem. Many many ENT fail to pick up on it, not surprising as its not their field of expertise. ... (6 replies)
May 4, 2004
... Well what you describe is classic of labs a viral infection, please post on the inner ear thread and i am sure that you will get lots of answers links and replies!! ... (3 replies)
May 3, 2004
... Can you describe your symptoms in more detail, you may wish to go and have a look at the inner ear thread even though the ear doc said it was not your ears. I take it that you have have had blood tests for anemia and your BP measured? ... (3 replies)
... Spotted this - am from the inner ear board - must say a few on here could have an inner ear problem so am just trying to help - have a look at our board. Goofettemum - you sound v v knowledgeable - do share your experience with us on inner ear as many of us have inner ear damage (though your experience sounds awful I must say). xxx (19 replies)
... Hey Dback did you ever look into BPPV. go to inner ear disorders and post your story. Are you more dizzy when your head is in a certain possition? ... (19 replies)
... nced. Sometimes they fall out of the canel, like if you take a blow to the head. When this happens it will make you dizzy. Sorry I have forgoten the names of the ear parts. It is treatable. ... (19 replies)
... Im sorry youve been feeling so bad. it does sound like an inner ear problem. It might be an idea to put your post on the inner ear boards here. Im sure you will get a lot of advice from people suffering similar symptoms. ... (19 replies)
... hi! I know what your going through, mine started dec 21st i had a feeling that something was wrong with me hard to describe but not dizziness i also had a weird feeling on my forhead,my left arm felt numb went to er and they told me i had fluid on my left ear but no infection they gave me allegra and told me all my symptoms were caused from my ear, of course i didnt believe... (19 replies)
... Oh.......almost left out the most important thing you asked. I did not have an ear infection........I was in a gas explosion that blew a hole in my inner ear, but in 1958, there was little knowledge about the inner ear. ... (19 replies)
... and that there is no cure. she actually feels better by drinking the motion sickness medicine called dramamine. she was told that when she was younger she had an ear infection that just never got better and she too feels worse when there is noice or bright lights. ... (19 replies)
... the neuro also said that my symptoms are probably due to the viral infection. ... (8 replies)
... onal opinion. I had a neuro test performed, complete with reflex test, and that was all normal. The doctor there told me that I probably had some sort of inner ear virus, and that it would go away soon. I felt better and left. ... (3 replies)

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