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Hello, fellow survivors! I have a question for you. I assume that most of you, when you had your surgery, had the lymph nodes removed for testing. For those of you who did, this question is for you. I had my surgery in Nov. '01. I had 14 nodes removed. Recently (almost 2 years later) I have terrible aching in my armpit. My plastic surgeon said there could be pain for up to two years, but it should start to improve and lessen over the course of that time. He and the breast surgeon said that they have never seen a recurrence in a reconstructed breast, and they are both chief of their specialties at the hospital. I trust them completely, but Dr. Love's Breast Book does mention that it is possible to have a recurrence. How far down the arm do they have to go to get to these nodes; or how high up near the shoulder? Does anyone know? Could it be simple scar tissue? The reason I ask is because I found a lump that they termed fat necrosis, but it is extremely painful, even to the touch. I'm going to have it removed in July. Do any of you think I have anything to worry about? I don't usually have a problem with hypochrondianism, but this sounds all too familiar. I found my own tumors originally and the lymph nodes were very tender. I'm interested in hearing from my sisters in suffering. Thanks in advance! -- Klayr

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